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7 Gold Bed Frames For an Elegant & Trendy Bedroom – Designer Picks

Gold is a beautiful accent color in any home, and adding specs of it to your bedroom can make your space feel magical, modern, or somewhere in between. 


The bed is arguably the biggest, most eye-catching piece of furniture in your room, and making your bed frame gold will make it even more prominent. Despite its metal appearance, gold bed frames can offer a soft look depending on the style. 

There are plenty of things to consider before purchasing a golden bed frame, including the style, the price, the pros and cons, and more. This buyer’s guide will help you make that decision and help enhance your bedroom’s appearance.

7 Gold Bed Frames we LOVE

1. The Gold Minimo Platform Bed by Keetsa


What our testers are saying:

The Gold Minimo frame by Keetsa is a sturdy, simple and affordably priced bed frame that we love. The steel frame comes in a brushed gold that has an elegant yet rustic look to it. With built in bed slats you do not need to purchase a box spring and can put your mattress directly on the frame. The frame sits 14 inches off the ground with room for storage underneath. It also hold up to 2000lbs making it very sturdy and durable. If you are looking for a well made simple gold bed frame then this is a great option.

What we love:

  • Sturdy (holds over 2000 lbs)
  • Room for storage underneath (14 inch clearance)
  • Built in bed slats (do not need to purchase a box spring)
  • Elegant yet rustic brushed gold finish
  • Great price for the quality

2. The Vintage Gold Frame by Allewie


What our testers are saying:

This bed is simple and affordable bed frame that is sure to add a pop of gold to your boho bedroom dreams. The bed simply screws together and comes with a unique headboard that we love. This bed is an entry level design in terms of durability and price point. It win’t be as sturdy or as durable as some of the other options on this list but is a great frame for a lighter weight individual who plans to only use the bed for a year or two before changing it out.

What we love:

  • Affordably priced
  • No box spring needed (put your mattress directly on the slats)
  • Unique boho style
  • Easily screws together
  • Highly reviewed from customers

3. The Patricia Gold Metal Canopy Bed by Zinus


What our testers are saying:

This elegant canopy bed is sure to make a statement in any bedroom. The bed is made of steel and is durable enough to hold over 700lbs. It also has built in steel bed slats that allow you to put your mattress directly on the frame without the need for a box spring. This bed comes highly reviewed in Amazon and is made by one of the most well-known and trusted Amazon brands, Zinus. The bed also sits 12.4″ inches off the ground, allowing for plenty of room for storage underneath.

What we love:

  • Highly reviewed on Amazon
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Affordably priced
  • Built in bed slats (Use without a box spring)
  • Elegant canopy bed design.

4. The Stella Brass Metal Bed by West Elm


What our testers are saying:

The Stella bed by West Elm is a subtle and beautifully simple bed frame. It is made from solid steel with a brass finish. The bed sits 14″ off the ground, putting the mattress at a standard height while allowing for plenty of room for under bed storage. There are also built in bed slats allowing you to put your mattress directly on the frame without a box spring. West Elm will also deliver and fully assemble your bed for you, taking any worry of difficult assembly out of the process. This bed does come in at over $1,500 so it slightly more expensive than some of the other options on this list but it is contract grade and built to last for years to come.

What we love:

  • Contract grade – built to last
  • Trusted West Elm Brand
  • Simple elegant design
  • Platform bed (Do not need a box spring)
  • 14″ of clearance for under bed storage

5. The Gold/Off White Upholstered Bed Frame by HITHOS


What our testers are saying:

This bed by HITHOS combines the elegant feel of a gold brushed steel frame with the soft comfort of a tufted headboard and footboard. The price point of this bed is also very budget friendly and one of the most affordable beds on this list. You can put your mattress directly on the built in bed slats, eliminating the need for using any box spring and allowing the mattress to sit slightly lower than a standard bed set up.

What we love:

  • Budget Friendly
  • Highly reviewed on Amazon
  • Easy Assembly
  • Sturdy, holds up to 1000 lbs
  • Minimalist low profile design (10″ off the ground)

6. The Alchemy Bronze Bed by CB2


What our testers are saying:

This bed comes from the trusted CB2 brand and is delivered and fully assembled in your bedroom. The frame is made of bronze plated iron for a solid and sturdy sleeping platform. The iron slats have rubber on them to help minimize movement or squeaking and allow you to put your mattress directly on them without the need for a box spring. If you are looking for a luxurious gold platform bed at a reasonable price point then this is a great option.

