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(Top 7) Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers 2023

Our top picks for the best mattress topper options for people who sleep on their side


If you are looking for a mattress topper you may have found that there are a wide variety of styles, firmnesses and materials. It is important to understand your specific sleeping style and which topper will work best for you. In this post we cover the best mattress toppers for people who sleep on their side “side sleepers”. When choosing a mattress topper specifically for sleeping on your side, you will want to purchase one that is slightly softer and that can provide pressure relief to the hips and shoulders as well as align your spine properly. We have included 7 different options in this post with a variety of budgets and materials, in order to meet the needs of the vast majority of side sleepers. 

Quick Picks - Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers

7 Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers



High quality 4lb density memory foam. Made in the USA. Optional organic cotton or cooling cover.

PRICE: From $149


This 4lb memory foam topper is our favorite all around mattress topper for a side sleeper. The 4lb density means the memory foam is high quality and is going to provide support for your body. is also owned by Brooklyn Bedding, who is a trusted name in the online mattress industry and makes all of their sleep products themselves at their factory in Arizona. This topper is available in a 2″ or 3″ in thickness options(we recommend 3″ for a side sleeper in order to provide more pressure relief for the hips and shoulders). It also gives you the option to choose an organic cotton cover or a cooling cover depending on your preference and specific needs. 

High quality natural latex with optional organic cotton cover. Greenguard gold certified.

PRICE: From $269


The latex mattress topper by Plushbeds is a great for anyone looking for a natural sleep surface or who prefers the feel of latex over memory foam. This topper comes with a variety of options. We recommend choosing 3″ thickness and a slightly softer firmness option for side sleepers. The more support the topper can provide the better it is for pressure relief and spinal alignment. Plushbeds is known throughout the industry for their quality natural sleep products and is a trusted source. 



5 zones of support. Includes cover to hold in place. Waterproof. Sleeps cool.

PRICE: From $229


The Ghostbed memory foam mattress topper takes the memory foam mattress topper to the next level. Not only is it 3″ thick but it also comes with built in zones to naturally conform and support the curves of the body (perfect for sleeping on your side!). This topper also comes with a washable cover that holds the topper in place and keeps it from shifting throughout the night. At a price point starting at $229 for a twin, this is a great mattress topper option at a unbeatable value. Ghostbed is also one of the earliest manufacturers in the online mattress industry and makes a quality product that you can trust. 



Made to firm up or soften a mattress. Pressure relieving memory foam. Built in cover to hold in place.

From $179


The Puffy mattress topper comes in 2 different options (firm or soft). The firm option is made specifically for firming up a soft mattress and is great for customers looking to get a little more support out of a mattress that may be too soft for their back. When it comes to back pain it is generally most effective to sleep on a firmer mattress rather than a softer one. The softening topper is great for a side sleeper who has as mattress that is too firm and needs some more pressure relief. This topper also comes standard with a built in elastic cover to help hold it in place on your mattress



Copper infused for antimicrobial properties. Washable cover. Bed Bug Resistant.

From: $269

Sleepyhead is a newer brand when it comes to the mattress industry. They are focused at providing a quality mattress topper to college students that naturally stays clean through use of copper infused foam and that is easy to wash if needed. The cover zips off and is machine washable. This topper is made with quality foam and is a great option for anyone who may have incontinence or a need to purchase a topper that will likely get dirty. 



. Pressure relieving latex. Certified 100% organic materials.

PRICE: From $349


Avocado is well-known for their quality organic and latex sleep products. Their mattress topper is a great option for anyone with allergies or who is looking for a chemical free sleep surface. Their latex topper is available in a firm or soft option. For back pain we recommend the firm option as it provides more support and alignment for your back and spine. For a side sleeper we recommend a slightly softer feel to allow the hips and shoulders to gain some pressure relief. 

More responsive than memory foam. Perfect mix of latex and memory foam features.

PRICE: From $149


This topper aims to combine the best features of latex and memory foam and combine them. It is responsive like latex but pressure relieving like memory foam. It also has great cooling and moisture wicking properties due to its open cell structure. If you don’t like the feel of memory foam and don’t want to spend a fortune on latex then this is a great happy medium option. 

What is a side sleeper?

