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How To Raise a Bed Up Higher (Bed Risers & Alternatives)


Bed height is an easily overlooked but important consideration when setting up your bedroom. The height of your bed influences storage capabilities as well as how you can maneuver getting in and out, especially as you age or health concerns become more prominent. Therefore, selecting a bed height that works with your specific needs is a wise choice, allowing for comfortable movements when entering and exiting the mattress. 

If you are looking for options to raise the height of your mattress or bed set then bed risers are excellent tools for increasing the overall height of a bed and adjusting it to your particular needs. Whether due to aging or personal preference, bed risers can easily customize your sleeping setup while ensuring you achieve the necessary comfort level.

In this article we will cover different options for bed risers and how to raise the height of your bed set.

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What Are Bed Risers?

Bed risers are an easy and economical way to make a bed more than just a place for sleeping. They give beds extra height, which can be helpful for those who want higher beds without replacing the entire bed frame. Bed risers come in different sizes and materials, including plastic, wood, or steel, with some supporting up to 2,500 lbs of weight. 

Risers between one and twelve inches tall provide additional storage space underneath the raised area of the bed. This simple addition can provide versatile benefits, whether functioning as a practical fix or as an alternative decór choice.

Raising a Bed With Bed Raisers


Installing bed risers is surprisingly simple. All that’s needed is one person to lend a helping hand in case of complications. First, lift the bed at an angle to allow the risers to slide under the frame. 

Once securely in place, slowly twist the frame back down and adjust it as desired. This process should only take a few minutes, but with two sets of hands, it’ll get done in no time! Bed risers are designed with simplicity and convenience, making them the perfect accessory for low beds everywhere.

Bed Riser Alternatives

Beds can often be either too low or too high, but fortunately, there are many bed riser alternatives. Wedges between the mattress and box spring help lift the bed off the floor, creating more storage. 

Cinder blocks provide a cost-effective plan for elevating the bed higher if needed. Lastly, there’s always the option of using wood pallets to create a unique base for a bed or even raising a low-profile platform bed. With all these options, you can find something that fits and works perfectly in your bedroom setup!

Cinder Blocks


Cinder blocks are an excellent economical option for bed risers, although they are less safe than store-bought risers. Placing the feet at the same height can be challenging, but thankfully all cinder blocks of the same molding type will usually be of the same size. 

Choosing a wide block to reduce the risk of slipping is recommended, and an anti-skid pad can help ensure safety. Alternatively, piles of wood or thick books are inexpensive to raise beds. They allow users to start with a low number and add more until they reach the desired height.

A Bed Wedge


A bed wedge may be the better choice for those who need to raise their bed but want to avoid having an uncomfortable gap between the mattress and box springs. Not only do they lift the entire headboard end of your bed and keep it level with the box spring, so you can still enjoy a good night’s sleep, but it also helps to reduce slipping if you are a restless sleeper. 

Bed wedges are more cost-effective than bed raisers and still provide the extra height to make sleeping more comfortable. Which option is best for your needs? Try purchasing a bed wedge first and see how that works out.

Wooden Pallets


Wooden pallets offer a unique way to elevate a bed and bring more life into the bedroom as an individual or stacked together. Not all beds that rest directly on the floor need to stay that way. Wooden pallets are an easy and stylish option for those looking to add height and texture to their bed base. Large enough to stack two pallets over each other, you can customize the height of your platform while remaining confident in its support.

And if simple rustic elegance isn’t enough, there’s always the option of illuminated wooden pallets to dress up your bedroom even further. Though some may be hesitant about stability when raising one’s bed off the floor, wooden pallets present a reassuring solution that offers lasting security.

Lofting Kit


If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space in your room without sacrificing comfort, consider investing in a lofting kit. Not only will the extra height of your bed give you more floor space below and get you off the ground, but it can also be convenient.

Aside from the kit’s extra mattress supports, safety rail, and ladder, think about how to use this extra space too. Why not add a couch underneath for cozy relaxation nights or a desk to help organize your workspace?



Hanging or suspending your bed from the ceiling with chains is a creative way to gain a few extra inches of space in any room. You can create a beautiful appearance by blending heavy-duty link chains with a decorative chandelier. It will look as if the bed is floating effortlessly above the ground.

Additionally, you can decorate around your bed with minimal furniture and items as the space no longer limit you underneath it. Suspending beds with chains has become increasingly popular because of their discreet and modern look.

Bookshelves or Dressers


Captain’s beds are a great way to maximize floor space, but many of us need the luxury of buying a ready-made solution. Fortunately, you can turn two existing items into an affordable storage bed! Get two long and tall bookshelves or dressers and stack them together at the right width. Installing casters washes away any hassle for lightening the load when moving the bed around, something heavier furniture can’t quite do without much effort. 

