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5 Best “Narrow Twin” Mattress Options (30×75) To Fit Cots, RVs, etc…

In this post we have compiled a list of the best places online to buy a narrow twin / cot size mattress. A narrow twin mattress measures 30 x 75 inches and is slightly narrower than a standard twin or single size mattress. This post gives you a variety of options from budget friendly picks to latex, memory foam and innerspring options. With the rising trend of the online mattress market, it is easier than ever to find custom and odd sized mattresses available for purch

What is a narrow twin mattress?

A narrow twin mattress is often used as a mattress for a cot, for sleeping a small child or in an RV or camper with smaller sleeping quarters. Ultimately a narrow twin mattress is exactly as it sounds. It is the same as a twin mattress but 8 inches thinner. 


1. BEST VALUE (EDITOR’S PICK) – Chill Memory Foam Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

2. BEST ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION – The Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider

3. BEST “LOW PROFILE” OPTION – The 4.5″ East Hampton Cot Mattress

4. BEST INNERSPRING OPTION – The Park Meadow Mattress

5. BEST MEMORY FOAM OPTION – The 8″ Luxury Gel Foam Mattress

Top 5 – Narrow Twin Mattresses (30 x 75)

1. The Brooklyn Chill (30×75) by Brooklyn Bedding

Best Overall (Editor's Pick)
by Brooklyn Bedding
The Brooklyn Chill is likely the best narrow twin mattress our team has found. The quality of the materials combined with the entry level price point makes it a great value. The value combined with the fact that this mattress comes in a variety of different thicknesses and custom sizes makes it perfect for a
What we love:
  • Budget friendly price point
  • High quality, supportive memory foam design
  • Made in the USA (Arizona Factory)
  • Available in custom sizes and thicknesses
Buy Here

What our testers are saying:

The Brooklyn Chill mattress is made by Brooklyn Bedding. Brooklyn Bedding has been in the mattress industry for over 15 years and makes all of their mattresses in their own factory in Arizona. The Wanderlust is a great basic memory foam mattress available in a variety of thicknesses and unique sizes. They call their narrow twin size mattress an “Rv Bunk” mattress but it is still the same 30 x 75 inch narrow twin mattress. If you are looking for a comfortable mattress at a great price then this is definitely the best bang for your buck on the market. Our testers repeatedly rate this mattress and one of the best values in the industry.

Built to perfectly in any rv, cot or bunk style bed with multiple thicknesses.

This mattress comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to perfectly fit your rv bunks or anywhere that requires a narrow twin size mattress. We found that the 8 inch or 6 inch options are usually best for bunk style beds so they do not sit too high above the rail or too close to the ceiling.

Soft, waterproof cover. Unzips for easy washing.

Our testers found this cover to be extremely soft and high quality for the price point. The waterproof feature is an added benefit that proves to be very convenient if using for life on the road or in a cot style bed.

High quality materials and comfort

The chill combines high density support foam and cushioning memory foam to provide a supportive base that will still offer pressure relief. Even in the thinner profile options, this mattress can offer comfort that is superior to its competitors.

2. The Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider

Best Natural Option
by Mattress Insider

Mattress Insider makes a variety of custom and odd size mattresses. Their natural latex mattress is one of the only latex mattresses you can get in an odd or custom size. If you are in the market for a natural mattress and need it in a custom size, then this is a great option for you. 

What we love:
  • Natural latex with an organic cotton cover
  • Available in any custom size
  • Trusted manufacturer with great customer service
Buy Here

What our testers are saying:

Mattress Insider makes one of the only custom or odd size latex mattresses on the market. Their latex mattress is available in a narrow twin 30 x 75 inch size as well as almost any custom size imaginable. The mattress is also coupled with an organic cotton cover that comes standard. This is great for allergies and provides the benefits of being hypoallergenic. Mattress Insider has been in the mattress industry for many years and is a trusted and reputable name in the industry. If you prefer a more natural sleeping environment then this is the mattress for you. 

Natural latex and organic cotton cover

This mattress combines a quality latex sleeping surface with an organic cotton cover to offer an organic sleep environment in custom sizes. This is the only organic or latex mattress we have found offered in a narrow twin option and is a great quality product that you can feel comfortable purchasing.

3. The 4.5″ East Hampton Cot Mattress

Best "Low Profile" Cot Mattress
by Mattress Insider

The Eat Hampton is a thinner 4.5″ profile cot mattress made for cots or bed sets that require a thinner mattress. It is also perfect for bunk beds or daybeds as well. The high density support foam combined with memory foam allow this mattress to provide support and comfort while not being too thick.

What we love:
  • Supportive yet thin
  • Comfortable memory foam feel
  • Reputable manufacturer
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What our testers are saying:

This mattress comes in a narrow twin size (30×75) option and is going to be thinner than the other mattresses on this list. A thinner mattress naturally is going to be less supportive, but this option does well at being supportive with the thickness it has. It also is great at regulating body temperature throughout the night and allows you to choose your firmness to meet the needs of a variety of sleepers.


4. The Park Meadow (8″ Pocketed Coil Mattress)

Best Innerspring Option
by Mattress Insider


The park meadow mattress is a great mattress for customers suffering from back pain or who require extra support. It is also perfect for individuals who prefer a traditional spring mattress feel over that of an all foam mattress. Mattress Insider offers all of their mattresses in an array of different custom sizes. They are a trusted name in the mattress industry and have been making custom mattresses since 2008. The park meadow is made with individually pocketed innerspring coils which helps to reduce partner disturbance while still giving the support of an innerspring mattress. 

