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(Top 7) Award Winning "Tall" Bed Frames to Maximize Bedroom Space

Tim Sumerfield

Tim Sumerfield


In this post we list our favorite tall bed frames that you can purchase online, as well as go over the benefits and reasons behind why a tall bed frame may be the right option for you. All of the beds listed in this post come highly reviewed and are made by trusted brands in the industry. 

What is considered a "tall bed frame"?

Generally a tall bed frame is anything taller than the standard bed frame clearance of 12″. A tall bed frame allows for storage space underneath as well as a higher sitting mattress for taller individuals. Bed frames can also be classified as a “tall” frame if they have a tall headboard attachment. There are a variety of reasons an individual may opt for purchasing a taller bed that we will discuss below.  

Reason for purchasing a tall bed frame

A tall bed frame can be purchased for a variety of reasons and for multiple benefits. It is important to understand how purchasing a taller bed frame may effect your bedroom and sleeping environment before purchasing. 

  • Storage space – A taller bed frame maximzes space and allows for customers to store items underneath their bed. This gives your bedroom more storage space that is generally unusable with a standard bed frame. 
  • Higher sitting mattress – Taller individuals may opt for a taller bed frame in order to get in and out of bed or to be bale to sit on the edge of their bed more comfortably. 

7 Tall Bed Frames


What we love: Tall bed frame with plenty of open space for storage

With a design that’s simplistic yet practical, this foundation is more useful than it looks. Available in a variety of profile heights, you can choose one that suits your preference and your mattress, whether you like to sleep high or low. And all that strongly supported open under bed space means you have a place to store your extra boxes, pillows, linens, shoes… Engineered with both a thick steel frame and a wood slat platform, this foundation is built to support your memory foam, latex or spring mattress like no other, and without the need for a box spring. Delivered with all tools and instructions for simple setup and a 5-year worry-free warranty.


What we love: Affordably priced. Ultra sturdy. No squeaking or movement. Storage room underneath. No tools required

This Sturdy platform foundation comes from the trusted Bedtek brand. The foundation has metal slats and does NOT require a box spring, meaning you can put your mattress directly on it. Not only does it hold over 1,000lbs, it also has 15″ of storage room underneath and comes with headboard brackets to attach any standard headboard. Assembly is a breeze, not tools are required and it can be setup in only a minute or two.


What Customers love: Trusted brand with quality products. Clean, sturdy design with under bed storage.

From $390

The Keetsa bed frame is Keetsa’s modern take on the standard platform bed. The Bed Frame comes in a brushed gold finish and has clean lines, with plenty of under bed storage. This bed is extremely sturdy and well made and is sure to hold up for years to come. 


What Customers love: Luxury bed with tall headboard

PRICE: From $1945

The Amalfi bed is a luxury bed frame at a great price. The tall tufted headboard gives any room a look of luxury and comfort if you choose to sit up or read in bed. Saatva is a trusted brand in the mattress industry and is known for their quality and luxurious sleep products. 


What Customers love: Platform bed with built-in storage drawers.

PRICE: From $899

The Watson Platform Bed utilizes the space underneath the frame to its maximum potential by incorporating drawers with storage space for clothes or accessories. This bed sits taller than the average bed and is available with an optional headboard add on. 


What Customers love: Comes with multiple leg attachments for different heights.

PRICE: From $1099

This adjustable bed comes with different size legs that screw on so you can adjust the height of your bed to fit your exact height and needs. This bed is a quality adjustable base and moves your legs as well as your head for the ultimate body positioning. 


What Customers love: Unique and elegant design. Well made and sturdy.

PRICE: From $4,840

The PCH Series Canopy Bed offers endless possibilities – anyone who’s ever wanted a canopy bed knows exactly what we’re talking about. There’s a mystique that comes with sleeping under a canopy, a perception that the bed is your shelter from an outside world whose elements can’t reach you there. However you use it, this queen or king size platform bed with its solid teak construction is sure to fuel your love for life.

Getting rid of your old bed set

If you are purchasing a new bed frame, chances are you will need to get rid of your old one. Most online companies will now take away your old items when your bed set is delivered. Luckily, we provide mattress and bes set removal and recycling services. A Bedder World has recycled over 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside by 8am and POOF we will come by and take them away. 

Overall, there are a lot of tall bed frames available on the market today. You will want to look at the price range and how long you need your bed to last. As with anything you get what you pay for. Many of the more expensive bed sets are going to last for years and years while some of the cheaper sets are probably best for a few years. All the recommendations on this page are through companies we personally trust and that have a long standing reputation in the industry.