King Size Bed Frame with Headboard

King Size Bed Frame with Headboard

Liz Dorian

Liz Dorian

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In this post we have listed our favorite king size bed frames that come standard with a headboard. These beds are not only each uniquely beautiful and well crafted, they are also all made with quality products that will last for years to come. This list has a variety of different styles and price points to meet any customers needs. If you are specifically looking for a king size bed frame with a headboard then you have come to the right place. Our team at A Bedder World has torn apart and recycled hundreds of thousands of sleep products and we know which products are made with quality materials to last and which break down and are disposed of within the first few years. 

Features to look for when purchasing a king bed frame with a headboard

The type and size of bed frame you choose will contribute to how you go about making your bed frame buying decision. A king size bed frame must have proper center supports to prevent the mattress from breaking down while a bed frame with a headboard must have sturdy connection points in order to minimize shaking and rattling of the bed. Below are some features to look for when purchasing a king bed frame with a headboard. 

  • Quality Material – Solid thick wood or steel frames are ideal. You can tell pretty quickly by looking at a bed frame if it is well made or not. Frames from Ikea or Walmart look much different than those you find at a higher end furniture store. 
  • Proper center support- A king size bed frame MUST have a sturdy center support that touches the ground. A king bed with no center support will cause the mattress to sag and will concave, sending both sleepers rolling into the middle of the bed.  
  • Sturdy bed slats or box spring – A platform bed utilizes bed slats, while a standard bed frame utilizes a box spring for support. Be sure that the slats or box springs that you couple with your bed are in good condition with not cracks or warping. 

9 King Size Bed Frames with Headboards


What Customers love: Heavy duty solid wood frame. All natural materials. No tools required.

King Price: $2655

Avocado prides themselves on providing customers with high end organic and natural sleeping products. Their bed frames are built with solid pieces of reclaimed wood and don’t require any tools for assembly. The price for this bed is high but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. This bed frame is built to last and will be one you could hand down to your grandchildren. The benefit of purchasing a bed frame like this is that it is built with quality sturdy materials that won’t break down or loosen over time. The bed comes with no screws or nails. You simply fit the pieces together and poof you have a high end sturdy bed frame that will last for years and it easy to disassemble and reassemble should you need to move it. If you have the budget for it we highly recommend the Avocado bed as one of our favorite sturdy bed frames on the market. 


What Customers love: Simple classy design. Affordably priced.

King $229

Get inspired to introduce fresh ideas into a sleepy space. The Novogratz bushwick metal bed has a simple design that will perfectly complement your room. With round finials featured on the headboard and footboard posts, its style and color can be easily combined with bold colors and accessories to brighten up the room. Complete with metal slats, side rails and center legs, this bed provides Full support and comfort to the body and mattress. For convenience, this bed has two base heights – 6″ or 11″ clearance, so now you can use the under-bed space to store things away. 


What Customers love: Solid sturdy headboard that doesn't budge.

PRICE: King $1795

The Amalfi bed has world class construction at an affordable price point. The side rails are built with solid hardwood and are reinforced at the joints for extra stability. The tall headboard braces against the wall and will not move. You will not find this bed swaying or banging like you do with a typical bed/headboard set. Saatva prides themselves on providing luxurious products at affordable price points and the Amalfi is proof of that. You will not find a luxury bed set like this at a better price. Available in 3 different fabric finishes. 


What Customers love: Minimalist design. Simply snaps together. No hardware.

From $1190

The Floyd bed frame and matching headboard are a simple and stylish addition to any bedroom. The bed is available in a variety of different finishes and also has matching bedroom furniture available as well. This bed appears as if it is floating above the ground and gives of a minimalist appearance. The sturdy simple structure and lack of hardware make it a breeze to assemble and disassemble for moving. 


What Customers love: Solid steel frame and steel slats for heavy duty support. Affordable price.

PRICE: From $1,299

The Scoresby bed frame is a simple platform bed that combines traditional and modern aesthetic to give any room a modern yet comforting appearance. The cushioned headboard is perfect for leaning against to read a book or watch a show in bed. Available in a variety of different fabric finishes this bed can match any room and any style it is surrounded by. It also has sturdy slats that replace the need for a box spring. The king size price point of $1,200 is right on point with most quality bed frames you will find on the market. 


What Customers love: Rustic design. Low to the ground. Made with solid acacia wood.

PRICE: From $199

Natural woodgrain and strong handsome steel take center stage with the exquisite Brock Metal and Wood Platform Bed. Artfully crafted with 100% solid acacia wood, each piece features its own unique distinctive knots and patterns. This design makes a statement with clean lines and a striking slatted headboard with metal and brass-finished hardware. In addition to its sophisticated modern-industrial look the Brock is the ultimate in strength and durability. Skillfully constructed completely from solid wood dependable steel and plywood slats, for unparalleled mattress support. This low-profile piece is built to last and promises to pull together your bedroom beautifully.


What Customers love: Designed to be quiet. Soft cushioning design cradles the mattress to prevent and movement.

Puffy has won a variety of awards for their sleep products. Their bed frame is a solidly constructed platform bed that cradles your mattress a few inches down to prevents any movement, rocking or noise. 


What Customers love: Soft cozy design.

King $2955

The Husk bed combines a sturdy platform bed with a cozy welcoming headboard. The Soft tufted fabric with the rounded edges closes you in making you feel protected. This bed is sure to make a statement in your room and is unlike any other bed frame on the market. 


What Customers love: A sturdy wood frame made of solid maple.

PRICE: King $2965

The Palder Bed has a reclining headboard supported by an solid wood frame. Your bedroom will be enhanced with modern frame and a base that appears to float off the floor. The open spacing of the headboard gives the overall appearance one of being light and open. The modern bed has a sturdy but lightweight frame that gives it a unique, timeless look, and the sleek design will give you a satisfying night’s sleep. Medley offers multiple options for size and wood finishes. 

How to get rid of an old bed frame?

If you are purchasing a king bed frame online, chances are you probably have an old one to get rid of. Unfortunately most of the online mattress retailers will not take your old bed away for you. Luckily we do just that! A Bedder World has mattress disposal and recycling services throughout the country. You can book a pick up online, put your items outside and let us take care of the rest!

Overall, finding a quality king size frame is simple but generally means purchasing a more expensive higher quality product. Any of the ikea or mosrt Amazon products are going to be cheaply made and will squeak and creak as they loosen and get older. Any of the bed frames listed above will be great for sexually active couples or heavier sleepers to enjoy. 

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