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9 Best “Mid-Century Modern Bed Frames” (Designer Picks)

If you love the idea of bold, funky colors, patterns, and decor mixed with sleek and functional furniture, then you might be ready to mid-century modernize your bedroom. 


The foundation for a bedroom’s look comes from choosing the right bed frame. Here, we explore mid-century modern design elements and the bed frames that fit into the style through our thorough buyer’s guide. 

Look with us into the history of mid-century modern interior design, the different types of mid-century modern bed frames, the materials they are built from, and the considerations to take when purchasing one. Then, you can put together a bedroom that would make any 1960 designer lover jealous. 

What Is Mid-century Modern Design?

Mid-century modern design is a style made popular between the 1950s-1970s when Americans started to reject the stuffy and overdone interiors of the past and embrace a more minimalist approach. 

The style reflects simplistic and organic living where nothing comes draped in unnecessary frills. Mid-century modern design is a delicate balance of subtle, sophisticated warmth and bright retro flair. 

Some cultural influences that played a role in cultivating this design style were a desire for more comfortable spaces after the dark times brought on by the Second World War, the development and implementation of modern appliances in average American homes, and innovative designers and architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Eames. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the key components of mid-century modern design. 

Clean Lines

Clean lines are where the modern meets the mid-century. Mid-century modern diverts from the traditional by taking a straightforward visual approach. It was born from shunning the baroque and florid look of the Deco, Colonial Revival, and Art Nouveau movements. 

This style is sleek, but it stands independently from modern design because it maintains eccentricity with distinctive geometric patterns. Even the curved furniture that this style is famous for comes in minimal designs. 

Function First

The spartan mindset surrounding mid-century modern design means everything in the room serves a purpose. Unlike ornate pieces in old-school sitting rooms, the furniture is sturdy and comfortable because you are supposed to use it and not just look at it.

Removing suffocating clutter that comes along with stuff in traditional spaces by stripping a room down to its essentials is a core mid-century modern component.

Minimal but Striking

Continuing with the rejection of visual clutter from design eras proceeding, mid-century modern features decorative minimalism. But, it doesn’t lack in personality just because there are fewer pieces around. 

Art, lamps, throw pillows, vases, blankets, and other decor is intentional and makes a statement with loud patterns and bright colors.

Mix of Natural and Synthetic 

Natural woods like oak and teak are staples of mid-century modern design. The twist of this style is that they often combine with man-made materials like glass, vinyl, and metal in an adventurous trek into new modes of craftsmanship. 

Lively Earth Tones

Bold use of accent colors in various shades of burnt oranges, deep golds, dark blues, and greens runs rampant in mid-century modern design. The retro color palette represents an optimistic thread that runs through the style. 

Even though the color scheme is rich, the tones are subdued enough to serve as small visual comforts instead of distractions. Every piece of the mid-century modern puzzle is intentional.

9 Best Mid-Century Modern Bed Frames

1. The Solid Wood Platform Bed w/ Headboard by Birchboard

Editor's Pick
What we love:
  • Sturdy. Holds over 900lbs!
  • Built in bed slats (no box spring needed)
  • Great "bang for your buck"
  • Walnut or Grey Finish Options
  • Easy Assembly
Buy Now

What our testers are saying

This Mid-Century bed by Birchboard is probably the best overall quality bed frame for the price on this list. Birchboard makes high quality beds that are beautifully crafted, sturdy and easy to assemble. The bed comes in 2 colors (Walnut and Weathered grey) to match the vast majority of bedroom styles. The bed also uses a platform design with built in bed slats which means it does not require the use of a box spring (you can put your mattress directly on it).

2. The Mid-Century Modern Bed by Avocado


What our testers are saying

The mid-century modern bed by Avocado is handcrafted in Los Angeles out of solid natural wood and is built to last for years to come. This bed is available in 2 different finishes (natural and walnut) and comes with an optional modern headboard. The feet flare out to the side in a traditional mid century fashion while also being extremely supportive. The natural wood allows this bed to match any decor colors and will go great with a variety of bedding sets. If you are looking for a versatile mid century modern bed that will never squeak and will last for years, then this is a great option and one of the highest qualities on the market.

Made from solid Eco-friendly natural wood.
Each bed frame is handcrafted in Los Angeles.
Choose to add an optional mid-century modern headboard.

3. The Sven Bed by Article


What our testers are saying

This mid century style bed is finished in a luxurious tufted velvet wrap and comes in a variety of different bold colors. The bed is also a platform style bed with built in slats, which means you do not need to purchase a box spring to use with this bed. If you are looking for a bold mid century modern bed to make a statement in your bedroom then this bed by Article is a great choice.

Platform style bed that does not require a box spring.
Made with a luxurious tufted velvet headboard

4. The Soloman Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame by DG Casa


What our testers are saying

This bed screams mid-century modern and we love it. From the luxurious tufted headboard (multiple colors) to the widespread legs and walnut finish, this bed seems to do everything right. The bed also is a platform style bed that does not require you to purchase a box spring, just put your mattress directly on it.