What we love:

  • Trusted CB2 brand name
  • Sturdy design made with iron
  • Bed slats built in (no box spring needed)
  • Low profile design for a modern minimalist look
  • Delivery and assembly included
  • Reasonably priced (under $1000)

7. The Bushwick Metal Platform Bed by Novogratz


What our testers are saying:

This bed is one of the most popular beds on Amazon and comes highly reviewed by thousands of customers. The bed has a built in platform that you can put your mattress directly on without a box spring and the legs are adjustable allowing you to choose a height of 6″ or 11″ off the ground. The built in side rails minimize movement of the mattress and add increased stability. If you are looking for a unique gold bed frame at an entry level price point then this is a great option that customers are loving.

What we love:

  • Adjustable 6″ or 11″ height
  • Sturdy design with heavy duty side rails
  • Affordable price point
  • Highly reviewed by thousands of customers
  • Platform bed with built in slats (no need for a box spring)

The Different Types of Gold Bed Frames 

Gold is a classy bedroom color, but the style of bed frame you choose can alter your living space completely. These gold bed frames can modernize your bedroom or soften it with a simple canvas, allowing you to choose the theme you want to express.

Platform Bed Frame

This style option is the typical bed frame you’d find in a bedroom. It has a bed frame for the mattress to rest on and a headboard for flare. This option is simplistic, allowing it to fit in all room types. 

If the gold is in sharp corners and straight lines, it’s best in a modern-themes bedroom, but if the headboard or the shape of the bed frame is rounded, it goes best with a much softer look. This includes other decor styles like rustic, boho, or non-modernized themes.

Box Frame Bed Frame

This style is another simplistic option, but it is the least eye-catching option in terms of style. A box frame with no headboard allows for more room on the walls of your bedroom, and with the frame and legs being the only gold it offers, it can be overlooked. 

A gold box frame can be rarely visible or offer more of a gold accent to your room than a larger piece of furniture or a bed with a headboard.

Canopy Bed Frame

The canopy bed frame provides your room with a space to drape lights and fabric or add hanging plants to liven up your room with greenery. You can also keep it clear of decorations and allow the open space to add more structure to your room. 

Gold canopy bed frames are stunning and let you decide whether to add a canopy or let it stand alone.

Brass Bed Frame

Brass Bed Frames add a darker gold color to your room. Gold can be shiny, reflective, and bright, making it not the accent color for everyone. Choosing brass still offers that similar gold effect but is a much toned-down option. 

Choosing a brass bed frame also darkens a room in general, so it’s wise to consider what colors you pair with brass as opposed to gold.

Antique Metal Bed Frame

Using an older, antique gold bed frame will erase any chance of modernizing your bed space, but it’s the perfect style if you love originality and oddness in your room. Antique frames look worn and are often more of a brass color than gold, but they add character to your bedroom.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Gold-Colored Bed Frame 

There are several positive sides to owning a gold bed frame, but there are also negatives that may have you change your mind. Consider these pros and cons when choosing whether or not to purchase one. 

Pros of Choosing a Gold Bed Frame

There are plenty of reasons why you might consider investing in a gold-colored bed frame. Here are the upsides of owning a gold bed frame and how it can alter your bedroom to make it more cohesive:

  • Gold Bed Frames are durable and long-lasting, meaning you won’t need to replace them or worry about damaging the material.
  • They add a beautiful golden accent to your bedroom.
  • The simplicity of gold bed frames makes them easy to set up and take apart.
  • If you’re planning on using gold in your room’s color scheme or as an accent, a gold bed frame will add a lot to your room’s cohesiveness.

Cons of Choosing a Gold Bed Frame

While there are many positives to go with a gold bed frame, there are still a few other things to consider. Here are the downsides of owning a gold bed frame and how it can change your room for the worst:

  • Gold Bed Frames are often expensive. 
  • The material their made out of can smudge and require cleaning and maintenance to keep its shine. 
  • Gold and metal-like bed frames can become cold to the touch and overall appear uninviting without the right decor. 
  • If you don’t want to you gold as an accent color or a prominent part of your color scheme, buying a gold bed frame can make your room clash. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame 

Alongside the pros and cons of choosing a gold bed frame, there are more things to consider once you’ve decided to purchase a gold bed frame. 


You want to pick a gold bed frame that appeals to you and your style, but you need to consider the pros and cons of each type. You may like a canopy frame, but then you need to make sure its height will fit in your bedroom. 

Similarly, you may like the gold bed frame, but it’s important to coordinate it with the other furniture pieces in your room. Decorating your room with a gold bed frame, rustic dressers, and metal shelves will clash. 

Style is your personal choice, but it’s crucial to choose the one you love that works with your home. 