With a bit of fitting in, you’ll have a stylish storage platform ready for your mattress and ample room underneath where you can store away your essentials. You can save up for highly sought-after (often expensive) under-bed drawers.

Is It Possible To Raise a Bed Without Legs?

Raising a bed without legs may seem impossible, but you can use several practical bed riser alternatives to create a higher and more comfortable platform for your mattress.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are one of the most popular bedding accessories for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and increase their mattress lifespan. Memory foam toppers, in particular, offer a great deal of cushioning without using legs or other bulky solutions. 

Mattress toppers provide added comfort and support for the back and neck muscles and act as an extra layer between you and your mattress, filling in painful gaps due to body shape and size differences. Memory foam mattress toppers are available in various firmness levels and thicknesses, so you can easily find the perfect fit for your unique needs. 

So if you’re looking for more comfortable sleep every night that won’t cost an arm and a leg – investing in a memory foam mattress topper may be the ideal solution!

Specialized Bed Wedge

Elevating a bed can relieve sleep apnea, acid reflux, and poor circulation while also helping to reduce back and neck pain. Traditional bed risers will only work for you if you have a different bedroom layout or your comfort preferences, so a specialized bed wedge may be just what you need. 

A bed wedge fits right underneath the sides of your mattress and gives an elevated sleeping position without the height created by bulky legs. It is easy to get that extra elevation without changing the look of your bedroom or making it difficult to move around in.

How To Build a DIY Bed Riser

Building a DIY riser is an easy and cost-effective way to raise the height of your bed. After obtaining wood from a lumber supplier or furniture retailer, use a saw to adjust wooden blocks to the same height. To ensure that your bed feet remain securely in place, drill holes into each block so they can fit the bed legs. Then add a piece of felt with glue to each one of the wood blocks to avoid scratching any hardwood or laminate flooring during installation.

Bed Risers FAQs

Still not sure what’s the best route to go? These questions can help you figure it out!

What is the best bed height?

The ideal bed height depends mainly on age and height. An average person needs a bed 25 inches above the floor but might find climbing in and out of bed close to the ground easier. Unfortunately, this can put a strain on their joints. 

To avoid this, one should opt for a higher bed instead. An adjustable bed frame makes it possible to change the height. Before making any adjustments, though, we recommend sitting on the edge of your bed and ensuring your feet touch the ground at a 90-degree angle. That way, you’ll know what works best for you.

Is it okay to put your mattress on the floor?

Putting a mattress on the floor can be acceptable if it suits your comfort preferences, but doing so often may cause the mattress to become worn quickly. Without the support of a bedframe, slatted base, or other shock-absorbent material underneath the mattress, the mattress may experience more physical wear and tear. 

Additionally, people with joint pain might find getting up from sleeping on the floor hard. All in all, if you choose to put your mattress on the floor, ensure some form of protection from the hard surface.

How can you make bed risers look better?

A great way to make your bed risers more aesthetic is to buy a pair of wooden ones that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Pick a design that will best compliment the look of your room. You can choose neutrals such as black, white, or grey if you want them to be more subtle. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an eye-catching feature in your rooms, pick bright, bold colors. You could also add a bed skirt or extra sheets that reach the floor to cover up the risers. Find something that matches both the beds and the risers!

How do you make your bed taller?

Making a bed taller is an increasingly popular way to elevate a mattress and customize your sleep space. Installing bed risers is typically quick and easy with the help of screws, nuts, and bolts. 

If you’re feeling crafty, DIY options such as wooden pallets and cinder blocks can make your bed taller. For a more comfortable solution, try placing a bed wedge underneath the mattress or using a mattress topper that sits on top. Doing so adds height to enhance your room’s style and improve sleep quality.

Can bed risers damage the bed?

Bed risers are helpful furniture pieces that increase a bed’s storage, look, and functionality. Although they can be handy and look great, there is a slight risk of damage to the bed if not used correctly. It is vital to use good quality risers that are robust enough to support the user’s weight and firmly secure the bed frame’s feet into place. 

Otherwise, there could be a chance of poor construction, causing it to collapse and misuse. Having the foot slip from it will lead to the displacement of other sections in the frame and its hardware which can also cause irreparable damage.

Wrapping Up

The versatility of bed risers is appealing as they can raise your bed to a comfortable height or level it out if the floor is uneven. It’s lucky that even though not all furniture stores may sell them, there are still creative bed riser alternatives when it comes to making your bed higher. 

Those who find cinder blocks too dull and plain can opt for something more refined such as wooden pallets, while those who worry about the aesthetics can add a topper or wedge cushion. In any case, you’re bound to find one perfect for you.

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