Luxurious tufted headboard available in a variety of color options.
Uses bed slats at a platform, which means you do not need a box spring.

5. The Mid-Century Platform Bed by West Elm


What our testers are saying

The mid century modern platform bed by West Elm is a classic wooden platform bed with a streamlined mi century design. Clean edges, thin lines and wide legs make this bed a perfect addition to any bedroom and is a well made product that comes from the trusted West Elm brand.

Classic wide mid century modern legs with a solid platform that you can put your mattress directly on (no box spring)
Clean lines and authentic natural wood grain make for a classic yet natural bed frame.

6. The Arched Modern Platform Bed by Stead


What our testers are saying

This bed is made with a unique arched headboard that gives a mid-century modern appeal to your bedroom while also being a statement piece that is sure to draw attention. The headboard is made of a soft tufted fabric which is great for resting against or reading in bed. The platform uses built in bed slats so you do not need to use a box spring and can put your mattress directly on the frame.


7. The Sienna Bed by Joybird


What our testers are saying:

This bed comes from one of the most well-known manufacturers in the Mid-Century modern space, Joybird. Joybird began making couches and quickly expanded into other furniture. The sienna utilizes oak and rattan for a natural and chic look. This bed has slats that are 4″ apart so it does require you to use a box spring under your mattress.

8. The Wingback Bed by Einfach


What our testers are saying:

This bed utilizes a upholstered platform and headboard that comes in a variety of different mid-century style bold colors. The platform allows you to put your mattress directly on the bed without the need for a box spring underneath. This bed comes highly reviewed and is a great value for the price. If you are looking to save some money and still get a beautiful bed frame then this is a great option.

9. The AMZ Platform Bed by Baxton Studio


What our testers are saying

The AMZ bed by Baxton comes highly reviewed and is sure to be a unique statement piece in your bedroom. The wood platform coupled with the delicate tufted headboard makes for a clean yet warm appearance. The headboard is available in two different fabric colors (white and grey). This bed utilizes a bed slat system which means you do not need to use a box spring and can put your mattress directly on the frame. The frame is very sturdy and well made and is a great product for the price point.

Mid-century Modern Bed Frame Types

So, we have the design basics down. Now, let’s talk bed frames. Mid-century modern bed frames feature experimental construction, bright, funky colors, and uncomplicated linework synonymous with this style. 

Tapered Legs

This is a classic mid-century modern furniture design, including bed frames. Tapered legs are thinner at the base than where they connect to the frame, giving the piece a slim, contemporary, and sleek look.

Mid-century modern bed frames can have tapered legs installed straight up and down or on an angle for an even more modern vibe.

Check out some mid-century bed frames with tapered legs here: 

  1. the essex bed  “The Essex Bed” This bed frame from Maiden Home retails at $2800 for a queen size. It has tapered legs installed at a slight angle.
  2. the astrid bed l “The Astrid Bed” This bed frame at Lumens offers a two-panel headboard starting at $3868.
  3. the seb bed  “The Seb Bed” Furniture brand Castlery has a more affordable mid-century modern bed frame option with this solid acacia and acacia veneer combination that features an upholstered headboard.


Platform beds have extremely low profiles and consist of simple materials. They are the opposite of traditional frames that prioritize form over function by taking up unnecessary space. Platform bed frames support the mattress, and that’s it. Some don’t even come with headboards. 

Here are some platform mid-century modern bed frames: 

  1. couch potato bed  “OG Couch Potato Bed” Benchmade Modern sells this platform bed frame for $2516 for a queen size.
  2. alexis platform bed  “Alexis Platform Bed Frame” Amazon has this mid-century modern-inspired platform bed frame for a crazy low price of $252 for a queen size.
  3. walker edison bed  “Walker Edison Bed” You can also get this bed frame on Amazon for $311. This platform frame comes in a caramel wood tone.

Warm Woods

Bed frames made with woods that have naturally warm tones like walnut, rosewood, teak, beech, mahogany, and ash scream “mid-century modern.” 

Check out these warm wooden mid-century modern bed frames:

  1. the chorus bed  “The Chorus Bed” This walnut bed frame retails at $1395 for a queen size. It has an upholstered headboard, clean lines, and hardwood construction.
  2. the oak bed  “Oak Bed” here are some solid oak authentic mid-century modern bed frames.

Curved Headboards

Simple curved lines are classic, organic mid-century modern silhouettes. Whether it features fabric or solid wood, a mid-century curve brings retro energy. 

Take a look at these mid-century modern bed frames with curved headboards: 

  1. the evie bed  “The Evie Bed” Urban Outfitters has this bed frame for just $399 for a queen size. It’s made from a combination of cherry wood veneer, pine wood, and poplar. 
  2. the summit bed  “The Summit Bed” Houzz has this queen bed frame for $1763, made from solid bamboo. It’s the most eco-friendly bed frame on this list. 
  3. baxton studio bed  “Baxton Studio Bed” Amazon has this walnut bed frame with a curved headboard for $526 for a king size. 

