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Get Rid of a Mattress in Arlington, VA (4 Local Options)


Do you have an old mattress you don’t know what to do with? Let us help you.

With Arlington’s large population and close proximity to DC, it is one of the easier places to get rid of a mattress in the country.

From responsibly recycling your mattress yourself to having someone pick it up and get rid of it for you, there is an option that suits everyone. We have tried and tested the 4 options below in Arlington, VA to get rid of that junky old bed! 

4 Local Mattress Disposal Options

1. A Bedder World Mattress Removal + Recycle (Curbside Mattress Removal)

A Bedder World has been picking up and recycling mattresses in Arlington for years. You can easily book a mattress removal online, put your items outside by 8am and the team will come by and grab it. This is an easy, convenient and eco-friendly way to get rid of a mattress, box spring or any other sleep accessory.


  • Serving the Arlington area as as well as Rosslyn, Penrose, Waverly Hills and Westover
  • Curbside removal of mattresses, box springs, frames, bedding, etc…
  • 20%-30% less than major junk companies
  • Over 1 million mattresses recycled
  • Click here to book online

2. Arlington’s Local Trash Pickup – Bulky Item Policy

You can check with thew city of Arlington to see if you qualify for curbside pick up of your mattress. Note that this route will mean your mattress ends up in the landfill rather than a recycle or donation center.

3. List your Mattress on Northern Virginia Craigslist

If your mattress is in decent condition you may want to consider trying to sell it or give it away on craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Believe it or not there are lots of people looking to save some money and get a lightly used mattress rather than spending hundreds or thousands on a new one. Just be sure to be up front about the condition and use precaution when meeting anyone online.


4. DIY Mattress Recycling

Recycling a mattress yourself is indeed a project, but it’s one that can bring a sense of accomplishment and contribution to environmental conservation. The process involves dismantling the mattress to separate components like metal springs, foam, fibers, and the wooden frame. Once you’ve broken down the mattress, the different materials can be recycled or repurposed in unique ways. Metal springs can find new life at a scrap metal facility, while foam and fibers might become padding or insulation in a future project. Even the wooden frame could serve as material for a DIY woodworking project. Though it’s undeniably a task that requires some time, effort, and a good understanding of local recycling protocols, successfully recycling a mattress yourself can be a rewarding endeavor.


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