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7 Best “Husband Pillows” for Sitting, Reading & Lounging in Comfort


The ultimate online buyer’s guide to husband pillows.

Do you read at night? Do you often find it hard to get situated in the perfect position? Well there is a solution to your problem, it is called the Husband Pillow.

These pillows were specifically created to support your back and arms while reading or lounging in bed. Today dozens of companies have popped up with their versions of the “husband reading pillow”.

We have put together our top picks on the market to make your shopping experience just a little bit easier.  In order to choose the top picks we took into account real customer reviews, company reputation, materials, warranties, shipping, etc… If you are in the market for a husband pillow you have come to the right place to find out which one is right for you. 

What is a Husband Pillow?

A husband pillow is essentially a pillow that you lean up against while reading, watching tv, etc… It is designed to support your arms neck and back as if you were being held from behind by another person (hence the name husband pillow). A design includes a neck pillow back rest and two arm rests for the ultimate in support and posture control. Although a simple reading pillow may seem straight forward enough, there are actually quite few variations that you can choose between depending on your unique needs.

Why Buy a Husband Pillow?

The Husband pillow became popular for customers looking for a supportive pillow to use while reading in bed. Since then the use of the husband pillow has expanded into a tv watching pillow, pillows for kids, a floor pillow and many more uses. Besides its funny name the husband pillow really does provide the ultimate in support and posture control for its customers. 

Different Uses for a Husband Pillow

ActivityBenefits of Using a Husband Pillow
ReadingNeck and back support, reducing strain and discomfort
Watching TVComfortable seating position, reducing muscle fatigue
Using a Laptop or TabletProvides support to maintain proper posture and reduce strain
Recovering from SurgerySupports the body in a comfortable position for healing
Pregnancy and NursingOffers support and comfort during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The 7 Best Husband Pillow Options

1. The Original “Husband Pillow” – By Husband Pillow

Best Seller – Editor’s Pick


WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: Adjustable comfort, multiple colors and supportive feel.

If you are searching for a husband pillow, you are doing so because the Husband Pillow company has coined the name. These are the originators of the husband pillow. They only do one thing and they do it very well. That is make a super comfortable husband pillow. This pillow is our top pick if you are looking for the ultimate all-around husband pillow. The husband pillow comes with a zipper on the cover so you can adjust the amount of filling you want to have inside. This allows for a softer or firmer feel depending on your preferences. It also has an overstuffed headrest that gives great neck support for reading, watching tv or relaxing. The Husband pillow arms angle slightly outward to give you room for multiple sitting positions, while also rocking side pockets that you can put your reading glasses, phone or snacks in. The Husband Pillow company is so confident in the quality of their pillow that they offer a 100 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the pillow for any reason, along with a 3 year warranty. Available in 24 different colors this pillow is perfect for any style or any room and is a great option for the casual night time bed reader or for a floor pillow. 


  • Adjustable filling to allow for a softer or firmer feel 
  • Large neck support for a comfortable posture while reading or sitting. 
  • Arms with pockets for holding cell phone, glasses, etc.. 
  • Built in carrying handle to easily take with you on the go. 
  • Multiple colors available plus additional covers
  • 3 Year Warranty

2. Husband Pillow Warming Backrest Massager – By Sharper Image



Sharper Image has stacked this husband pillow with everything you could want while reading in bed. From soothing vibrations to an LED reading light and heating elements this pillow will make all other pillows feel inferior when it comes to technology. The right arm rest has a small control panel where you can run all the elements of the pillow. It also features quality supportive and sturdy foam for even the heaviest of users. 


  • Built in 2-speed massager
  • Heated backrest
  • LED reading light
  • Sturdy supportive foam
  • Pockets to hold phone, glasses, books etc…
  • Built in control panel in armrest

3. Reading Pillow With Shredded Memory Foam – By Milliard



WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: The affordable price point and the removable/washable cover.

The Milliard reading pillow is perfect if you are looking for a reading or lounging pillow at an affordable price. The Milliard husband style pillow comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large). The pillow will arrive vacuum packed in a small package and is very easy to ship and handle. The pillow also provides an adjustable comfort system where you can remove or add stuffing to make it softer or firmer depending on your personal preferences. This husband pillow has over 1,000 5-star reviews and customers love the fact that they can get a husband pillow for a great price. The fact that the pillow comes in multiple sizes also makes it perfect for customers of any size from kids to adults. 

Selling Features:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Affordable price range
  • Adjustable comfort levels
  • Carrying handle
  • Removable machine washable cover
  • 1000+ 5-star reviews
  • Free 2-day shipping and returns with amazon prime account. 

4. Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System with Bamboo Cover – by Avana



WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: Reclined sitting position that supports lower back and legs. Supportive foam with neck pillow.

The Avana orthopedic support pillow isn’t technically a husband pillow but it does function in the same way as a pillow that customers will utilize while reading or watching tv in bed. This Avana pillow is different in that it comes in 4 pieces and not only supports your head and back but supports your legs as well. If you have any sort of lower back pain or hip pain this pillow is perfect for you. It puts your body in a position that is optimal for decompression and relief. 

Selling Features:

  • #1 pillow system for pain relief
  • 4-pieces for ultimate orthopedic relief. Supports entire body. 
  • Removable bamboo cover
  • 4 colors available
  • Free 2 day shipping and returns with an Amazon Prime account

5. Cotton Linen Filled Adjustable Triangular Wedge Pillow – by Roner



WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: The lumbar support pillow and variety of modern fabric options.

