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10 Modern Grey Bed Frames we LOVE: Interior Design Top Picks

Tim Sumerfield

Tim Sumerfield


Grey has become one of the most popular furniture colors in the industry. Not only is it modern and trendy but it goes with almost any color or decor style and gives a clean look to any room. In this post we have collected our top picks for the best grey bed frames on the market, with options from popular mattress and furniture brands, as well as top picks and trusted/quality options from Amazon. If you are looking for a gray bed frame for your home, this post is a great place to browse. 

What do we consider when choosing a "grey bed frame"?

For us to recommend a grey bed frame on this list it must meet certain criteria. All of the products we recommend are quality products with positive reviews and a nice aesthetic. When it comes to bed frames we choose sturdy frames that hold up to use for years to come without squeaking and shaking. 

Standard bed frames vs platform beds

Not all bed frames are the same. The 2 major options are standard bed sets with a box spring or a platform bed. 

OPTION 1 (Standard Bed): You can have standard metal bed frame that sits 7.5″ off the ground and is utilized with a box spring or (foundations). The mattress then sits on top of the box spring. A standard box spring is 9″ tall but can also be ordered in thinner profiles or you can choose to purchase separate bed slats. If you are looking for a low sitting bed your best option for this route would be to purchase a standard bed frame and put bed slats on top. Although, this does not provide the beauty of a designer bed set. 

OPTION 2 (Platform Bed): Platform beds have become very popular over recent years. They utilize bed slats that are build into the bed frame so that you can simply put your mattress on top without a box spring. This makes your mattress sit lower and gives a modern and designer friendly appeal. If you are looking to achieve a low profile bed setup then a platform bed is likely your best option. 

The different types of grey bed frames

There are a variety of different styles and features when it comes to choosing a bed frame. Each has its own benefits to suit the needs of certain bedrooms, styles and sleep requirements. 

  • Upholstered frame – A grey bed frame with an upholstered headboard is an elegant and cozy style of bed frame. The headboard of an upholstered bed is soft and great for sitting up and reading in bed as well as giving and elegant, yet homey feel to any bedroom. 
  • Platform bed – we have a variety of grey platform beds on this list. A platform bed comes with built in slats for support and does not require a box spring to be used. 
  •  Standard bed frame – A standard bed frame is not a platform bed and does not include bed slats or a platform. When purchasing a standard style bed frame you must also purchase a box spring or bed slats for proper mattress support

Things to consider before purchasing your grey bed frame

Before purchasing your bed frame there are a few features and and options to consider 

  • Price – As with any product, a higher price point generally means a higher quality product. We have included a mix of qualities and prices in this list. While all have great reviews, the higher priced items use superior materials and will generally hold up longer. 
  • Fabric vs metal – Fabric beds give a soft inviting and homey feel while a metal frame is modern and minimalist
  • Platform vs standard bed – As mentioned above it is important to decide if you need a platform or standard bed frame. If you choose a standard bed you will need to purchase a box spring or bed slats for proper support. 

10 Beautiful Grey Bed Frames


What Customers love: Very sturdy, noise free design. Affordably priced for the quality.

From $899

The Puffy grey upholstered bed frame is one of the most popular grey bed frames on the market. The combination of the luxurious style with the sturdy, noise free build and the competitive price point, make this a great all around bed frame for any style and any bedroom. The inset platform acts as a border for your mattress to provide the ultimate support and minimizes and squeaking or movement. The use of bed slats built into this frame makes it a platform bed which means you do not need to purchase a box spring, bunkie board or bed slats separately, saving you money and the hassle of needing to purchase another item. If you are looking for a quality gray bed frame that will last for years to come then this is a great option. 

What Customers love: Amazing value. Solid hardwood bed frame. Easy assembly. Supports 900+lbs.

From $500

The platform bed by Eluxury is a high quality sturdy frame for a great price. This bed frame comes in a variety of stains/finishes including a gray stain and is easy to assemble. The use of bed slats within the frame means you do not need to purchase a box spring or bed slats separately. This bed frame is a great minimalist style frame with headboard brackets to attach any standard headboard. 


What Customers love: Great value. High end luxurious bed frames at non-luxury prices.

From $795

Saatva prides themselves on high end luxury sleep products, and their bed frames are no different. From the Amalfi bed frame with the oversized headboard to the simple platform bed, there is an option for all styles. Each bed frame comes in 3 fabric options, including a graphite grey. This is a great bed frame for a luxurious touch to any bedroom without breaking the bank. 


What Customers love: Simple design. Easy assembly. Affordably priced.

PRICE: From $186

A simple grey box spring with legs that makes for a beautiful, simple and affordable bed frame. Simply put your mattress directly on this frame and it provides all the support you need. With a price point starting below $200 this is one of the most affordable all in one platform beds you will find on the market. The heather grey fabric also makes it a great addition to any bedroom or decor style you choose. 


What Customers love: Highly reviewed. Affordably priced

The Shalini bed frame is a simple and affordable bed frame made by Zinus. This bed includes a build in platform with slats and does not require a box spring. It also includes a modern grey upholstered headboard. If you are looking for a great all around bed frame with a grey finish and entry level price point then this bed is a great option. 


What Customers love: Great price for the quality

The Zinus Justina offers an all in one classic bed design. The legs coupled with the box spring style platform will give your mattress a minimalist look, almost as if they are floating above the ground. This bed is affordable and ships quickly. It may not hold up as long as the high end beds on this list but it is a great option for an entry level budget friendly bed. 


What Customers love: Luxury nailed headboard with tufted buttons. Affordable price point.

PRICE: From $629

This gray bed frame is a classic tufted headboard design with a nailed pounded outline. The low price point ad high quality construction makes this bed a great value. It is important to note that this bed does not come with a built in platform so it needs to be used bed slats or a box spring. 


What Customers love: Low modern look. Soft cozy feel. Available in a variety of high end fabrics.

From $2899

The Tufty Time bed is sure to turn heads. This low sitting soft bed is unlike anything in the industry. Its tufted headboard is cozy and warm and the perfect place for snuggling up and reading a book or watching a show. This bed is available in a variety of finishes and fabric options. 


What Customers love: Elegant minimal design. Low platform setting. Multiple finishes.

From $290

The Minimo is exactly as its name suggests. A low sitting minimal bed frame. This bed frame will fit into any space and is elegant looking without being flashy. The Minimo is also one of the most affordable beds on this list. This frame is available in a variety of different finishes and is a sturdy well made option. 


What Customers love: Raving Amazon reviews. Cozy tufted, winged headboard.

The Dori frame by Zinus combines a classic platform bed with a cozy inset headboard. This headboard is great for sitting up and reading in bed or for keeping you feeling cozy while you sleep. The frame comes standard in a modern heather grey fabric that goes well with the vast majority of decor styles. It also helps that this bed has one of the highest review ratings of any bed frame on Amazon. 

Getting rid of your old bed set

If you are purchasing a new bed frame, chances are you will need to get rid of your old one. Most online companies will now take away your old items when your bed set is delivered. Luckily, we provide mattress and bes set removal and recycling services. A Bedder World has recycled over 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside by 8am and POOF we will come by and take them away. 

Overall, there are a lot of low profile bed frames available on the market today. You will want to look at the price range and how long you need your bed to last. As with anything you get what you pay for. Many of the more expensive bed sets are going to last for years and years while some of the cheaper sets are probably best for a few years. All the recommendations on this page are through companies we personally trust and that have a long standing reputation in the industry.