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Best Boho Bed Frames: Bohemian Bed Frame Style Guide

So, you’re looking to purchase a boho bed frame. You fell in love with the natural textures, earthy color palette, and cohesive mismatching integral to this popular design style and need the perfect frame to bring it all together. 

We are here to help you with this process. This article breaks down the details of boho decor, each type of boho bed frame, its benefits and disadvantages, and pricing.

Finish watering your houseplants and come with us as we present you with this comprehensive boho bed frame buyer’s guide.


Boho Design Basics

The Bohemian design style draws inspiration from artistic and nomadic “La bohème” culture. Its ties to a free-spirited lifestyle have an international appeal that translates to a few subcategories.

Here is a look into the different kinds of boho styles and fundamental design elements.

Cultural Variations

Moroccan boho is full of deep jewel tones, lanterns, plush floor seating, and opulent drapery. Large floor poufs popular in modern boho design come from this culture. Textures and patterns in this category are very bold and intricate. 

European boho is a little more understated than Moroccan. The patterns and colors are still vivid, but not as effusive. This style typically reflects one’s travels by combining artwork and textiles from many cultures. 

Another hallmark of European boho design is unconventional furniture arrangement. Modern boho is the trend we see all over HGTV and Pinterest. It splashes rich tones, textures, and plants against an all-white or otherwise neutral backdrop. 

Simple Canvas

Designing in this style marries eccentricity and warmth to provide a casual environment. It is critical to start with a simple base of neutral colors for the walls and flooring so the deep tones brought in by decor don’t overwhelm the space and negate its zen vibe. 

Layering and Mixing

The relaxed, comfortable, and visually inspiring vibe synonymous with bohemian style comes from layering textures, patterns, and colors. 

Layering rugs on top of each other, multiple blankets and pillows on furniture, and combining different art or light fixture styles can bring boho flair to a room. Boho uniquely lacks rules and leaves room for collecting various aesthetics into one beautiful space. 

Lived-In Feel

Vintage pieces that show slight wear help to cultivate a cozy feeling. You want to use items like furniture with distressed wood. A good rule of thumb when designing a bohemian space is that every item in the room should feel like it has a story. 

This style leans more maximalist than minimalist. Don’t be shy about overloading shelves with well-loved books and knick-knacks or walls with maps and artwork that express different aspects of your personality.

Boho Bed Frame Types

Several kinds of bed frames fit into the boho interior style. Here is a breakdown of each boho bed frame type.


Rattan bed frames are experiencing a resurgence in trendiness. They bring natural and vintage vibes into a bedroom, which makes them perfect for a boho look. 

Rattan is a pliable palm stem that grows in tropical Southeastern Asian and African jungles. Its most common use is in furniture construction because of its flexibility and durability. 

Coming from a plant itself, rattan is a perfect fit with the abundant houseplants popular in modern boho design. It dials up nature’s presence while subduing bold accent colors surrounding it because it comes in a light neutral tone. 


Wooden bed frames evoke an organic feel. The Boho style features natural textures, and wood fits into that effortlessly. The main reason you might want to choose wood is for the visual warmth it inherently brings to a space.

If the idea of wooden bed frames feels too traditional or standard, we want to remind you that wooden headboards come in many funky and eclectic designs.


Leather is another organic, natural material that brings texture and comfort to a bohemian bedroom. Visually, leather holds more weight than a material like rattan. It can anchor a space featuring many decor pieces.

A leather boho bed frame can consist of an entire frame wrapped in leather or another material acting as the main frame with leather upholstery on the headboard.

Considerations When Choosing a Boho Bed Frame

There are several areas to consider when buying a boho bed frame. Here are the details about everything to keep in mind. 


Before starting to look for your new bed frame, you need to determine a budget for the furniture piece. We will talk more about pricing later, but it’s crucial to have a clear budget before shopping begins.

Remember to view purchasing a bed frame as an investment in your home and yourself. A bed frame with good support can be beneficial to your health and your aesthetic.

Bed Frame Size

Luckily, with boho design, a variation in furniture scale is a bonus. You want the bedroom’s pieces to look cutely mismatched. As long as everything you want in the room fits, you don’t have to spend too much time considering the bed frame’s size against other furniture. 

Instead, think about your comfort and where you want the bed to stand in the room. If you’re going with a boho bed frame with a large-scale or dramatic headboard, it will be a major focal point. 

Bed Frame Style

We know that boho bed frame types come in natural elements like wood, rattan, and leather. Choose which of these styles speaks to you the most, and consider which texture or tone is missing from your boho bedroom that the bed frame can bring.

Bed Frame Material 

Your budget largely influences what bed frame materials are the best options for you. Another consideration is how furniture’s material impacts its weight and durability.

You can buy a solid rattan bed frame or a polyurethane imitation which is a more affordable and lightweight plastic. Similarly, people often substitute faux leather or an engineered wood product in place of their authentic counterparts. 

Boho Bed Frame Style Pros and Cons

Each boho bed frame type comes with advantages and disadvantages. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons for each one. 


Rattan furniture is extremely durable. Its pliability prevents it from bending, denting, or cracking when something hits it. Rattan can last for decades when it receives proper care. 

