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(Top 8) Best "14 Inch Thick" Mattress Options Online | 2023 Guide

Our favorite mattresses that measure 14 inches in thickness


If you are in the market for a slightly thicker and high quality mattress, a 14 inch thick mattress may be the perfect height for you. A mattress that has a 14 inch thickness is going to high quality, supportive and still available from a variety of quality retailers. In this post we have listed our favorite 14 inch thick mattress options available on the market. 

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Quick Summary - 14 Inch Mattreses

1. Best Overall (Puffy Royal) – Puffy Royal 

2. Best Bang for the Buck – Brooklyn Aurora 

3. Side Sleepers – Nolah Evolution

4. Budget Friendly – The Chill (Memory Foam)

5. Firm Feel – The Plank Hybrid

6. For Heavier Individuals – The Titan LUXE

7. Innerspring – The Sedona Hybrid

8. Pain Relief – Layla Hybrid 


8 Best "14-Inch Thick" Mattresses



Voted best mattress 2022. Amazing pressure relief and adaptability for any style of sleeper. Great reviews.


The Puffy Lux Royal mattress is Puffy’s most luxurious and high end mattress offered. Measuring 14 inches in thickness the Royal utilizes pocketed coils and zoned memory foam layers to provide sleepers with support, adaptability and pressure relief. The Puffy Royal is one of the most popular mattresses on the market and comes with a 101 night sleep trial and is Made in the USA



What customers love: Amazing value. Available in a variety of firmnesses. The coolest sleeping pillow-top on the market.

The Aurora mattress is Brooklyn Bedding’s most popular mattress. It utilizes a proprietary TitanCool technology that helps pull heat away from the body and help you sleep cooler. Many customers complain that foam in mattresses sleeps too hot, but this mattress solves that problem. A variety of of reviewers and customers say that this is the “coolest” sleeping mattress they have ever tried. 


  • Proprietary cooling technology
  • Multiple firmnesses available
  • Hybrid use of pocketed coil springs and foam for support and comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100 day free trial with free shipping and free returns



Widely awarded for the best side sleeping mattress on the market.


The Nolah Evolution is Nolah’s most luxurious high end pillow top mattress. It has been widely recognized as one of the best mattresses specifically for side sleepers. This mattress is right in the middle range for price point and is a great value. If you primarily sleep on your side and are looking for a quality 14″ thick mattress then the Nolah Evolution would be a great option for you. 



Adjustable comfort for all sleep preferences.
Great reviews (over 200 5-star reviews). Organic cotton cover.

The Brooklyn chill is a quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price. Brooklyn Bedding makes all of their product at their own factory in Arizona, which allows them to cut out the middleman and pass savings along to you. The Chill is available in a variety of different thicknesses to accommodate a variety of preferences. In general we recommend anyone purchasing this mattress for an every night sleeping option goes with at least a 10″ thickness for proper support. Choosing the 14″ thickness option will provide even more additional comfort layers and support. 



For those who say a standard firm mattress is not firm enough. 2 sided for firm and extra firm options.

The Plank mattress was specifically formulated for customers who prefer a firm sleeping surface. This mattress comes with a flippable 2-sided design with one side being firm and the other being extra-firm. The Plank has been awarded the top “firm mattress” by many online reviews and has slowly expanded the mattress sizing options to include a split California king as well as many other odd or “custom” sizes. If you are a firm mattress lover who can never find a mattress that is firm enough then this is the perfect option for you. 



Supportive with comfort built specifically for heavier weights


The Titan Mattress is built specifically for heavier weights and heavier individuals. While many other mattresses can support heavier weights, more weight will alter their comfort and feel. The Titan, however, is at its best with heavier weight loads and is built to conform and contour to heavier body types. This mattress is classified as a hybrid which means it utilizes a coil unit as well as foam layers for the best of both comfort worlds. 



Luxurious pillow-top mattress at a great price. Highly reviewed.


The Sedona Hybrid Mattress is Brooklyn Beddings most luxurious mattress in their lineup. This handcrafted mattress offers resort style comfort at a great price point. Brooklyn bedding makes all of their mattresses in their own factory in Arizona, USA, which means they can cut out the middle man and pass savings along to you. The Sedona utilizes a high end coil system in order to give sleepers the traditional innerspring feel they are accustomed to. 



What Customers love: Amazing pressure relief and support. 2-sided soft and firm options.

