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25 Beautiful “Slatted Bed Bases” with Built in Bed Slats


In this post we have listed our favorite slatted bed frames that come standard with built in bed slats. This means you do not need to use a box spring, as the bed slats provide the same support of a box spring.

As buying a mattress online has come more mainstream, so has the need for customers to find a bed frame that doesn’t require them to purchase a bulky box spring.

Slatted bed bases or “platform beds” allow you to simply put your mattress directly on your bed frame without a box spring. This not only saves you money but also gives your bedroom a sleek modern appeal and gives you a lower sitting bedframe. 

What is a slatted bed base?


A slatted bed base is simply a bed frame that comes standard with built in bed slats . These bed slats take the place of a box spring and allow customers to place their mattress directly on top of their bed frame. Bed slats provide the same amount of support as a box spring and can be used interchangeably with each other. 

Benefits of slatted bed base

A bed with a slatted frame not only looks aesthetically pleasing and minimalist, it also provides many benefits within your bedroom and sleeping environment. 

  • Sleeps cooler – Hot air rises, so the lower your bed sits the cooler air you will be sleeping in. 
  • Fits rooms with lower ceilings and actually gives the illusion that they are larger
  • Easy for shorter individuals to sit on the edge of the bed
  • Expands the utilization of your floor space. When your bed is closer to the ground you will find yourself utilizing your floor space to your advantage. For example, you can get away without purchasing a bedside table and can let the floor act as a minimalist side table. 
  • Cost effective – By not having to purchase a box spring with your mattress you are saving hundreds of dollars. 

Slatted bed vs standard bed frame

The main difference between a standard bed frame and a slatted bed is that the slatted bed base comes with bed slats built into the frame. This is essentially a built in support system that doesn’t require you to purchase a box spring.

Slatted Bed Base

Standard bed


25 Slatted Bed Bases we LOVE

1. The “Noise Free” Platform Bed by Puffy

Editor’s Pick


What our testers are saying:

This puffy platform bed is one of the most popular beds on the market right now. The competitive price point combined with the luxurious and sturdy structural design make it a great all around option. The slatted bed frame comes with built in bed slats that sit a few inches below the rails, allowing for a snug fit that won’t cause your mattress to move or slip from side to side. Simply put your mattress directly on the bed slat platform without the use of a box spring.

What Customers love: Designed to be quiet and squeak-free. Has built in soft cushioned headboard. Inset platform cradles the mattress to prevent movement.

2. The Solid Wood Platform Bed by Birchboards (multiple colors and sizes)


What our testers are saying:

This Birchboard platform bed is one of the best value slatted bed frames on the market. The frame is extremely well built and has a solid and sturdy support structure. The exterior comes in a variety of different stains and finishes to match any style or bedroom. This frame is very popular and can often be out of stock. If you see a color you like in stock we recommend buying it before it goes out of stock again. Easy 10 minute assembly with no additional tools required. 

The price is also unbeatable for the quality. The heavy duty center support legs coupled with the thick bed slats mean this bed isn’t budging an inch. Many of our employees have purchased their bed frame for their own homes and absolutely love it. It is also a platform bed, so you can put your mattress directly on the frame without the need for a box spring.

What Customers love: An affordable and sturdy wooden platform frame. Heavy duty center support. Multiple colors.

3. The Sturdy Steel Foundation by Bedtek (optional headboard)


What our testers are saying:

This Sturdy platform foundation comes from the trusted Bedtek brand. The foundation has metal slats and does NOT require a box spring, meaning you can put your mattress directly on it. Not only does it hold over 1,000lbs, it also has 15″ of storage room underneath and comes with headboard brackets to attach any standard headboard. Assembly is a breeze, not tools are required and it can be setup in only a minute or two.

What Customers love: Affordably priced. Ultra sturdy. No squeaking or movement. Storage room underneath. No tools required.

4. The Santorini Platform Bed by Saatva


What our testers are saying:

Saatva is the leader in luxury upholstered platform beds. This bed comes in a variety of different fabric colors and is their most popular platform bed. With clean lines and a soft comfortable headboard you are sure to look forward to jumping into bed every night. The bed comes with built in bed slats that you can put your mattress directly on without a box spring.

What Customers love: Luxurious and simple sturdy design.

5. The Bed Frame by Birch


What Customers love: Simple natural design. Easily snaps together without tools.

From $499

What our testers are saying:

The Bed Frame by Birch comes in a natural wood or white finish. This bed is simple in nature and does not require any tools for assembly. It sits right above the ground and has built in bed slats so you do not need to use a box spring, you can put your mattress or futon directly on the frame. The clean lines and low profile design are consistent with beds and styles of Japanese furniture and is sure to add to your simple and minimalist bedroom appearance.