This pillow by Roner does not have the traditional armrests as found in most husband pillows, however, it does feature an adjustable lumbar support pillow for lower back pain relief. It also has a side pocket to fit your cell phone or reading glasses. If you read in bed but find your back aching while doing so, then this pillow could offer you some much needed lower back pain relief. It is also available in multiple sizes and colors to meet customers of all sizes and decor tastes. 

Selling Features:

  • Lumbar support pillow for lower back pain relief
  • Multiple colors available
  • 2 sizes available
  • Modern cotton fabric blend

6. Bedrest with back pocket by Lunarable



WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: The large variety of fun fabric designs and options

This husband pillow is the ultimate pillow for kids. It comes in dozens of kid friendly cover designs that are easily removable and washable. It also is available in 2 sizes to fit kids of all ages. This pillow is great for kids to read in, watch tv in or just use as a comfortable sitting spot. 

Selling Features:

  • Removable/washable cover
  • Kid friendly cover designs
  • Back support and arm rests for comfortable seating position
  • 2 available sizes

7. Cotton Linen Filled Adjustable Triangular Wedge Pillow – by WOWMAX



WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: Fits multiple people. Modern fabric options.

This triangular pillow by WOWMAX is perfect for someone looking for a husband pillow for 2 people. If you and your significant other like to read or watch TV together in bed then this pillow is a perfect one stop shop for keeping you both supported. Its modern triangular shape and tufted body makes it look nice in your bedroom. This pillow is available in multiple sizes to fit all kinds of beds from twin to king. 

Selling Features: 

  • Accommodates multiple people
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Modern design
  • Pockets to fit phone, controller, glasses etc….

What to Consider When Buying a Husband Pillow

  1. Support and Comfort: The primary purpose of a husband pillow is to provide adequate support for your back, neck, and arms. Look for a pillow with a firm, supportive filling, such as memory foam, shredded foam, or polyester fiber.
  2. Size and Shape: Husband pillows come in various sizes and shapes. Choose one that fits your body size and offers ample support for your preferred activities.
  3. Cover Material and Removability: A removable and washable cover is essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Consider a cover made from breathable, soft, and durable materials like cotton, microfiber, or faux suede.
  4. Armrests and Pockets: Some husband pillows feature built-in armrests and pockets for added comfort and convenience. Pockets can hold items like books, remote controls, or mobile devices.
  5. Price: Husband pillows are available at various price points. Determine your budget and select a pillow that offers the best value for money while meeting your specific needs.

Alternatives to Husband Pillows

  1. Wedge Pillow: A wedge pillow is a triangular-shaped cushion that provides a gentle incline for back support. It can be used for reading, watching TV, or sleeping with elevated head support.
  2. Adjustable Bed: An adjustable bed allows you to change the angle of the mattress to achieve a comfortable sitting position. This can be a more expensive option but provides versatile support for various activities.
  3. Body Pillow: A body pillow is a long, narrow pillow that can be used to support your back while sitting up in bed. While it doesn’t offer the same level of neck or arm support as a husband pillow, it can still provide some comfort.

Pros and Cons of a Husband Pillow


  1. Provides excellent support for the back, neck, and arms.
  2. Enhances comfort while sitting up in bed.
  3. Ideal for various activities like reading, watching TV, or working on a laptop.
  4. Available in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials.


  1. Can be bulky and challenging to store when not in use.
  2. May not be suitable for every bed size or type.
  3. Some people may find it uncomfortable or too firm.

FAQs about Husband Pillows:

Q: What is a husband pillow?

A: A husband pillow, also known as a backrest pillow or reading pillow, is a large, supportive cushion designed to provide comfort and support while sitting up in bed. It typically has a high back and armrests, making it ideal for activities like reading, watching TV, or using a laptop.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my husband pillow?

  • A: To clean and maintain your husband pillow, follow these steps:
    • If the pillow has a removable cover, remove it and follow the care instructions on the label, usually machine washing in cold water and air drying.
    • Spot clean the pillow itself with a damp cloth and mild detergent if necessary, then air dry.
    • Regularly fluff the pillow to maintain its shape and even distribution of filling.

Q: Can I use a husband pillow for sleeping?

A: While husband pillows are primarily designed for sitting up in bed, some people may find them comfortable for sleeping, particularly those who require elevated head support due to health conditions or post-surgery recovery. However, they may not provide the same level of support as traditional pillows for side or stomach sleepers.

Q: Are husband pillows suitable for all bed sizes and types?

A: Husband pillows can be used on most bed sizes and types. However, they may not be suitable for every situation, as they can be bulky and may take up a significant amount of space on smaller beds or mattresses with limited edge support.

Q: What materials are commonly used for husband pillow filling?

A: Husband pillows can be filled with various materials, including memory foam, shredded foam, and polyester fiber. Each material has its own unique properties in terms of support, comfort, and durability. Memory foam and shredded foam tend to offer more contouring support, while polyester fiber is typically more lightweight and breathable.

Q: Can I use a husband pillow if I have back or neck pain?

A: A husband pillow can provide support and help maintain proper posture while sitting up in bed, which may be beneficial for people with back or neck pain. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using a husband pillow to address pain or discomfort, as they can recommend appropriate support and treatment options based on your specific needs.


When shopping for a husband pillow, it’s essential to consider factors like support, comfort, size, cover material, and additional features. While there are alternative options like wedge pillows or adjustable beds, a husband pillow is a versatile and cost-effective choice for enhancing comfort while sitting up in bed. Weigh the pros and cons and assess your specific needs to find the perfect husband pillow for you.

As shown above, there are a variety of husband pillows and similar substitutes on the market. Simply decide what features will suit you best and we believe any of these pillows will be a great purchase for you. 

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