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5 Best “Bassinet Mattresses” for Your Baby 2024: (Different Sizes & Styles)

Whether you are first-time parents or are looking for the perfect gift for your friends, a bassinet mattress is essential to ensuring babies get the sleep they deserve.

Although, it is important to remember that your baby may outgrow their bassinet in about 4 months. 

How To Choose A Bassinet Mattress

Bassinets offer a comfortable place for your baby to sleep soundly while you get some rest or catch up on some much-needed you time. 

Selecting the best bassinet mattress for your baby has never been easier. Below is a simple guide on everything you need to know about bassinets, bassinet mattresses, and what makes them so special. 

Let’s get into it! 

Top 5 Best Bassinet Mattresses

IMPORTANT: The best bassinet mattresses are those that provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive sleeping environment for your newborn. When choosing a bassinet mattress, prioritize safety, firmness, fit, and materials. While there are many bassinet mattresses available, the following are some highly-rated options to consider:

1. Mini Newton Baby Waterproof Bassinet Mattress


The Newton Baby Waterproof Bassinet Mattress is made from breathable and washable materials. The innovative design allows air to flow freely, reducing the risk of suffocation and overheating. It’s 100% recyclable and free from toxins and allergens.

2. Colgate Mattress Bassinet/Cradle Mattress


The Colgate Mattress Bassinet/Cradle Mattress is a high-quality option made from eco-friendly foam. It offers a firm and supportive sleeping surface, which is essential for newborns. The mattress comes with a waterproof, stain-resistant cover for easy cleaning.

3. Naturepedic Organic Oval Bassinet Mattress


The Naturepedic Organic Bassinet Mattress is made from organic cotton, which is free from harmful chemicals and allergens. This hypoallergenic mattress features a firm, supportive core made from food-grade polyethylene. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and provides a safe and comfortable sleeping surface.

4. The Bassinet Mattress Topper by Magik & Kover (19 sizes)


This Bassinet Mattress is made from medical-grade, high-density foam, offering a firm and supportive sleeping surface. The mattress is covered with a waterproof, antimicrobial fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. It’s also Greenguard Gold certified, ensuring it meets strict safety standards. Its also available in 19 different sizes to meet a vast majority of bassinet mattress sizes needs.

5. The Bassinet Mattress by Biloban Store


This bassinet mattress topper is a lightweight, portable option that fits most mini cribs and bassinets including the dream on me Karley & Willow bassinet. It features a high-density foam core for firm support and is covered with a waterproof, tear-resistant vinyl cover for easy cleaning.

Remember that safety should always be the top priority when choosing a bassinet mattress. Ensure that the mattress fits snugly within the bassinet, leaving no gaps or spaces where your baby could become trapped. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and care to ensure a safe sleeping environment for your little one.

What Is A Bassinet? 

Specifically designed for infants from birth to roughly four months old, a bassinet is a bed. They feature an oval form, mesh or cloth sides, and are typically made to be mobile.

The bed is raised to an adult’s waist level by the base of the bassinet. This taller structure has proven useful for many parents when putting their infant to sleep.

The bassinet is a preferable choice if you’ve had a C-section because you might not be able to lean over the side of the crib to place your baby down or pick them up.

There are many different color and style options for bassinets. Many even include hoods, storage space beneath the bed, and ruffled designs. Other features which have been added to bassinets over the years are:

  • Automatic rocking 
  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Music

Benefits Of A Bassinet 

Before you can even begin to think of bringing your baby home, there is so much work to be done. And making sure they have somewhere comfortable and sleep to rest their head. The bassinet comes with a range of benefits, including: 


Traditionally, bassinets were stationary furniture. Now, they have wheels on the feet making it easy to move them around. They are also lighter than cribs meaning new moms, who are often in some pain, can have their baby close wherever they are. 

You just have to remember the lock the wheels once the bassinet is situated. And to only move the bassinet when the baby is awake, no one wants to disturb a baby’s nap! 

Small Size 

One of the biggest reasons that bassinets are extremely popular during a baby’s first few months is their smaller size. 

Sharing a room with your infant is advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), but not the same sleeping surface. Up until your infant is at least six months old, they advise adhering to this regulation.

This suggestion means having an extra bed in your bedroom which can take up a lot of space. Bassinets are small and compact, giving your baby their own space while keeping them close throughout the night. 

How To Choose A Bassinet Mattress 

As you assemble your bassinet, you will quickly realize that there is no mattress for your baby to lie on. However, making sure the mattress you select is perfect can be tricky. 

Below are some tips to help you select the best bassinet mattress for your baby.