6. The Adjustable Base by Puffy


What our testers are saying:

The Puffy adjustable bed is a great option for active couples or heavier sleepers. It is not only extremely heavy duty and sturdy but it also comes with adjustability features, a massage option and much more. Adjustable beds allow for a variety of sleeping and resting positions and are great for back pain or surgery recovery as well. 

What Customers love: Our pick for the sturdiest adjustable bed on the market.

7. The Solid Wood Platform Bed by Avocado

What our testers are saying:

Avocado prides themselves on providing customers with high end organic and natural sleeping products. Their bed frames are built with solid pieces of reclaimed wood and don’t require any tools for assembly. The price for their products is mid-range for the market but for the quality it can’t be beat. Their bed frames are built to last and will be one you could hand down to your grandchildren. The benefit of purchasing a bed frame like this is that it is built with quality sturdy materials that won’t break down or loosen over time. The bed comes with no screws or nails. You simply fit the pieces together and poof you have a high end sturdy bed frame that will last for years and it easy to disassemble and reassemble should you need to move it. If you have the budget for it we highly recommend the Avocado bed frames as our favorite sturdy beds on the market. 

Starting at $645

What Customers love: Each handmade with a 100% heavy duty solid wood frame. All natural materials. No assembly tools required.

8. The Minimalist Steel Bed Frame by Keetsa


What our testers are saying:

Keetsa’s line of steel bed frames are simplistic and minimalist in their design but they are built to be sturdy. These bed frames hold over 2000 lbs and do not squeak or sway under pressure. The low center of gravity and solid steel design make them aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and easy to assemble. If you are looking for an affordable sturdy platform bed frame then it doesn’t get much better than Keetsa. The Keetsa frame is a platform bed which means you do not need to purchase a box spring. 

From $290

What Customers love: Minimalist design. Holds over 2000lbs. Variety of finishes available.

9. The Platform Bed Frame by Amerisleep


What our testers are saying:

This platform bed by Amerisleep is a great all around frame that comes with a soft fabric headboard and built in bed slats that you can put any mattress directly on. The tan fabric goes will with the vast majorty of bedroom styles and comes at a very competitive price point.

What Customers love: A universally luxurious upholstered bed.

10.Platform Bed by Mellow


What our testers are saying:

This 9″ Metal platform bed frame features heavy duty steel construction with metal slat support for stable and comfortable support without the need for a traditional box spring. 9 inch low profile modern design allows you to easily get in and out of the bed. 

What Customers love: Solid steel frame and steel slats for heavy duty support. Affordable price.

11. The Platform Bed by Helix (white or natural)


What our testers are saying:

The platform bed by Helix is a great minimalist platform bed frame that will provide heavy duty support at a great price point. The frame easily snaps together without the need for any tools and it utilizes heavy duty bed slats, which means you do not need to purchase a box spring (you can put your mattress directly on the frame). This bed is available in a white or natural wood finish and sits low to the ground for a minimalist, modern appearance.

What Customers love: Solid wood construction. Modern minimalist design. Low to the ground. Easy, zero tool assembly.

12. The Platform Bed by Floyd


Bed Height: 6″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

The Floyd platform bed is one of the most popular bed frames on the market. It sits only 6″ off the ground and gives the appearance of floating . This bed is available in 2 finishes and is one of our favorite low bed frames available. It also is a platform style bed which means you do not need to purchase a box spring, saving you 8″ of height that a box spring adds.

Floyd offers an entire lineup of easy assembly bedroom furniture and is quickly becoming one of the most popular online furniture companies in the industry. This bed is sturdy and solid and is meant to hold up for years to come. While the bed is low to the ground, this does not mean it lacks storage space. Floyd offers under bed drawers that you can add on to your bed frame purchase for storing clothes or misc items.

What Customers love: Simple minimalist design. Easy snap together assembly, zero tools required.

13. The Lucerne Platform Bed by Santorini


What our testers are saying:

The Lucerne platform bed us sure to make a big statement in any bedroom. The oversized headboard is soft and perfect for leaning against while reading or watching tv. The bed comes with built in bed slats that you can put your mattress on without the need to use any box spring underneath.

What Customers love: Over-stuffed headboard for a soft and elegant touch. Variety of fabrics available.

