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The Molecule Mattress (aka “Tom Brady Mattress”): Reviewed & Tested

You’ve probably heard about the Molecule mattress before, although you may know it as the ‘Tom Brady mattress’. That’s because this mattress design has been endorsed by the athlete as well as other professional sports players such as Michael Phelps.


So, what’s so special about Mattresses by Molecule? That’s exactly what we decided to find out when we tested the mattress for ourselves. Now, we have all the information you need to decide whether a Molecule mattress is right for you.

Keep reading to discover the best features of the Molecule mattresses, any drawbacks we encountered, and how you can figure out whether either could be the mattress of your dreams.

The Quick Review:

Don’t have time to read the whole review here an overview of our thoughts about the Molecule mattresses.

Why are they good for athletes?

Focused on promoting more restorative sleep

The Molecule mattresses all were built specifically with the athlete in mind. This means they focus on getting sleepers to spend the most time in deep stage 3 sleep which is the most restorative stage of sleep.

Sleeps cool

They also promote maximum airflow to keep you sleeping cooler throughout the night.

Molecule 1 vs Molecule 2


The lineup of Molecule mattresses is all very similar in the types of materials used. The main difference we found between the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2 is that the Molecule 2 is slightly firmer and more supportive.

The Value: Is it worth it?

The Molecule mattress lineup is very competitive in terms of quality for the price and is going to be a great all foam mattress option if you are looking for a supportive and pressure relieving mattress that doesn’t sleep too hot.

Ready to Buy?

If you are looking for a quality all around mattress that provides great support, pressure relief and sleeps cool, then we think you will like it.

Introducing The Molecule Mattress Lineup


Quick overview of Molecule

Molecule has two main mattress designs, known as Molecule 1 and Molecule 2. There’s also a luxury Hybrid options that utilizes a foam and coil system.

Mattresses from Molecule are primarily designed for athletes, which explains why Tom Brady has been singing this brand’s praises for a long time.

The aim of the brand is to provide athletes with great-quality sleep, good postural alignment, to ensure optimal sport performance.

With that being said, there’s no need to be a professional athlete to invest in a Molecule mattress. Regardless of whether you’re running marathons or sitting at a computer desk every day, you still need good sleep to function on a daily basis.

Molecule 2 is the mattress that Tom Brady uses, but many other athletes around the world have chosen to go for Molecule 1, showing that there are benefits to both mattress designs.

We’ll be comparing these mattresses in more detail in the review, but for now, it’s worth knowing that both of them include a lifetime warranty and offer a sleep trial for 100 nights.

Why Are Molecule Mattresses So Good For Athletes?


If you’re wondering what sets Molecule mattresses apart from the perspective of athletic performance, it all comes down to recovery.

When we think about an athletic lifestyle, many of us focus on the parts that consist of actively moving and performing. However, recovery is just as important as training when it comes to athletic performance.

Not only should you be taking regular rest days if you’re an athlete, but you also need to make sure that your sleep quality is as good as it can get.

That’s because a lot of muscle repair and energy replenishment happens during our sleeping hours. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that poor sleep correlates with reduced athletic performance.


Based on this research, Molecule has produced mattresses that counteract several of the factors known to interfere with sleep. For example, to minimize the issue of overheating, the mattresses are designed to stay cool throughout the night.

The construction has also been designed with the aim of relieving pressure from the body, reducing aches and pains and minimizing the risk of injury.

However, it’s not just athletes who need to feel comfortable and cool during the night! Anyone can benefit from a Molecule mattress.

After all, research shows that poor sleep isn’t just linked to a decline in athletic performance, but also to poor health in general.

Main Features Of The Molecule Mattresses

Molecule’s two most popular mattress models are Molecule 1 and Molecule 2. These are the most-bought mattresses from Molecule, so these are the ones we’re going to be discussing today.

However, bear in mind that Molecule also sells a Hybrid mattress, so if you like the Molecule concept but prefer the feel of a coil mattress then be sure to check out their Hybrid.

Both Molecule 1 and Molecule 2 feature zoning technology, with the aim of relieving pressure on targeted areas of the body. This is something that many competitors won’t include except for in their most expensive products, but Molecule is committed to providing the best-quality sleep for an affordable price.

Another point that Molecule 1 and Molecule 2 have in common is that they both feature high-density foam in the base for support. However, this foam is extra-special because it manages to be dense enough to provide support without compromising on breathability.

