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Founder Tim Sumerfield has been in the mattress industry his entire life. Growing up working in his families’ mattress factory in Denver, Colorado he became very familiar with the mattress industry. Working in every department from manufacturing, to sales, delivery, and ultimately the disposal of  Denver’s old mattresses. As time went on it was clear to Tim and anyone familiar with the mattress industry that mattress disposal was a major problem. With minimal options for businesses and residence to dispose of their old mattresses properly there was a lot of mattresses unnecessarily ending up in the hands of illegal rebuilders, on the side of the road, or worst of all in the dump. What began as a side business of tearing down old mattresses and recycling the components quickly expanded into what it is today. At this point we have recycled over 500,000 mattresses and box springs and have expanded throughout the entire Colorado front range and into California, Arizona, Texas and Illinois. A Bedder World plans to become the #1 mattress removal and recycle service throughout the entire United States.

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We have torn down and analyzed over 1 Million sleep products. In our blog we do reviews, product suggestions and much more on all types of sleep products in the industry.


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