The Layla hybrid mattress utilizes a pocketed coil support system combined with 2 sides of copper infused memory foam. This design provides support while also cradling the body and relieving pressure points. The Layla hybrid is 2-sided so you can choose to sleep on the firm or soft side. 


  • Hybrid mix of pocketed coils and copper infused memory foam for ultimate body support and recovery
  • 2-sided for firm and soft sleeping options
  • Sleeps cool with copper infused memory foam
  • 120 night free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • Made in the USA

What does the thickness of a mattress mean in terms of feel?

In general a thicker mattress ig going to mean a more solid support system within the core of the mattress, as well as more comfort layers. In general a thicker mattress is going to be to give the sleeper more comfort and have a plusher feel than a thinner mattress. A thicker mattress could also be thicker due to the fact that it is double sided, meaning customers can flip the mattress over and use 2 sides for a longer lifespan. 

Is a thicker mattress better quality?

Although it is not always the case, in general a thicker mattress is going to higher quality that a mattress that is too thin. Many of the lower quality sleep companies will make a thin mattress with the bare minimum materials in order to get any with paying a lower price for materials. A thicker mattress utilizes more materials and in general is going to be better quality and more expensive. 

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a mattress that is 14 inches thick?

A 14 inch mattress build up has a variety of pros and cons when it comes to its design. 


  • Pressure relief: A 14 inch mattress is going to have plenty of thickness in order to provide the pressure relief and comfort that a sleeper needs in order to get a quality nights sleep. 
  • Support: When a mattress measures 14 inches it leaves room for a thick and solid supportive mattress core for any size sleeper. A mattress core is what holds your body in place while sleeping and is what helps keep proper spinal alignment. 
  • Quality and Price: 14 inches is just about the thickest standard size mattress that you can buy without having to start purchasing deep pocket sheets. It is also thick enough to be a high quality mattress but also still in the affordable price range. 


  • Heavy: A thick 14 inch mattress can prove to be quite heavy and will be harder to maneuver than some of the thinner mattresses
  • Price: While the price can be a PRO it is also important to note that a 14 inch mattress will cost more than a 10 inch or 12 inch thick mattress simply do to the fact that it utilizes more materials within the build up. 

What Sheets fit a 14 inch mattress? Do you need to purchase deep pocket sheets for a 14 inch thick mattress?

Standard sheets should fit mattresses up to 14 inches in thickness. This means you do not need to purchase deep pocket sheets. However, if you do want to purchase deep pocket sheets you certainly can use them on a 14 inch mattress as well. 

Things to consider when purchasing a 14 inch mattress:

If you have never had a thicker mattress before, there are a few factors you may want to consider before you buy one. 

    • Height – A 14 inch profile on your mattress is going to sit slightly higher than most standard mattresses. It is important to decide if this height will work for you to get in and out of bed. You can always purchase a platform bed, low profile box spring or bunkie board to lower the height as well. 
    • Price – A 14 inch mattress is going to be on the more luxurious, higher end of the mattress market. This means a quality mattress that will last but also means a higher price point. 
    • Material/feel (memory foam, Latex, innerspring)  – Know what feel and benefits you want out of your mattress. Most 14 inch mattresses will have an innerspring or pocketed coil unit but some may have latex on top while others have memory foam or another style of foam. Decide what is important to you, whether its the hypoallergenic benefits of latex or the pressure relief benefits of memory foam and purchase a mattress that utilizes that foam.  

Can you put a thick 14 inch mattress on a platform bed?

Yes, you can put a thicker mattress on a platform bed. It is important however, to ensure that the platform bed you are using is high quality and is supportive. You can check out our favorite heavy duty and sturdy bed frames here

Want to have a 14-inch mattress custom made?

If you are looking to go into a store and have a 14 inch thick mattress custom made to your exact specs and needs you can try a few different stores. Verlo MattressThe Custom Mattress Factory or Mattress Insider.  

Getting rid of your old mattress

After purchasing a new mattress you may be wondering how to get rid of your old one. The online companies do not offer mattress disposal services so you are on your own finding a way to get rid of it. Luckily, A Bedder World offers mattress disposal and recycling throughout the country. We have recycle dover 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside and POOF let us come take them off your hands. A single mattress costs around \$80 to dispose of. 

Overall, a 14 inch mattress can be a great option if you are looking for a quality mattress to sleep on every night and that will last for years to come. As with anything there are low quality products on the market, so just be sure to buy from a trusted manufacturer with reputable products. A 14 inch mattress may cost slightly more but will likely last longer, especially if it is a 2 sided option. 

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