5 Sturdy Bed Frames for Active Couples and Heavier Individuals

Liz Dorian

Liz Dorian

Sleep Expert and Blogger


A bed frame should hold up to everyday bedroom activities. It shouldn’t slam, squeak or rock back and forth. It shouldn’t require you to tighten it every few days. It should be sturdy and solid. Unfortunately, too many bed frames on the market are crafted poorly and are not ideal for heavier individuals or active couples. If you are looking for a sturdy bedframe that was meant to hold up to to your “active” lifestyle then you have come to the right place. We have researched and reviewed all of the best bed frames on the market and have put together a list of the absolute sturdiest beds on the market. 

Features to look for when purchasing a sturdy bedframe

One would assume that all bed frames would be sturdy. Unfortunately this is not the case. In fact, the majority of bed frames are not ideal for bedroom activities. When you are shopping, there are some features you should look for to ensure you purchase a bed frame that won’t rock, squeak or sway. 

Features to look for in a sturdy bed frame: 

  • Quality Material – Solid thick wood or steel frames are ideal. You can tell pretty quickly by looking at a bed frame if it is well made or not. Frames from Ikea or Walmart look much different than those you find at a higher end furniture store. 
  • Sturdy Wide Feet- The feet of a bed frame should be thick and sturdy. If you purchase a frame with thin feet it is much more likely the frame will rock or sway on uneven ground. 
  • Comes in Larger Pieces. The Less Assembly the Better – We have all purchased something cheap from Ikea or Walmart that arrives in 100 pieces. Generally you put the piece together and within the next year it is wobbling or slowly coming apart. If you are looking for a sturdy bed frame you want to find one that comes in the least amount of pieces possible. The larger the pieces the less room for movement and the more solid the entirety of the bed will be. For example if you somehow made a bed frame out of one single piece of steel you would likely have no movement at all because you have no “joints” or seams to create any give. 

(Top 4) Sturdy Bed Frames For Active Couples

What Customers love: Heavy duty solid wood frame. All natural materials. No tools required.

Starting at $1,800

Avocado prides themself on providing customers with high end organic and natural sleeping products. Their bed frames are built with solid pieces of reclaimed wood and don’t require any tools for assembly. The price for this bed is high but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. This bed frame is built to last and will be one you could hand down to your grandchildren. The benefit of purchasing a bed frame like this is that it is built with quality sturdy materials that won’t break down or loosen over time. The bed comes with no screws or nails. You simply fit the pieces together and poof you have a high end sturdy bed frame that will last for years and it easy to disassemble and reassemble should you need to move it. If you have the budget for it we highly recommend the Avocado bed as our favorite sturdy bed frame on the market. 


What Customers love: Extremely well made and sturdy. Easy assembly. No tools required. Looks great in any room.

Queen $895

Thuma is a newer company that focuses solely on producing this one high quality bed frame.It is extremely easy to put together, fashionable and most importantly sturdy like a rock. The solid tongue and groove frame coupled with the soft foam headboard makes for a silent and sturdy sleeping environment. For the price the Thuma cannot be beat in terms of quality, fashion, ease of assembly and sturdiness. 

What Customers love: Affordable and much sturdier than standard metal frames

PRICE: Queen $195

The Layla Sleep metal bed frame takes the standard metal bed frame to the next level. The wide feel and tongue and groove assembly create a solid sleeping platform for the heaviest and most active sleepers. Keep in mind a metal bed frame is meant to have a box spring (foundation) on top of it and then a mattress on top of that, while a platform bed does not require a box spring. 


What Customers love: Low to the ground and made with solid steel

Queen $136

This Mellow bed frame is made with solid steel and is built to withstand anything. The assembly is slightly more than the other bed frames above but the price makes it a great option for an affordable sturdy bed. 


What Customers love: Fits my California King mattress perfectly.

Queen $799

The Awara adjustable bed is a great option for active couples or heavier sleepers. It is not only extremely heavy duty and sturdy but it also comes with adjustability features, a massage option and much more. Adjustable beds allow for a variety of sleeping and resting positions and are great for back pain or surgery recovery as well. 

How to get rid of an old bed frame?

If you are purchasing a bed frame online, chances are you probably have an old one to get rid of. Unfortunately most of the online mattress retailers will not take your old bed away for you. Luckily we do just that! A Bedder World has mattress disposal and recycling services throughout the country. You can book a pick up online, put your items outside and let us take care of the rest!

Overall, finding a sturdy bed frame is simple but generally means purchasing a more expensive higher quality product. Any of the ikea or mosrt Amazon products are going to be cheaply made and will squeak and creak as they loosen and get older. Any of the bed frames listed above will be great for sexually active couples or heavier sleepers to enjoy.