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Need an “Adjustable Metal Bed Frame”? We Tested Them All: Our Top Pick


What is an adjustable metal bed frame? How do you know if an adjustable metal bed frame is right for you? How do you find the correct metal bed frame for your lifestyle and sleep requirements? Why are there so many choices?

Purchasing the right metal bed frame is as important as choosing the right mattress. A durable and well build metal bed frames can last fifteen years or more and minimize shaking, squeaking and a saggy mattress. Because metal bed frames support the structure of your bed, providing the foundation for your rest, purchasing the right one is an investment in yourself. 

Our guide will answer any questions you may have when considering an adjustable metal bed frame purchase, providing a foundation for fulfilling your bed frame needs. 

What Is a Metal Adjustable Bed Frame? 

A bed frame is the metal base that supports your mattress. It lifts your bed off the floor and provides the structure for your bed. An adjustable version means one size frame is adjustable to fit various mattress sizes and can be used even as your mattress sizes and preferences change.

We have tested hundreds of metal bed frames and some are great, some are not. The Zinus metal frame below is highly reviewed and easily adjusts to any size mattress you need.


Best Adjustable Bed Frame
Metal Adjustable Bed Frame by ZINUS

If you are looking for a metal bed frame that is adjustable and able to fit a variety of different mattress sizes then this bed by ZINUS is a great option. It is highly reviewed and dependably made with solid steel construction, multiple legs and a center support beam that you can rely on for years to come. No need to buy a new frame when you upgrade your bed size; two universal sizes let you modify the frame (from Full to King or Twin to Queen) as your bed size changes. All tools and instructions are included for setup that takes under 30 minutes

What we love:
  • Easily adjustable to fit any size mattress
  • Simple set up
  • Durable
  • 7" clearance with room for storage underneath
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02/18/2024 02:03 pm GMT

What To Consider When Buying a Metal Adjustable Bed Frame

There are a few factors to consider when buying a metal adjustable bed frame: cost, weight capacity, size, headboard compatibility, ease of assembly, clearance, and safety. 

Check the description and specs carefully to ensure you’re buying the bed frame you need. 


Metal adjustable bed frames are relatively simple and do not take as much material to make as other types of bed frames. Metal adjustable bed frames are a smart choice for those looking for a more affordable bed frame. 

Avoid buying the first cheap bed frame you see. Ensure it is worth purchasing and meets your needs. 

Weight Capacity

Some metal bed frames are rated to hold more weight than others. Ensure you know how much weight your bed will need to comfortably and safely support. Find a frame with a capacity that exceeds that. 

Making sure your bed frame doesn’t bear more weight than it’s rated to is crucial to its longevity and safety. 


Some metal adjustable bed frames will adjust from a twin to a California king. Other models have smaller ranges of possible adjustment. 

If adjustability is a deciding factor for you, make sure the frame you purchase can fit any size mattress you might want to put on it. 

Headboard and Footboard Compatibility

If you are concerned about whether you can use your headboard or footboard with an adjustable metal bed frame, the good news is that you can. 

With tools and some handiwork, most headboards and footboards can attach to any frame. Metal bed frames often come with hardware to secure your headboard more easily. The hardware to attach your headboard can also be purchased separately.

Ease of Assembly and Adjusting

The easy assembly is one of the biggest perks of an adjustable metal bed frame. Usually, they can be built by one person in under half an hour.  

Whether you are considering the purchase of an adjustable metal bed frame because you want a bed frame that will grow with your child or because you move house frequently, a metal bed frame that can adjust to your needs is a great choice. 

To ensure ease of assembly, disassembly, and adjusting, check the description of the bedframe, read reviews, and ask questions of the manufacturer or retailer. 


Adjustable metal bed frames are around seven inches tall, allowing enough space for under-bed storage. The height of the bed frame ensures that getting in and out of bed will be easy and comfortable. 

It also ensures that even with a box spring and a mattress, getting in and out of the bed will be easy and comfortable. 


When searching for a metal adjustable bed frame, you might come across some myths about metal bed frames being unsafe. Metal bed frames are safe. No studies or findings substantiate any dangers from electromagnetic radiation or other health risks. 

Like any other type of bed frame, the primary safety concern is the quality of the construction. Metal beds are no more dangerous than any other. 

How Does a Metal Adjustable Bed Frame Work?

Adjustable metal bed frames are adjustable to fit different-sized mattresses. There are a few ways different models and brands accomplish this.

Some adjustable metal beds have slots along the sides of the frame so that you can put the bolts in the appropriate holes to accommodate your mattress. Other metal frames use clamps to tighten your bed frame to the correct size. Some adjustable metal frames slide and click into place to fit the appropriate size. 

The mattress is then placed on top of the frame, supported by a box spring or bed slats. 

Are All Metal Bed Frames the Same?

All metal bed frames are not the same. When purchasing a metal bed frame know the differences and what you can expect from your bed frame. 

Metal bed frames come in different types. Not all are adjustable for different mattress sizes. Not all metal bed frames are adjustable metal bed frames. The language used to describe bed frames can be confusing. 

Metal bed frames can also be constructed from different types of metal and have structure variations that affect the weight limit and ease of assembly. 