Additional Storage 

As the best example of mid-century modern’s prioritization of functionality, bed frames containing built-in storage are wildly popular in this design style. 

Storage is especially common in low-profile platform bed frames in the form of deep drawers for storing extra linens, clothing, or other items. 

Check out a few options for mid-century modern bed frames that have built-in storage:

  1. platform storage bed  “Platform Storage Bed” You can get this walnut bed frame with 4-6 drawers built into its platform base for $3500 for a queen size. 
  2. wood platform storage bed  “Wood Platform Storage Bed” Here is another Etsy listing for a walnut platform storage bed frame. This one sells for $4100 for a queen size.

Tufted Headboards and Fabric Wraps

Tufted upholstery in signature mid-century colors on headboards that attach to solid wood frames is a hallmark of this style. You will also see frames with upholstery wrapping around the entire frame base.

Check out these tufted headboard mid-century modern bed frames and frames with upholstery: 

  1. the jonesy bed  “The Jonesy Bed” from Houzz, this bed frame features a tufted headboard and tapered legs. It retails for just $512 for a queen size.
  2. the celia chenille bed  “Celia Chenille Bed” This bed frame by Furniture of America is a deep navy blue tufted version that retails for $691.
  3. casa solomon bed  “Casa Solomon Bed” You can get this mid-century modern bed frame with tapered legs and a tufted headboard on Amazon for $410 for a queen size. 
  4. bikahom bed  “Bikahom Bed” Amazon also has this bed frame for just $303 that comes with a fabric headboard and fabric wrap on the frame’s base. 
  5. einfach king size  “Einfach King Size” This frame on Amazon comes in mid-century modern burnt orange. It has fabric upholstery along the base and headboard. 

Common Mid-century Modern Bed Frame Materials

Mid-century modern bed frames consist of a few different types of building materials. Here is a list of the common materials used in mid-century bed frame construction.

Solid Wood

The majority of mid-century modern bed frames are built from solid wood. The most popular types of wood in this design style are teak, rosewood, oak, and walnut. Other woods with warm tones make appearances, but those are the most common. 

Wood Veneer

High-quality wood veneers resemble solid wood furniture but are more affordable, lightweight, and can be more durable. They also come in a wider variety of tones than natural wood does.

Metal Accents

One of mid-century modern design’s calling cards is combining construction materials. Bed frames in this style often have chrome, steel, or brushed brass additions to wooden frames. Metal pieces can serve as legs, headboard accents, corner caps, and other extras.

Things To Consider When Buying a Mid-century Modern Bed Frame

Before you decide which mid-century modern bed frame to buy, you need to make several important considerations. 

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

There is a wide range of pricing available when shopping for a bed frame, and you have to decide on your budget so that you don’t get lost in a sea of options. 

Authentic, vintage mid-century modern bed frames can cost more than new products. It depends on the manufacturer. Other factors that influence bed frame pricing include structural design, storage additions, and the materials it consists of.

Which Style Do You Want?

Out of the different types of mid-century modern bed frames (platform, upholstered or tufted, tapered legs, curved headboard, or warm wood), you need to consider which one will fit in with the rest of your bedroom style the most. 

Think about the other styles of furniture in the space. If you have dressers, nightstands, or a chair made with teak wood, you might want to stick with that same style for the bed frame. Warm woods can easily clash if you mix them. 

If the room has sparse decor, a bed frame with a boldly tufted or otherwise dramatic headboard can make a visual statement. If the room already has bright colors in a mid-century modern rug or artwork, you might want to compliment that with a more subtle and minimal bed frame.

Do You Need More Storage? 

With a strong emphasis on functionality, it’s not uncommon to find a mid-century modern bed frame that contains additional storage like built-in drawers. If your bedroom is lacking in closet or dresser space, a bed frame with storage solutions can be a perfect opportunity to remedy that. 

What Size of Bed Do You Want? 

With mid-century modern bed frames, you can choose between standard or low-profile styles. Once you decide on the bed width you want, you can compare the bed scale to that of the other furniture pieces it will be sharing the room with. 

If your bedroom feels small or cramped, a low-profile bed frame or a minimalist option without a headboard can help to visually open up the space.

Final Notes

The mid-century modern style consists of sleek and simplistic designs that turn their backs on the overly decorative and gaudy details that came before them. This style is reflective of a cultural shift in attitude about life as a nuclear family in America. 

Function and form come together in solid, attractive furniture and bold, intentional decor to create the relaxed sophistication that defines this interior look. 

Bed frames that fall under the mid-century modern umbrella come in warm wooden tones that can be made from either solid natural wood or engineered wood veneers and sometimes combine with different types of metal. 

You can find mid-century modern bed frames with curved or tufted headboards, low platform profiles, and with tapered legs that attach straight up and down or on a dramatic angle for additional contemporary flair. 

Before buying a mid-century modern bed frame, you need to determine your budget, the style and materials you want, and the size. Once you know your priorities and guidelines, you can find the perfect frame to tie together your mid-century modern bedroom.

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