To extend a natural rattan bed frame’s life, regularly clean it using a pre-soaked cloth with detergent. With synthetic rattan, you can apply a detergent powder directly to the furniture before wiping it clean with soap and water. 

Rattan bed frames are also lightweight, making them easy to transport with redecorating or moving. Rattan is a versatile material. It easily complements other colors and textures, which is key with the boho design style that combines different elements. 

Some disadvantages to rattan bed frames include the generally high price tags and loose fibers. 

Rattan furniture is expensive because its assembly is highly labor-intensive. Rattan headboards are hand-woven in a painstaking process that takes time and skill. Rattan’s natural fibers can loosen over time, and it’s possible to get poked. Ouch! 

If your rattan bed frame comes with a warranty, it might include repairs for loose fibers. Otherwise, furniture repair shops can trim the fibers, or you can learn to do it yourself! 


Leather is another durable option for a boho bed frame’s headboard. Leather is easy to clean, doesn’t harbor allergens, elevates a room’s look, and is odor-repellent. 

You can wipe down a leather headboard with a dry cloth to remove dust from its surface. Leather looks and feels expensive and having it as an addition to your bed frame upgrades the room’s vibe. 

Leather bed frames also do not contain fibers that hold onto dander or other allergens, making them a great option for someone with allergies or prone to irritation. This makes them odor-repellent, which is a bonus for anyone sharing a bed with a pet (or two). 

A couple of downsides to having a leather bed frame or headboard include its high cost, ethical concerns, and potential fading from sun exposure. 

Genuine leather looks and feels expensive because it is. Faux leather upholstery is easy to find as a more affordable alternative. Leather might not be the right choice for someone who is an animal activist, vegetarian, or vegan

Leather will fade if it experiences a lot of sun exposure, so if you have a boho bedroom that feels like a jungle with the number of houseplants that require lots of sunshine, a leather bed frame probably isn’t the right option. 


Wooden bed frames come in a wide variety of styles and colors, require little upkeep, and can be very affordable. On the other hand, wooden frames tend to be extremely heavy and are far from eco-friendly.

Wood comes in many different shades, giving you the freedom to choose something that fits your style exactly. Dark woods, like American black walnut or something in an ebony stain, bring more drama than lighter woods, like birch. You can easily personalize the vibe. 

Wooden bed frames have equally as many options for style. You can get a wooden bed frame that has built-in storage, one with panels or intricate carvings, a frame that is contemporary and sleek, or countless other choices. 

Engineered wood is a much more affordable option than genuine wooden material. Faux wooden bed frames have a lower life expectancy and overall durability, but the prices are generally more within reach of those with tighter budgets. 

A problem with wooden frames is their sheer weight. Real wood is a very heavy material that can be difficult to move around. You can get a wood imitation material that is more lightweight.

Another downside is that most wooden furniture is made from imported lumber resulting in harmful transport emissions. You can seek out eco-conscious wooden frame manufacturers that utilize sustainable production methods and materials to be more earth-conscious. 

Boho Bed Frame Cost

Bed frame prices vary widely based on their materials, manufacturer, and retailer. Here are a few examples of boho bed frames you can purchase in each style, ranging from more affordable to more expensive. 

Keep in mind that the less expensive a bed frame is, the lower quality it will have. 

  1. Rusnak Bed This solid wood bed frame from Wayfair retails on the high end for $1648 for the Queen size. The arch carvings in the headboard bring a strong boho flair to this bed frame. It is a visual stunner with an antique-gray finish for a vintage vibe. 
  2. Heatherfield Leather Bed This bed frame from Anthropologie is the most expensive example we show, starting at $2798. It combines rattan, leather upholstery, and ash wooden legs for a classic but contemporary look that will blend into any boho bedroom. 
  3. Ria Rattan Bed Urban Outfitters has this rattan bed frame retailing at $1399 for a Queen size. The looping rattan construction pairs with rounded edges and a natural finish to give this piece a groovy and organic feel. 
  4. Clyde Solid Acacia Bed This wooden bed frame from Overstock starts at $1312. The piece combines different textures in true boho fashion. It features contrasting flat and herringbone panels with metal feet. 
  5. Pari Curved Rattan Bed Here is another option on the expensive side from Anthropologie. Retailing at $1998, this authentic Rattan reed frame draws inspiration from European boho design. This piece is sure to steal the show with its dramatic height and shape. 
  6. Upholstered Platform Bed Amazon brings affordability with this bohemian bed frame. The Queen size retails at a shocking $119 with an amber-colored bold faux leather headboard.
  7. Caramel Spindle Bed Here is another low-budget option from Amazon, retailing at $371 for a Queen size. This boho frame is made from solid pine wood in a warm caramel tone. 

As you can see, pricing varies greatly depending on where you source the bed frame. You can find options for under $500, but the average is closer to $1000 or $1500. 

Final Thoughts

Boho decor is an eclectic but calm design style mixing warm and natural textures with deep colors and aesthetic layering. Boho bed frames come in different rattan, leather, and wood styles that vary in design and price. 

Your boho bedroom is uniquely yours, and you should choose a bed frame that meshes with your vibe, desires, and budget. 

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