Without further ado, let’s see how the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2 compare:

Molecule 1


The Molecule 1 is less expensive than the Molecule 2, so if you’re on a budget, this is the mattress we suggest looking at first. However, despite being the less luxurious of the two mattresses, it still boasts features that most manufacturers would only include in high-end products, such as:

Foam Layers


There are 3 foam layers in the Molecule 1 mattress, and each plays an important role in making sure that the mattress meets all the criteria to enhance athletic performance.

Layer 1: Top Layer

The first layer is made of Restoreflo foam, and it’s 2 inches thick. This is a soft type of memory foam with a low density, so you can sink comfortably into the top layer of the mattress. The memory foam is also infused with cooling gel to keep the mattress feeling fresh throughout the night.

Layer 2: Middle Transition Layer

Next, there’s the Recoveryflo foam layer. This layer is thicker than the top layer by an inch, and it’s where all the targeted support and pressure relief happens.

The Recoveryflo foam is designed to provide support for the head and neck as well as the spine, and there’s extra support at the bottom edge of the mattress as well so that your lower body isn’t left out.

The cushioning helps to ensure that your spine, head and neck aren’t subjected to pressure overnight, meaning you won’t feel sore or stiff when you wake up in the morning.

Layer 3: Bottom Support Layer

Finally, we have the third foam later, which is 7 inches thick and made of polyfoam. While this foam layer is breathable, it’s also firmer than the other layers thanks to its density.

This means that while the top foam layers help to provide cushioning and pressure relief, this bottom layer offers support and will stop your spine from sinking out of alignment.

The Quilted Cover

With the Molecule 1, you get a knitted cover in a quilted design. It’s mostly made of polyester because this is a moisture-wicking material that will help to stop you from feeling clammy and uncomfortable during the night. However, 2% of the fabric is Lycra, meaning that the quilted cover can stretch as needed.

Molecule 2


The Molecule 2, also known as the Molecule 2 Airtec, is the more luxurious and high-end of the two bestselling Molecule mattresses. If you want to follow Tom Brady’s lead when it comes to mattress selection, this is the model you should consider.

Foam Layers


Layer 1: Top Layer

The top foam layer inside the Molecule 2 is made up of Molecularflo Extreme Open Cell Foam. That might sound like quite a mouthful, but it perfectly describes the foam in terms of its structure and function.

Although it’s firmer than the soft upper layer of the Molecule 1 mattress, this foam is still designed for optimal air circulation thanks to the open cell structure. Its aim is to provide support and durability.

Layer 2: Middle “Transition” Foam

The next layer, like the Molecule 1 mattress, is Recoveryflo foam. It’s dense and firm in order to provide support in the areas of your body that are most likely to suffer from excess pressure while sleeping, including your neck and spine.

Layer 3: Bottom Support Foam

Underneath the second layer, the Molecule 2 mattress is exactly the same as the Molecule 1. The base layer is made from 7 inches of polyfoam, which is designed to give the mattress a firm and long-lasting structure.

Quilted Cover

Part of the upgrade you get with the Molecule 2 compared to the Molecule 1 is found in the quilted cover.

While the fabric is largely the same as the Molecule 1’s cover, you get to enjoy higher-quality quilting with the Molecule 2. Additionally, the Molecule 2’s cover is treated with antimicrobial technology, which means it protects your mattress against common problems such as mildew and dust mites.

Summary of the Molecule 1 and 2

In summary, what are the main differences between the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2?

  • Price. The Molecule 2 mattress costs more than the Molecule 1. You can get the Molecule 1 starting at $699, but the Molecule 2 comes with a much higher price tag of $1099.
  • Foam layering. The Molecule 2 has a firmer and more supportive layer of foam at the top, and also comes with more targeted zoning in the second layer of foam to ensure pressure relief and support in the right areas.
  • Cover quality. The quality of the quilted cover is superior in the Molecule 2 mattress because of how the fabric is woven.

Our Experience Using The Molecule Mattresses


Knowing the features of the two most popular Molecule mattresses is important, but the experience of actually using a mattress is often different and subjective the the user.

That’s why we tested both mattresses out for ourselves, so we could let you know how they really feel to sleep on.

The key difference between the mattresses


The first thing we noticed is that the Molecule 1 feels softer than the Molecule 2. This is not surprising given that the Molecule 2 features a denser top layer of foam.

For this reason, the Molecule 1 has a medium rating in terms of firmness, verging on medium-firm, whereas the Molecule 2 has a firmer feel.

If you like to feel more supported and don’t enjoy the feeling of sinking at all into a mattress, you should go for the Molecule 2.