1. Your Baby’s Comfort 

One of the most important details about your bassinet mattress is the material it is made of. Your baby will not be afraid to tell you what materials it likes and dislikes. 

Some mattresses might make your baby’s skin itch, which is really irritating for the tiny one. And when that occurs, your baby won’t sleep well at night or during naps.

Additionally, check your baby’s mattress carefully to see if there is anything on it that might be irritating them if you discover that your kid is suddenly not sleeping as well after days or weeks of uninterrupted sleep.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to your baby’s comfort: 


Much like our own mattresses, when we move during the night they can make some strange noises. Your baby is going to be moving a lot during their first few months and if their mattress is making loud noises, they are not going to be getting much rest. 


Choose a mattress that supports your precious baby’s head and body growth and development so they can get the restful sleep they require to reach all of their developmental milestones. Your baby’s head and body are growing and developing continually. 

2. Safety First

With your newborn in your arms, the only thing you can think about is keeping your baby safe for the rest of their lives. And that begins when they sleep. When it comes to keeping your baby safe there are a few things to think about: 


The mattress in your baby’s bassinet should not be overly thick because this increases the risk of asphyxia. However, if it is too thin, your child won’t find it pleasant. For both safety and comfort, the ideal thickness is crucial.

The mattress in your baby’s bassinet shouldn’t be any thicker than 1.5 inches. Anything thicker can provide a risk.


Traditional bassinets are fashioned like an oval or rectangle and are roughly 30 to 33 inches long by 15 to 18 inches broad. However, some bassinets have unique measurements.

Ensure to pay extra attention to the size of the bassinet, your baby must have enough room to move while feeling snug and protected. 


Traditional bassinets are fashioned like an oval or rectangle and are roughly 30 to 33 inches long by 15 to 18 inches broad. However, some bassinets have unique measurements. 

The AAP recommends that the mattress for your newborn be both firm and comfortable. The risk of asphyxia is decreased by the solid surface. The mattress in your baby’s bassinet could be dangerously soft.

Check to see if your baby’s head makes an indentation in the bassinet mattress to determine how firm it is and whether it is safe or not. If your child leaves an indentation on the mattress after lying on it, the mattress might be overly soft.

How To Choose A Bassinet Mattress

3. Durability 

Like any piece of furniture, you want to select a bassinet mattress that is going to last the first four months of your baby’s life. If your mattress is deteriorating after a few uses, the materials are not high quality and will need to be replaced. 

For instance, a low-quality bassinet mattress will be easy to disassemble and may contain lumps or bumps. Your infant would not only be uncomfortable on this surface, but it would also be dangerous.

Your mattress should also be waterproof and come with a washable cover. We all know that babies are going to have accidents and you do not want to have to wash the entire mattress every time that happens. 

Make sure your baby is sleeping in an environment where mildew and mold can’t grow to keep them safe and protected!

4. Read The Label 

When checking the label of your bassinet mattress, you should be looking for a few things:


Off-gassing is a common process within a lot of products.  Once a product is opened, this process entails releasing chemicals into the air that may or may not have a strong aroma. The air was trapped by the packing, causing the chemicals to release.

Check the labels on your baby’s bassinet mattress for plastic and other dangerous materials to reduce off-gassing. And if you’re unsure of something, always look up the materials listed on the bassinet mattress.

Fire Resistant

Since 2007, all mattresses are required to contain a minimum of Fire Retardant Chemicals in order to be deemed safe for use. Your bassinet mattress should be deemed safe by The GREENGUARD Gold Programme to ensure it is safe for children. 

If your mattress is not certified by The GREENGUARD Gold Program then you will want to keep looking! 

Bassinet Alternatives 

If you feel that the bassinet is not quite the right sleeping arrangement for your baby, then there is one option that will suit your needs best: The Mini Crib. 

A mini crib, which measures 24 inches by 38 inches and is larger than most bassinets but smaller than a standard-sized cot. It is a wonderful choice for small nurseries or situations where people share a room.

Being larger than a bassinet the mini crib will be able to sleep your baby for much longer than four months which is often a great benefit for those on a tighter budget. However, the mini crib may be a little heavier and harder to move around the home. 

Final Thoughts 

Making sure your baby has all of the rest it needs is one of the most important aspects of being a new parent. The mattress you select for your bassinet will have a major impact on the quality and amount of sleep your baby gets. 

Ensure it is firm, comfortable, and durable. No one wants to have to replace a bassinet mattress after a few months! 

You also have to check the labels for any harmful chemicals and that it is fire retardant. You now know everything to select the perfect bassinet mattress for your new born! 

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