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How to Get Rid of A Mattress in Birmingham, AL  (5 Local Options)


Getting rid of a mattress in Birmingham may seem tough at first, but residents actually have many options and resources at their disposal. Properly disposing of a mattress in Birmingham is actually much easier than most cities in the United States. The City of Birmingham has many options available to residents and is quite relaxed when it comes to their mattress disposal laws.


Below we have listed all the places/businesses that help with mattress disposal in the Birmingham area. These options include curbside mattress recycling, bulky item pick ups and more. Below are 5 of our favorite resources that you can use to get rid of your old mattress set in Birmingham.

1. A Bedder World Mattress Recycling – Curbside Pick Up Service


A Bedder World began as a small mattress recycling company, tearing down old mattresses and repurposing the materials into scrap metal and carpet underlay. They have expanded to service more areas over the year and have been a trusted source for Birmingham residents to get rid of old mattresses and box springs for years.

Bedder World makes it very easy for anyone in Birmingham to get rid of a mattress. Whether you are in an apartment complex in the city or have a strict HOA they can work around your location and schedule. You can easily book a pick up online 6 days a week. Simply put your mattress items outside on the day of pick up and they will come by and grab them.

  • Serving all areas in Birmingham, including Southside, Avondale, Ensley, Fountain Heights and more.
  • Easily book a curbside removal online
  • 20%-30% Less than major junk companies.
  • Over 1 million mattresses recycled.
  • Now serving the entire state of Alabama Including (Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile and everywhere in-between)

2. City Of Birmingham Bulky Item Pickup

-Once a week bulky item pick up in Birmingham
-Must be curbside
-See below for pick up details and the Birmingham service area

If you live in the city limits of Birmingham you can take advantage of their free curbside bulky item removal service. AND yes they do take mattresses and box springs! As long as you can get the mattress to the curb the city will come by your home “see details below” and take them off your hands. ​

3. Birmingham City Landfill  – (Drop-off)

Birmingham has 2 landfills in the city limits that you can bring your mattress and/or box spring to. The City of Birmingham has some of the most relaxed landfill laws in the country and their drop-off fees are very minimal. Although recycling your mattress is always better than the landfill, if you have a truck you can throw it in and haul it on down to the dump for little more than the price of gas. birmingham-mattress-disposal-locations

4. List Your Mattress on Bham Craigslist

Believe it or not people do buy used mattresses on the Birmingham craigslist page. New mattresses are generally around $1,000 and seem to only get more and more expensive, therefore, many people opt to try to find a mattresses in a lightly used condition for a quarter of the price. In order to sell your mattress successfully on craigslist here are a few guidelines to follow:

Highlight these in your post:
A) No stains– Mattresses with stains are usually a deal breaker. If your mattress does not have stains make sure to highlight that in your post.
B) Make, Model & Year- Explaining what mattress you are selling and how old it is may seem like an obvious point, but believe it or not many craigslist sellers neglect to put this info in their post. Specific information about the product allows the customer to research the mattress for sale and understand the deal you are offering.
C) Price low to sell – This is craigslist and that means people want deals. Generally speaking if your mattress is in good condition price it at 20% of the original buying price and you should get a quick sale.
Price it for free and put it on the porch. If it is in decent condition it will be taken off your hands.

5. DIY Mattress Recycling

mattress-recycling-birmingham Birmingham doesn’t have a mattress recycling program of their own, so if you want to dispose of your mattress with minimal impact on the environment you can recycle it yourself. Budget Dumpster has a great step-by-step blog ​post on how to break down and recycle your own mattress. To do this all you need is an exacto knife and some space (things may get messy). Simply cut around the edges of the mattress until you can take off the cover. Inside you will find foam and metal springs. Separate the foam and metal. You can actually bring the metal springs to the scrap yard and they will pay you for them. As for the foam you can shred it up and use it in dog beds, to fill pillows, or you can find a local carpet manufacturer who may pay you for the foam.
See the Step-by-Step Guide Here

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