14. Heavy Duty Platform Bed w/ Steel Slats by Mellow


What our testers are saying:

This Mellow bed frame is made with solid steel and is built to withstand anything. The assembly is slightly more than the other bed frames above but the price makes it a great option for an affordable sturdy bed

What Customers love: Low to the ground and made with solid steel

15. The Tufty Time Bed


What our testers are saying:

The Tufty Time bed is sure to turn heads. This low sitting soft bed is unlike anything in the industry. Its tufted headboard is cozy and warm and the perfect place for snuggling up and reading a book or watching a show. 

What Customers love: Low modern look. Soft cozy feel. Available in a variety of high end fabrics.

16. The Malibu Platform Bed by Avocado


Bed Height: 5″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

The Malibu platform bed by Avocado is one of the lowest sitting bed frames on this list. Sitting less than 6″ above the ground, this bed is sleek and space saving for any style of room. The natural wood look can also be paired with any of Avocado’s bedroom accessories like side tables and dressers. The Malibu bed also comes with an optional headboard in 2 different sizes. This bed is the ultimate low sitting bed frame and is sure to provide a minimalist look. If you prefer a slightly taller clearance above the ground Avocado also offers legs that are up to 4″ taller. Avocado is well known in the industry for quality products that, while slightly more expensive, are handmade to last for years to come.

What Customers love: Low sitting, minimalist modern design. Solid wood frame.

17. The Platform Bed by Dreamcloud


Bed Height: 10″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

This Platform Bed is simple yet sophisticated and can work in any home décor style. Its unique 10-inch legs are slightly angled to give that modern retro vibe while the classic wood slats and platform bed is solid enough to support your mattress without the need for a box spring. No tools are required for assembly, making setup a quick and pain-free process. The bed is also offered in 3 different colors to match a variety of styles.

What Customers love: Simple, minimalist modern look. Affordably priced.

18. The KERT frame by Mellow


What Customers love: Simple design with minimalist headboard. Available in a variety of colors.

Mellow is known for making minimalist bed frames at an affordable price. Their KERT frame couples a solid steel frame with a colorful soft fabric headboard. This simple design gives a pop of personality to your room while still keeping its simple and minimalist appeal. 

19. The 6″ Suzanne Platform Bed by Zinus


Bed Height: 6″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

The Zinus Suzanne platform bed brings affordability to the low profile bed market. This bed frame allows you to get the low bed style while not having to spend very much. This bed won’t last as long as some of the more expensive options but is a great buy to utilize for a few years. 

What Customers love: Beautiful simple design and affordable

20. The LAX Platform Bed by MASH Studios


What our testers are saying:

Take a deep breath. Visualize yourself simplifying everything about your life. You’re reducing clutter, bringing your home into alignment, and feeling good about life. You dream of wide open spaces and plenty of breathing space. In that visualization, do you see really heavy, old-fashioned furniture with a million superfluous carvings and accents? Of course you don’t. You see furniture that brings zen to your home–simple furniture made out of strong materials and subdued colors. You’re thinking of the LAX bed by MASH Studios. Available in a variety of options including an optional headboard and optional under storage. 

What Customers love: Unique low profile design. Optional headboard and under bed storage

21. The 14″ Justina Platform Bed by Zinus


What our testers are saying:

The Zinus Justina offers an all in one classic bed design. The legs coupled with the box spring style platform will give your mattress a minimalist look, almost as if they are floating above the ground. This bed is affordable and ships quickly. It may not hold up as long as the high end beds on this list but it is a great option for an entry level budget friendly bed. 

What Customers love: Great price for the quality

22. The Platforma 6″ Low Profile Platform Bed


What our testers are saying:

The Platforma low bed frame is simple yet makes a statement. The metal coupled with the simple design brings in an industrial feel while also keeping with the minimalist modern trend. This bed frame is extremely affordable compared to competitors. 

What Customers love: Simple and durable

23. The City Bed by Avocado


What our testers are saying:

Avocado produces quality mattresses and bed frames and the City Bed is no exception.  This bed frame sits low to the ground and easily snaps together without the need for hardware or tools. The City Bed is Avocado’s most affordable and simple bed that they offer. 

What Customers love: Classic natural wood bed frame. Affordable and easy snap together assembly.

24. The HYLLE Platform bed with Shelf by Mellow


What Customers love: Simple modern design with functional shelf that can replace a side table.

The HYLLE by Mellow is a simple modern designed platform bed that utilizes the most of its space. The headboard features a shelf that allows for storage and replaces the need for side tables. The simply designed metal base is sturdy and delicate as to not overpower the room. 

