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12 Simple "Black Bed Frames" That are Clean & Modern

Tim Sumerfield

Tim Sumerfield


A black colored bed frame is an elegant and simple addition to any bedroom. It is sure to make a statement while also blending in with a variety of decor styles from farmhouse to modern or traditional. Black bed frames can be hard to come by in the marketplace, with many of the options being grey or tan, it is hard to find a quality and stylish black frame. Well you are in luck. In this post we have included options for all styles and preferences from a standard black metal frame to an upholstered headboard bed set and wooden platform options. Whether you are looking for a low sitting bed frame or a sturdy frame you are sure to find a black frame that meets you needs within this post. 

The different types of black bed frames

While all the bed frames in this post are black, there are a variety of different styles of frames to choose from. Each has its own benefits and downsides depending on your specific needs and what you are looking to get out of a bed. 

  • Standard metal frame – A standard metal bed frame is meant to hold a mattress and box spring and is a great simple/minimalist option for anyone who just wants a standard frame or who wants to attach their own headboard or footboard 
  • Platform bed – A platform bed frame uses bed slats as a platform and does not require you to use a box spring. You can put your mattress directly on a platform bed. This allows your overall bed set to sit lower to the ground, saving 8″ of height that your box spring would add. 
  • Upholstered bed frames – Black upholstered bed frames look very classy and elegant in any room. They also provide a soft backrest for sitting up in bed and can make your bedroom feel like a cozy haven. 

12 Black Bed Frames

What Customers love: Minimalist low sitting design. Affordably priced.

From $526

This platform bed is one of the most popular low bed frames on the market. They now offer it in a black espresso finish that we absolutely love. We personally sleep on this bed frame and can speak to the fact that it is very well made and sturdy. Not only is it sturdy and modern but it also is very affordably priced for the quality. This bed is available in a variety of different finishes in order to match a variety of styles and bedrooms. 


What Customers love: Sturdy, hold 2,500lbs+. Easy assembly, zero tool required.

From $199

The Bedtek black bed frame takes the old classic black metal bed frames to the next level. With sturdy wide feet and snap together technology it is easily assembled with zero tools and can hold over 2,500 lbs. The use of snap together assembly rather than hardware means there is nothing to loosen or squeak over time. If you are looking for a standard black bed frame then this is a great step up from the classic original bed frame. This bed is made from steel and is sure to hold up for years and years to come. You can easily attach any standard headboard or footboard with the built in brackets. 


What Customers love: Sturdy all-in-one folding platform bed. Great value.

PRICE: From $199

The black platform bed has solid metal legs and metal slats to provide a classic, minimalist sturdy base for your mattress. It easily folds up and can be transported or put away in storage when not in use. This bed comes at a very competitive price point and is a great all around value. You can include optional headboard and footboard brackets to attach a headboard of footboard of your choice. This bed frame takes a the standard metal frame to the next level by adding slats to replace the need for a box spring. 


What Customers love: Sleek design with soft tufted headboard.

This black bed frame by Home life has great reviews and comes at a reasonable price point for the quality. The soft tufted headboard makes it great for sitting up or reading in bed while the included bed slat system means you do not need to purchase a box spring. This bed is a great all around value option for someone looking for a bed frame with a headboard that won’t break the bank. 


What Customers love: Beautiful simple design and affordable

The Zinus Suzanne black metal platform bed brings affordability to the low profile bed market. This bed frame allows you to get the low bed style while not having to spend very much. This bed won’t last as long as some of the more expensive options but is a great buy to utilize for a few years. 


What Customers love: Classic vintage design. Sturdy metal construction.

PRICE: From $439

With a simple, transitional design, this bed is a great way to add style to any bedroom. The clean, straight black lines of the headboard and footboard contrast nicely with the rounded corners and intricate castings that top each spindle. The entire bed packs into one convenient, UPS-shippable box and it sets up easily using only one tool. This bed looks good with a variety of decor styles from farmhouse to traditional or modern. 


What Customers love: Sturdy and simple design. Low profile

The Platforma low bed frame is simple yet makes a statement. The black metal edges coupled with the simple design brings in an industrial feel while also keeping with the minimalist modern trend. This bed frame is extremely affordable at just over $100 for a queen size. 


What Customers love: Fits my California King mattress perfectly.

Queen $153

The Stella bed by InStyle is available in multiple colors and finishes. Its clean lines and low set platform give of a Japanese inspired minimal vibe and is perfect for making a bedroom feel open and airy. This frame is under $200 for a queen size and is one of the more affordable beds on the list. 


What Customers love: Low modern look. Soft cozy feel. Available in a variety of high end fabrics.

From $2899

The Tufty Time bed is sure to turn heads. This low sitting soft bed is unlike anything in the industry. Its tufted headboard is cozy and warm and the perfect place for snuggling up and reading a book or watching a show. This bed is available in a variety of fabric options, from the Jet black option shown above, to leather or velvet fabrics. 

What Customers love: Elegant minimal design. Low platform setting. Multiple finishes.

From $290

The Minimo is exactly as its name suggests. A low sitting minimal bed frame. This bed frame will fit into any space and is elegant looking without being flashy. The Minimo is also one of the most affordable beds on this list. 


What Customers love: Classic natural wood bed frame. Affordable and easy snap together assembly.

From $252

The Zinus wood platform bed with cottage style headboard will beautifully update your bedroom. The wood frame and legs are made of pine to support your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress. This Zinus platform bed is 12 inches high and designed for use with or without a box spring foundation. Stylish and strong support for your mattress at an affordable price. Another comfort innovation from Zinus.


What Customers love: Simple sturdy and affordable

PRICE: From $128

The steel framed Arnav Platform Bed 2000 by Zinus features wooden slats that provide strong support for your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress. Low profile 10 inch height with 7 inches of clearance under the frame. Openings in two of the legs allow for attaching a headboard to this Platform bed. The Arnav Platform Bed 2000 provides stylish and strong support for your mattress.

Getting rid of your old bed set

If you are purchasing a new bed frame, chances are you will need to get rid of your old one. Most online companies will now take away your old items when your bed set is delivered. Luckily, we provide mattress and bes set removal and recycling services. A Bedder World has recycled over 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside by 8am and POOF we will come by and take them away. 

Overall, there are a lot of low profile bed frames available on the market today. You will want to look at the price range and how long you need your bed to last. As with anything you get what you pay for. Many of the more expensive bed sets are going to last for years and years while some of the cheaper sets are probably best for a few years. All the recommendations on this page are through companies we personally trust and that have a long standing reputatyion in the industry.