When using the Molecule 2, we noticed that switching positions during the night is easier because you don’t have to fight against gravity so much.

With that being said, there’s no noticeable difference between the motion isolation of these mattresses. Both isolate motion from other areas of the mattress very well, which means that if you sleep next to someone, you won’t constantly be disturbed by their movements during the night.

Potential Drawbacks Of The Molecule Mattresses

We had no serious problems with either of the Molecule mattresses we tried out. Both were comfortable and supportive in different ways, so it really just comes down to choosing the mattress that best matches your sleep preferences.

For example, if you don’t like firm mattresses, you probably won’t like the feel of the Molecule 2, and if you prefer really plush mattresses, then neither of the mattresses are likely to be to your taste.

When looking at the reviews on the Molecule website, we couldn’t find any negative testimonials, which is a good sign. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that a lack of negative reviews doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody had anything less than a positive experience.

It could be that those who didn’t like how their mattress felt simply returned the product and had no further issues, so didn’t feel the need to leave a negative review.

Another thing to consider is that Molecule hasn’t been in business for very long. The company was founded in 2018, so even the first few mattresses sold will only have been in use for 4 years at this point.

Because of this, it’s difficult to say how durable the mattresses are, although we would hope that the lifetime guarantee and the high price point of the Molecule 2 would indicate good longevity.

Bear in mind, as well, that while the marketing from Molecule suggests that these mattress designs are the best for athletes, there are many other mattresses on the market that are built from similar materials and feature similar foam layering.

For instance, you can find plenty of memory foam mattresses online that feature high-density foam underneath softer layers of cooling memory foam.

These other mattresses may be just as beneficial for athletes as the Molecule mattresses, so don’t be put off looking elsewhere if these mattresses don’t work with your budget or don’t suit your preferences.

How To Choose Your Molecule Mattress

These mattresses are great quality, but there’s no getting around the fact that they are not cheap. While you do get a 100-day trial before you have to hand over your money, returning a mattress probably isn’t something you want to add to your to-do list.

Therefore, choosing between these mattresses is an important decision that you should think about carefully.

Why Choose Molecule 1?

Molecule 1 is the best choice for people who like a slightly softer mattress. Although this mattress is still more on the medium to medium-firm side rather than a plush mattress, there’s still an element of softness, so it’s better suited to athletes who like to sink into their mattress a little.

If you sleep on your side most of the time, you’ll probably find Molecule 1 to be the more comfortable option, since you don’t want to have too much pressure on your hip and shoulder during the night.

Additionally, if you’re on a budget, the Molecule 2’s price tag might be too high. In this case, the significantly less expensive Molecule 1 will be the better choice.

Why Choose Molecule 2?

If you prefer a firmer, more supportive mattress that doesn’t feel like it’s hugging you during the night, you should go for Molecule 2. The same goes for if you like to change positions a lot during the night because this is easier on the denser foam of the Molecule 2.

You may also want to consider the Molecule 2 if you’re interested in investing in the latest cooling and targeted support technology for your sleep.

Molecule 2 will work best for you if you’re a stomach sleeper, since the denser foam top layer will help to keep your spine and pelvis aligned.

Considering Other Options

Those athletes and non-athletes who prefer plush mattresses, particularly side sleepers, may want to look elsewhere for a mattress. Sleeping on your side may feel uncomfortable on a Molecule mattress after a while because even the Molecule 1 doesn’t have as much give as other mattresses in the top layer.

Additionally, if you weigh in the region of 230 lbs, you might want to reconsider getting a Molecule mattress. Around 225 lbs is the maximum weight for either of these mattresses to feel comfortable over a period of several hours.

Molecule Mattresses Overview


  • 100-day trial – Allows for certainty
  • Lifetime warranty – Durability assured
  • Cutting-edge technology – Designed according to latest research
  • Designed for athletes – Enhances performance


  • No plush mattress options – Not to everyone’s liking
  • 30-day period pre-return – No immediate returns allowed

Bottom Line

Both of the most popular Molecule mattresses are good choices for athletes who want to invest in their recovery for optimal performance.

These mattresses are designed according to the latest research, using cutting-edge technology to ensure comfort and support. The Molecule 1 is the softest of the models, while the Molecule 2 has the most recent technology and more luxurious features.

However, if you’re a fan of very plush mattresses, particularly if you’re a side sleeper, Molecule is not the mattress brand for you. Molecule is best suited to athletes looking for alignment, support and breathability over coziness in a mattress.

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