Standard Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

A standard adjustable metal bed frame is a frame of metal rails. The frame can adjust to fit different size mattresses. Even with a supporting bar across the middle, standard adjustable metal bed frames require a box spring.

Metal Platform Bed Frame

Metal platform bed frames consist of a platform of metal bars. Because the metal bars fill the frame, a metal platform bed frame offers enough structure and support for a mattress on its own, not requiring a box spring. Platform metal bed frames do not adjust to fit different mattress sizes. 

Many metal platform bed frames can be folded for easy moving and storage.

Metal Bed Frame with Head Board and Foot Board 

Metal bed frames often come with headboards and footboards. Headboards and footboards are attractive and make a design statement in your bedroom. There are also metal four poster or canopy bed frames. 

These bed frames are more expensive and heavier than metal adjustable bed frames. They cannot be adjusted to fit different mattress sizes. Depending on the bed frame, they may or may not require a box spring. 

Metal Adjustable Bases

While searching for metal adjustable bed frames, you may come across adjustable metal bases. They sound similar but have completely different functions. Standard adjustable metal bed frames are adjustable to fit different-sized beds, while metal adjustable bases are not. 

Metal adjustable bases allow you to adjust the incline of the bed. Some bases only control the head of the bed, while others also control the foot of the bed. Most metal adjustable beds come with remotes to wirelessly control the inclines. 

Metal adjustable bases can be great for people who need to have their legs elevated, those who like to read in bed, or those who struggle with conditions such as sleep apnea and acid reflux. 

You cannot use every mattress with an adjustable metal base. In particular, innerspring mattresses are not flexible enough to work with an adjustable metal base. 


Most metal adjustable bed frames are steel. Steel is light, strong, durable, and affordable. 

Other Materials

Bed frames can also be aluminum, iron, or brass. Each metal comes with a unique look. These frames tend not to be painted over as often as steel. Iron and brass bed frames can be heavier and more expensive. They also do not tend to be adjustable. 

How Do You Assemble a Metal Adjustable Bed Frame?

Assembling a metal adjustable bed frame is quick and easy. Adjustable metal bed frames are easy enough to be put together by a single person in less than thirty minutes. 

Metal adjustable bedframes either come with the tools they require, such as an Allen wrench, or rely on hand screw-in bolts, not requiring tools at all. 

The assembly of an adjustable metal bed frame depends on the particulars of that specific bed frame model. Instructions are usually easy to follow and include pictures. Adjustable metal bed frames can be held together by bolts, clamps, or click in place. 

After taking the frame and any tools, screws, or bolts from the box, you will line up the bed frame and attach it either with bolts, clamps, or by clicking it into place. If there are no bolts or guides on the frame specifying where to secure it for size, you may want to have the box spring next to you to use as a reference. 

Can Any Bed Go on a Standard Metal Bed Frame?

Unlike an adjustable base which requires a specific amount of range of motion from a mattress, any bed can go on a standard metal bed frame. 

With a standard metal bed frame, you have the freedom to choose the right type of mattress for you. Whether you prefer innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, or even an air mattress for a guest bed, a standard metal bed frame will work with them all. 

Does a Metal Bed Frame Require a Box Spring?

Adjustable metal bed frames typically only include a center bar for support. A center support bar alone isn’t enough to handle the weight and provide the structure to hold a mattress securely. A metal adjustable bed frame requires a box spring or some edge-to-edge support. 

If you don’t want to purchase a box spring, or would like a bed with a lower sitting mattress, consider outfitting your adjustable metal frame with slats or a sheet of plywood.  

Can You Use Bed Slats With a Metal Bed Frame?

You can use bed slats with a metal bed frame to turn your bed frame into a platform bed if you’d rather not have a box spring. When fitted with slats, a metal bed frame will safely support the weight of the mattress and will no longer require a box spring. 

If you later want to switch to a different mattress size, you’ll have to take out any screws holding the bed slats in place to adjust the frame. You will also need to purchase or make new slats appropriate for the new mattress size. 

Whether you choose a box spring or bed slats, when it comes time to change the size of your bed frame, you’ll have to purchase a new box spring or bed slats to fit the new mattress. 

The Benefits of an Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Metal adjustable bed frames are an excellent choice when shopping for a new bed. They are:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to keep and store if not using
  • Easy to move 
  • Able to fit any mattress
  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Able to accommodate a headboard 

Purchasing an Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Purchasing a bed frame is not a decision to take lightly. Metal adjustable bed frames are an excellent option. Adjustable metal bed frames can last around fifteen years. They can be moved easily and grow with your family’s needs, giving you years of comfort and rest.

However, there are many things to keep in mind while shopping for an adjustable metal bed frame: adjustability, the weight of the bed, weight capacity of bed, ease of assembly and disassembly, cost, bed height, and visual appeal.

Consider what you want and need from a bed frame. Research bedframes you are considering purchasing. Before purchasing see if your chosen bed frame comes with any warranties or satisfaction guarantees in case it breaks or is not the right frame for you. 

With a little knowledge, and research you’re sure to find the metal adjustable bed frame perfect for you.

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