25. The Mid-Century Modern by Avocado

What Customers love: Modern minimalist mid-century design

Avocado is know in the industry for their organic and natural sleep products. Each of their bed frames is handcrafted with wood and built to last. Their mid-century bed frame is a mix of modern minimalist design with a little bit of a rustic feel. This bed is sturdy and will last for years and years. 

What to consider when buying a slatted bed

When purchasing a slatted bed base, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Material: Slatted bed bases can be made from wood (typically pine, beech, or birch) or metal. Wooden slats are usually more flexible, providing better support and pressure distribution, while metal slats are more rigid and durable.
  2. Slats: The number and spacing of the slats will impact the support and comfort of the bed. Generally, more slats with closer spacing provide better support.
  3. Adjustability: Some slatted bed bases have adjustable slats, allowing you to customize the firmness and support according to your preference.
  4. Size and compatibility: Ensure that the slatted bed base is compatible with your mattress size and type. Some bases are designed specifically for certain mattress types, such as memory foam or latex.
  5. Assembly and maintenance: Consider the ease of assembly and maintenance of the slatted bed base, as some models may require more frequent adjustments or tightening.

Pros and Cons of a Slatted Bed Base:


  1. Improved airflow: Slatted bed bases promote better air circulation, helping to keep the mattress cool and dry.
  2. Support and comfort: The slats provide a flexible surface that can conform to the body’s shape, distributing pressure evenly and reducing the risk of pain or discomfort.
  3. Durability: Slatted bed bases are often more durable than traditional box springs.
  4. Cost-effective: Slatted bed bases can be more affordable than other bed base options, such as box springs or adjustable bases.


  1. Assembly: Slatted bed bases may require more assembly than other types of bed bases.
  2. Noise: Wooden slats may squeak over time, which could be a concern for light sleepers.
  3. Compatibility: Not all mattresses are compatible with slatted bed bases, especially those with specific support requirements.

Comparison Table: Slatted Bed Base vs. Standard Bed Frame

AspectSlatted Bed BaseStandard Bed Frame
Support & ComfortFlexible slats offer customized support and pressure distributionRigid frame may not conform to body shape, leading to pressure points
Airflow & BreathabilityImproved airflow due to the space between slatsLimited airflow, potentially leading to moisture buildup and reduced mattress lifespan
DurabilityTypically more durable than box springsDurability depends on frame material and construction
Assembly & MaintenanceMay require more assembly and adjustmentsEasier assembly and fewer adjustments needed
CostOften more affordable than other bed base optionsCost varies widely depending on material and design
CompatibilityNot compatible with all mattress typesCompatible with most mattress types, depending on frame design


Q: Can I use any mattress on a slatted bed base?

A: Most types of mattresses can be used with a slatted bed base, including innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility and support requirements to ensure optimal comfort and longevity.

Q: Do slatted bed bases require a box spring?

A: No, slatted bed bases are designed to provide support and comfort without the need for a box spring. In fact, using a box spring on a slatted bed base may lead to inadequate support and reduced mattress lifespan.

Q: How often should I replace my slatted bed base?

A: The lifespan of a slatted bed base varies depending on the material, construction, and usage. However, it is generally recommended to replace your bed base every 8-10 years, or when you start to notice signs of wear or a decrease in support and comfort.

Q: Do slatted bed bases squeak?

A: Wooden slatted bed bases may develop squeaks over time as the wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. To minimize squeaking, ensure that the slats are securely fastened and consider applying a lubricant, such as beeswax, on the contact points between the slats and the frame.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my slatted bed base?

A: Regularly inspect your slatted bed base for signs of wear, loose slats, or damaged components. Tighten any loose fittings and replace damaged parts as needed. Dust the slats and frame periodically to keep the bed base clean and free of allergens. If your slatted bed base has adjustable slats, check the tension and make adjustments as necessary to maintain optimal support and comfort.

Q: How much weight can a slatted bed base support?

A: The weight capacity of a slatted bed base depends on the material, construction, and design of the base. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for weight limits and ensure that the combined weight of the mattress, bedding, and sleepers does not exceed the maximum capacity.

How to get rid of an old bed frame?

If you are purchasing a bed slatted bed frame online, chances are you probably have an old one to get rid of. Unfortunately most of the online mattress retailers will not take your old bed away for you. Luckily we do just that! A Bedder World has mattress disposal and recycling services throughout the country. You can book a pick up online, put your items outside and let us take care of the rest!

Overall, finding a bed frame with bed slats is common on the internet today and there are a variety of options to choose from. Any of the options on this list will come with bed slats and will not require you to purchase a box spring for support.