Simply put, a side sleeper is someone who sleeps the majority of the night on their side. While we all tend to move and shift into different sleeping positions throughout the night, you should classify your position as what is most comfortable to you and the position that you tend to fall asleep in. 

Is a softer or firmer mattress topper better for side sleepers?

In general, side sleepers should sleep on a softer surface rather than a firmer one. When you sleep on your side, your hips and shoulders will take the majority of the weight and pressure while you sleep. It is important to make sure the surface you are sleeping on has proper pressure relief and cushioning in order to allow the shoulders and hips to relax and for the blood flow to run freely. A mattress topper that is slightly softer can add pressure relief to a firm mattress and help align your body while sleeping on your side. 

Factors to consider when buying a mattress topper for a side sleeper

Here are a few factors that are important to consider when buying a topper that will properly support a side sleeper.

Density – if you are purchasing a foam topper, we recommend purchasing one that has a density of 4 or greater. A higher density foam means more support and a longer last, higher quality product. 

Material – Memory foam, latex, cotton and alternative foams all all have different benefits and features that make them unique. It is important to understand the pros and cons of each material to decide which is best for your specific needs. 

Thickness– Foam toppers have different thicknesses, generally ranging from 1”-4” thick. We recommend a 3”-4” topper to gain proper support and comfort, especially for side sleepers or heavier individuals. 

Price – Price for mattress toppers varies drastically. In general the lower the price, the lower quality the topper. Latex is going to be the most expensive material, while you can generally find a more affordable memory foam option. 

Manufacturing location- We always recommend purchasing sleep products that are made in the USA. Some of the foams coming out of Asia do not meet the quality standards that companies have here in the US. 


The different types of mattress toppers:

Memory foam: Memory foam was designed my NASA and is an amazing material at providing pressure relief and support foir side sleepers. A quality memory foam topper can enhance your current mattress and add comfort. Many companies infuse gel or other materials into the memory foam in order to help it sleep cooler and add to its already amazing properties. 

Latex: Latex mattress toppers are made from natural latex that comes from the rubber tree. Latex is an amazing foam at providing support, bounce and pressure relief. Latex will be on the more expensive end of the topper options but it is great for anyone with allergies, people who sleep hot or just someone who wants a chemical free sleeping environment. 

Mattress Pads: Mattress pads are usually made with wool, cotton or down/down alternatives. These pads are usually 1-2” thick and are meant to add cushioning and comfort to a firmer mattress. 

Alternative foams: Some companies combine foam properties to make their own proprietary foam blend. These can have amazing and unique benefits and are important to look into. W have included some of our favorite alternative foam options on our list of top picks. 

Is a memory foam topper good for side sleepers?

Memory foam is one of our favorite types of foams for a side sleeper. The unique ability of memory foam to conform to the curves of the body and provide pressure relief is what makes it so great for side sleepers. Side sleepers require additional pressure relief as their hips and shoulders press into the mattress with the majority of the weight of their body. If you are looking for a mattress topper that will feel great when on your side then memory foam is an option we would recommend. 

What type of pillow is best for a side sleeper?

The most important factor when choosing a pillow for sleeping on your side is that it keeps your spine and your neck in a straight line. You want to make sure your pillow supports your head enough that is rests directly above your shoulders. 

Mattress topper sizes

All of these mattress topper types are available in a thickness of about 1″ to 4″, but with most, you’ll start to really notice them at 2″. Thicker than that isn’t necessarily better when it comes to toppers, depending on your circumstances. As mentioned, someone sleeping on their stomach on a 4″ topper is going to find themselves sinking into it like quicksand, whereas someone sleeping on their side or back, especially who has back pain or chronic pain, will want a thicker option. 

What to do with your old mattress topper?

When you purchase a mattress online you are left to find a way to get rid of your old one. Luckily “A Bedder World” has mattress disposal services throughout the country. We work with mattress recycling centers to make sure your old mattress gets disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible. To date we have recycled over 500K mattresses. Book a pick up here. Or try recycling it yourself!


Mattress toppers are very common in the market place and there are quite a few high quality companies providing options consisting of varying qualities and materials. All of the companies listed in this post are companies that we trust and that have great reputations within the sleep community. You can feel confident placing an order with any of them. If you need a custom size mattress topper, companies like Verlo Mattress, The Custom Mattress Factory and  are a great option to check out.