Bed Frame and Bedroom Dimensions

Considering the style brought up how certain ones may not fit into a bedroom the way you want to, the same way the dimensions of the frame may not fit your mattress or may not be offered in a small enough size to fit in your bedroom.

Measure the space you want to place your gold bed frame and make sure the one you want to order will fit before you purchase it. The last thing you want is to have a space completely drowning as it tries to accommodate a bed that’s slightly too large.


While there are low-priced options in terms of purchasing gold bed frames, some styles can be much more expensive than others, and the quality can differ as the prices do. 

Set a certain amount of money you will spend and consider how style can impact the price of your bed frame. For example, a bed frame without a headboard is more affordable than a canopy bed that comes with the headboard and additional pieces to create the canopy. 

You may want to rethink your preferred bed frame type or your budget if neither match. This is important because choosing a different style can impact the other furniture and decor you choose for your bedroom, so setting a budget is the best first step.

Color Schemes and Decorations

Gold bed frames are a great option because gold works as a perfect accent to most colors. Keep in mind that it can clash with some color schemes, so it’s wise to set a plan before diving in and purchasing a gold bed frame. 

What looks great in your mind may translate awkwardly in person, so having a plan can go a long way before you purchase a gold bed frame. 

Design Tips for Matching a Gold Bed Frame 

With color schemes and decorations to consider while purchasing a bed frame, there are design tips that can help you make the right decisions that give you the room of your dreams. 

Use Gold as an Accent Color

Gold bed frames are beautiful, but most of them can easily hide in a room full of colors and decorations. Adding additional gold items, like gold photo frames and golden shelves, will not only make the room more cohesive but bring the gold bed frame to the forefront of the space. 

If gold is a color you don’t want to overuse, using it as an accent is the best route to take when designing your bedroom.

Stick to One Gold Color

Gold bed frames generally leave room for the theme you wish to choose for your room. Choosing a gold bed frame that matches the other gold accents you wish to add is important. 

Pairing a bright gold with rose gold, or rose gold with brass gold will clash and ruin any cohesiveness your room could have had. Sticking to one color is the best way to keep your bedroom decorations as one.

Never Pair Gold With Neon

Gold and neon colors do not pair well. Neon rooms are not common, but if you or someone you’re decorating a room for loves those bright pops of color, a gold bed frame will only clash and make the neon look poor. 

Gold Bedroom Theme

If you love the color gold and wish to make gold your bedroom’s theme, not just an accent, the best way to do this is by utilizing other golden furniture. 

Incorporating lamps, curtains, pillows, and other objects with the same gold color will work. Matching the lighting and choosing golden fabrics, but including a different accent color to keep the gold from overpowering the room makes a huge difference, too.

If you make everything gold, the color will wash out and be underwhelming. By choosing a different accent, like a deep red or green, or even black, your gold will still pop and remain the biggest eye-catcher in your bedroom. 

Your golden bed frame will be a foundational piece for your golden room masterpiece.  

What Decor Styles Go Well With a Gold Bed Frame? 

Going off of our last design tip, there are plenty of decor styles that work cohesively with a gold bed frame. Whether gold is the accent or the main attraction, several different decor styles make it work in your bedroom.

Green, Red, and Gold 

Deep red and greens offer a very classy and warm feeling to a gold bed frame, although it can come off as a Christmas theme depending on the materials and items you choose. Using them as an accent as opposed to the main color will save it from feeling too festive.

Black and Gold

Black with gold is an even more elegant decor style that leaves behind the Christmas feel. It’s a strong style that will make you feel fancy and leave others wishing they had a similar color scheme.

Blue and Gold

Blue is another perfect color combination paired with gold. Blue is a rich color that, whether it’s a light or dark shade, compliments gold accents incredibly well. With baby blue, gold is a great accent that stands out, but with navy or deep blue, gold competes for the spotlight. 

It’s a pairing that looks good however you use the colors together. 

Warm Neutrals 

Pairing a gold bed frame with other golden accents and the main color scheme of deep-tone neutrals works beautifully in making your bedroom feel cozy. Olive green is a stunning color on its own, but when paired with gold, it makes for a beautiful decor style. 

The richness of deep green, paired with the bright, yellow-ish gold is a stunning duo. This is a very elegant decor type that leaves you feeling as rich as the colors. 


Choosing to purchase a gold bed frame is a great decision. Gold accents and themes work with all kinds of color combinations and make a room feel classic, cozy, and rich with colors. 

It’s wise to consider style, budget, and the pros and cons of having a gold bed frame, but once you’ve gone through the list, a gold bed frame adds a lot of character to your room. 

Gold is versatile, and choosing a gold bed frame will bring life to your room when paired with the right decorations, colors, and everything else that makes a room feel like home.

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