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How To Get Rid Of A Mattress In Fort Worth TX (5 Local Options)

How To Get Rid Of A Mattress In Fort Worth TX (5 Local Options)


Getting rid of an old mattress is getting to be harder and harder as landfills and donation centers across Texas are placing more strict rules on mattresses. Many do not accept mattresses at all.

If you live in Fort Worth and are looking to get rid of an old mattress we have compiled a list of 5 great options that residents can take advantage of. From curbside mattress recycling pick ups to drop off and donation options.

Option #1: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling (Fort Worth) – Curbside Pickup


You can easily book and pay online for a mattress pick up and recycle service from A Bedder World. The recycling services are offered 7 days a week and the drivers offer pick ups in a 50+ mile radius around Fort Worth.

Simply book online, and leave your mattress outside your home by 8am. Dallas is one of the main areas of service and pick ups can be booked as soon as the next day.

Accepted Items

  • Mattresses
  • Box Springs
  • Frames
  • Futons
  • Toppers
  • Pillows
  • Bedding


8 am to 6 pm – Monday to Sunday

Book Online –

Phone: 720-263-6094

Option #2: Donate it


If your mattress is in good condition (less than 5 years old, no rips, no stains, no bed bugs) you can try to donate it at one of the many local donation centers in Fort Worth. Mattresses are expensive and there are many people who can benefit from a used mattress rather than having to spend hundreds or thousands on a new one. Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Fort Worth Salvation Army

UPDATED NOTE: Many of the donation centers we contacted in Fort Worth are no longer accepting mattresses. The ones that do accept mattresses only do so when in great condition (we recommend calling first)

Option #3: Government Run Drop Off Stations

To use the facility, you will need a recent water bill or current driver’s license which shows Fort Worth as your home address. 

While we always recommend recycling first if that is not an option you can take your mattress to a drop off location for disposal in the landfill.

The government has 4 drop-off stations in the city, all of which accept mattresses and box springs.

Unfortunately, you cannot use commercially labeled vehicles to pick up your mattress. Only single-axle trailers are allowed into the area.

If you don’t own a single-axle trailer, you can rent one from U-Haul, Lowe’s, or Home Depot.

The drop-off stations are open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, and 8m to 5 pm on Saturday. They are not open on Sundays.


Brennan Drop-off Station,

2400 Brennan Ave


Southeast Drop-off Station 

5150 Martin Luther King Freeway


Old Hemphill Road Drop-off Station 

6260 Old Hemphill Road


Hillshire Drop-off Station (North Service Center)

 301 Hillshire Dr,

Option #4: Sell or Giveaway on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace


There is a large market of people in Fort Worth who are looking to buy lightly used mattresses rather than buying a new one for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you mattress is in decent you may want to consider giving it away or selling it on Facebook or craigslist.

Just make sure you take nice photos and put any potential buyers mind at ease by specifying that the mattress does not have any rips, stains or bed bugs.

This is a great way to save or make some money and help someone out who can use the rest of whatever life your mattress has left in it.

Option #5 – DIY Mattress Recycling


If you wan to take matters into your own hands and be eco-friendly you can try recycling your mattress yourself.

Simply tear open your mattress and separate the foam and metal.

The metal can be dropped at a local scrap metal dealer where they will weigh it out and pay you some money for it.

The foam can be dropped at a carpet manufacturer who will shred it up and use it to make carpet padding.

We have a full post on how to recycle your mattress yourself if you are interested in this method.

Final Thoughts

Now you are fully informed on all the best options to use for mattress disposal in the Fort Worth area. We hope this article helped you to figure out a way to get rid of your old mattress responsibly.

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