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How To Get Rid of a Mattress in Reno, NV (5 Local Options)

How To Get Rid of a Mattress in Reno, NV (5 Local Options)


What do you do with your old mattress in Reno? How do you get rid of it? Mattresses and box springs are large bulky items and trying to get rid of them can be challenging. Many places no longer accept mattresses for donation or disposal and will turn you away.

Luckily, Reno has a few great mattress recycling and disposal options for residents to take advantage of. We have listed these options below:

5 Ways to Dispose of a Mattress in Reno, NV

Options #1: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling – Curbside Pick Up


A Bedder World Mattress Recycling are one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to get rid of a mattress in Reno. They have recycled over 1 million mattresses nationwide and allow you to book a curbside pick up at your home with only a few clicks.

You can easily book and pay for a pick up online. Just place it outside by 8am on the day you schedule for and they will come and take it away – no contact necessary. They service a 50+ mile radius around Reno and the surrounding areas.

There are a lot of great raw materials in mattresses that can be reused in other industries. The foam can
be used to make carpeting underlayment, or used in gymnastics pits! The steel can be used to make
such things as sewer grates.

  • Servicing a 50+ mile radius around Reno, Sun Valley, Las Vegas, Henderson and all of Nevada
  • Over 1 million mattresses recycled
  • Accept all types of bed products (mattress, box spring, bed frames, bedding, etc…)
  • Easily book a curbside pick up online
  • 20%-30% cheaper than the major junk companies
  • Residential and bulk quantity commercial mattress recycling

Option #2: Good Condition? Try To Donate Your Mattress


Donating your gently used mattress is a great way to keep it out of the landfill and let someone else get the remaining useful life out of it. There are many people who can’t afford a brand new mattress and
would love to have something better to sleep on. The best way for you to donate is to contact your
local charity, church, or community center and see if they are accepting them. Your mattress should not
have any stains, rips, or bed bugs and should not be over 5 years old. Many donation centers do not
accept king size mattresses.

We reached out to the donation centers in the Reno area and unfortunately, due to sanitary concerns and fears of bed bugs, the following centers are not accepting mattresses or box springs: Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and AMVETS.

Option #3: Drop Your Mattress at the Lockwood Landfill


While this is not ideal, disposing of your mattress in a landfill is an option. Mattresses take up a lot of
room in our nation’s landfills. They don’t compress or decompose and the materials can serve as useful
items in other industries.

The Lockwood Landfill does accept mattresses. There was a free program, but it ended 2 years ago.
There is now a fee of $37 per piece (subject to change). You will need a truck or vehicle to transport the mattress there. Call ahead for hours.

Option #4: Giveaway/Sell Your Mattress on Craigslist or Facebook


You can list your mattress on the Reno Craigslist page or Facebook Marketplace. There
are a lot of people looking for good deals on lightly used mattresses. Be sure to include a nice picture of
your mattress and put in the description – the age of the mattress, the size, and that it doesn’t have any rips, stains, or bed bugs. (You can find the manufacturing date of the mattress on the law label). Good
luck and happy selling!

2. DIY Mattress Recycling


You can recycle your mattress or box spring yourself! It can be a fun family event and the kids can learn
about the reuse of the materials. You can make things out of the materials – like foam dog beds. Or, if
you live near some industry, you can take things like the foam to a carpet manufacturer. (Heads up –
most carpet manufacturers don’t accept memory foam). Be prepared, it can get messy! You will need a
tarp, a sharp knife or razor blade, some pliers, and enough space to lay the mattress down and work
around it. There is a blog post that help explain how to do it yourself. Have fun!

We sure hope this information helps you to find an easy and eco-friendly way to get rid of your old mattress in Reno!

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