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(Top 5) Best Pillow Top Mattress Options

Our favorite pillow top mattresses on the market




Pillow top mattresses are known for their luxurious comfort and plush top layer. They are generally the most expensive mattresses in a line of beds but they are also some of the most long lasting and quality sleep products you can buy. There are a lot of pillow tops on the market and it can be hard to figure out which are worth the money or will be the best comfort option for you, especially when purchasing online without testing it out. We have torn open and looked inside over 500K mattresses and have put together a list of our favorite pillow top mattresses in each category. All of these picks are from reputable companies that we personally trust. 

What does a "pillow top" mattress mean?

A pillow top mattress is exactly how it sounds, a mattress with a plush pillowy looking top layer. This top layer is generally filled with foam or mini pocketed coils and provides additional comfort and cushion for the sleeper. 

What is the difference between "pillow top" and "euro top" mattresses?

A pillow top and euro top are essentially the same in terms of comfort. Where the differ is in the styling of the sewing of the fabric. A pillow top is more separated from the mattress and has a more plush look while a euro top is sewn directly onto the existing fabric of the mattress. Do not let a euro or pillow top classification alter your decision on whether to buy a specific mattress or not. 

What are the benefits of a pillow top mattress?

Each style of mattress has different attributes and comfort levels that make it ideal for a specific type of sleeper or need. Pillow tops have quite a few benefits when compared to other mattresses:

Luxurious plush feel: A pillow top is going to feel the most luxurious and “comfy” out of all the mattress styles. The additional layers on top help to relieve pressure points and cradle your body. 

Great for stomach or side sleepers: Stomach and side sleepers generally require a slightly more plush and forgiving mattress. A pillow top is great at providing comfort while allowing the natural curve of your spine and body to sink in slightly more than a firmer mattress. 

Less motion transfer – The additional layers within a pillow top provide more of a cushion between sleepers. This means when one sleeper moves or gets out of bed the disturbance to the other sleeper will be minimal. 

Things to consider before purchasing a pillow top mattress

There is no such thing as a perfect mattress for everyone. Each customer has different needs and preferences that shape their decision. That is why so many different mattress companies can successfully exist. With the rise in the online mattress industry the variety of available mattress companies has skyrocketed, providing hundreds of available options for you to choose from. This is great if you know what to look for but can be overwhelming. 

Here are the top things to consider when purchasing a pillow top mattress:

Frequency and length of use:

How often will the mattress be used? How many years do you hope to get out of it? Many pillow top mattresses are utilized as an every night sleeping mattress. If the frequency of use is only a few times a year you can probably get away with an entry level budget friendly mattress. On the other hand, if the mattress is an every night sleeper, you will want to consider something that will last so you don’t end up purchasing another mattress in a year or two. 

Material preference:

There are a variety of mattresses on the market today and many are made with varying materials that provide different comfort levels and a different feel for the sleeper. Decide what you prefer. Do you like the feel of memory foam? Are you looking for a more natural latex option? Do you like the traditional bounce of a spring mattress? If you are unsure of what you like we recommend looking at a hybrid mattress option that utilizes foam and springs for a combined comfort. 


Does the sleeper require a specific firmness? Hard? Soft? If there are a variety of sleepers on the mattress you will want an all-around option that is somewhere around a medium-firm level. The overwhelming majority of sleepers (around 90+%) prefer a medium-firm mattress.

5 Best Pillow Top Mattresses



High quality. Great value. Luxury pillow top comfort.

PRICE: From $1099


Nolah has long been known to make a great mattress for side sleepers. Their Evolution mattress is one of their newest mattresses added to their lineup and is their pillow top option. This gives the sleeper the same quality they have come to expect from Nolah with some additional cushioning and comfort layers in the pillow top. If you sleep on your side the majority of the night then this mattress is a great pick for you. Nolah makes this mattress in a twin size option fro $1099. If you are looking for a luxury night sleep then you can’t go wrong with the Evolution. 



What Customers love: 100% Certified Organic

Pillow top Starting at $1,199

Avocado is know in the industry for their luxury organic mattresses. All of their mattresses are 100% certified organic and are made here in the USA. Compared to a lot of other latex mattress options, Avocado is actually much more affordable. They provide a pillow top option to their mattress that you can choose to add at checkout if you prefer. 


  • 100% Certified Organic. The mattress utilizes organic cotton, organic wool and organic latex.
  • Pocketed coil support system for luxurious support and decreased motion disturbance
  • 1 Year free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • 25 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Great product for the money



What Customers love: Unbeatable pressure relief. Available in multiple firmnesses.

Starting at $1,049

The wink mattress is a hybrid mattress (spring and foam layers) that utilizes 2 separate layers of pocketed coils for ultimate pressure relief and support. The wink is one of the highest rated mattresses for back pain and pressure relief on the market today. It is available in 4 different firmnesses to cater to any sleeping type. We recommend a slightly less firm option for side and stomach sleepers and a firmer option or back sleepers. 


  • 120 day free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • Patented 3-step back relief system
  • Proprietary “lumbar layers” for additional support to your lumbar region. 
  • Sleeps cool with temperature regulating gel foam, a breathable cover and open-flow air spring units. 
  • Made in the USA



What customers love: The coolest sleeping pillow-top on the market.

Starting at $999

The Aurora mattress is Brooklyn Bedding’s most popular mattress. It utilizes a proprietary TitanCool technology that helps pull heat away from the body and help you sleep cooler. Many customers complain that foam in mattresses sleeps too hot, but this mattress solves that problem. A variety of of reviewers and customers say that this is the “coolest” sleeping mattress they have ever tried. 


  • Proprietary cooling technology
  • Multiple firmnesses available
  • Hybrid use of springs and foam for support and comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100 day free trial with free shipping and free returns



What Customers love: Multiple review awards for best luxury mattress.

Twin $995

The Oceano provides the ultimate in luxury pillow top mattresses. The hybrid design utilizes 2 layers of pocketed coils with foam and organic wool, all topped with a plant based Tencel infused cover. The 2-layers of pocketed coils give maximum support while also cradling the body. This mattress is made in a medium-firm feel to fit the majority of sleepers. 


  • GOTS Certified Organic Wool
  • Plant based Tencel infused cover
  • 2 layers of pocketed coils for support and alignment
  • 1 year free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • Made in the USA

Getting rid of your old mattress

After purchasing a new mattress you may be wondering how to get rid of your old one. The online companies do not offer mattress disposal services so you are on your own finding a way to get rid of it. Luckily, A Bedder World offers mattress disposal and recycling throughout the country. We have recycle dover 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside and POOF let us come take them off your hands. A pillow top mattress is considered 1 piece and costs around $80 to dispose of. 

Overall, choosing a pillow top mattress that is right for you boils down to your preferences and personal needs. All of the companies in this list are trusted in the industry and provide a great product that you will be happy with.