What we love:
  • Available in any custom size imaginable.
  • Pocketed coil innerspring unit for heavy duty support
  • Reputable company with great reviews and customer support
Buy Here

What our testers are saying:

The Park Meadow mattress by mattress insider is available in 30×75 narrow twin as well as a variety of custom and odd sizes.  This mattress combines the traditional innerspring pocketed coil system feel with comfortable foam layers and an organic cotton cover. If you prefer the feel of a spring mattress over a memory foam or all foam mattress then this is a great option. At 8″ thick this mattress will fit the majority of narrow twin sized cots. This may be the only narrow twin mattress on the market that is offered with an innerspring unit.

Pocketed coil innerspring unit for heavy duty support

The pocketed coil system allows for the heavy duty support of a traditional innerspring unit. The individually pocketed coils provide motion transfer benefits to help increase support and alignment while minimizing partner disturbance. This is one of the only narrow twin mattresses with a innerspring support system.

5. Luxury 8″ Gel Foam Mattress by Mattress Insider

Best Memory Foam Option
by Mattress Insider


The Luxury Gel foam mattress by Mattress Insider is a great all around memory foam mattress and comes standard with an organic cotton cover. This mattress features an easily removable zippered cover and adjustable comfort layers. This means customers can adjust the firmness of the mattress in the comfort of their home. Mattress Insider has been specializing in custom and odd size mattresses since 2008 and is a trusted name in the custom mattress market. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress in a custom size, this is the best option on the market. 

What we love:
  • Adjustable Comfort: Easily unzip the cover and adjust the foam layers for a firmer or softer feel
  • Available in any custom size
  • Great reviews and customer service.
Buy Here

What our testers are saying:

The Luxury Gel foam mattress by Mattress Insider is their most luxurious memory foam mattress. Customer’s can easily unzip the organic cotton cover and rearrange the layers to make it softer or firmer. If you like the feel of memory foam then this is a great pick for you. Mattress Insider is the most trusted manufacturer of custom and odd size mattresses and is a company you can trust. The Gel foam mattress is available in a 30 x 75 narrow twin as well as many other custom sizes. 

Customizable comfort layers and organic cotton cover

The combination of layers can easily be unzipped and rearranged to alter the feel and comfort of your mattress. This is an extremely versatile mattress and a great memory foam option for the price. It also comes with an organic cotton cover for a hypoallergenic and organic sleep surface.

What size is a narrow twin mattress?

A narrow twin mattress measures 30″ wide by 75″ long and generally 6″ thick. This is 8″ thinner than a standard twin mattress. 


What is a cot mattress?

A cot, also known as a fold up bed is generally described as a small bed that can fold up and be used to sleep additional guests. Most cots will fold up and are great for fitting in a closet or under bed when not in use. Many hotels, shelters and hospitals utilize cots in order to efficiently house large numbers of additional guests. Today cot mattresses have become quite luxurious and the variety of options on the market ensures that you can find a cot to suit your specific needs.

Why use a narrow twin mattress?

A narrow twin mattress or cot mattress can be advantageous for many reasons, besides just making a small living quarters seem larger. Besides the fact that is takes up less space than a standard size twin, a narrow twin can also be something that you bring with you on the go or from home to home if you move a lot. The quality of many of these beds also makes them a perfect option to use as a primary sleeping bed for smaller individuals. The majority of people choose to use a narrow twin mattress as an option for sleeping kids or housing guests. It is always nice to have an additional comfy place for people to sleep incase you happen to have more guests than beds.

The different places where a narrow twin mattress can be used.

Rollaway (cot mattress with folding frame)

A rollaway bed is essentially a narrow twin size platform bed with wheels that folds in half when its not is use. A rollaway bed is perfect to pull out when extra guests come over who need a place to sleep. They fold up small enough to easily fit in a closet or bed when not in use and have become high enough quality to where they actually provide a quality nights sleep. narrow 

Floor (mattress only)

A floor mattress is simple and effective for occasional use. Putting a mattress on the floor provides the comfort of a standard mattress with the convenience and space saving aspects. 


A cot is a small bed that can easily be set up for sleeping additional guests. A cot is generally 30 by 75 inches and is slightly smaller than a twin mattress. You need top purchase a cot mattress for a cot and not a twin mattress. 

Things to consider before buying a narrow twin cot mattress

There are many mattresses and cots on the market that provide different features and functionalities. Each style has a different function and therefore should be used for different situations. Before purchasing you need to analyze a few important factors. 

  • Mattress Quality – How high quality does the mattress need to be? Will this be a place that a child is sleeping on for one night or an adult friend for a week? Trifolding mattresses tend to be the highest quality sleeping surface but will be the most expensive, while a cot may be affordable and easy to move but doesn’t offer much in terms of long term comfort. 
  • Bed Size – Is your cot on sleeping platform a standard narrow twin or cot size? In recent years there are some cots that come in different sizes so make sure to measure your platform and get a mattress that fits. Generally around 1 inch of variance is expected and will still fit. 
  • Storage Size – What size room will this bed be in and how much room is available for storage. The amount of room that a murphy bed and a cot bed take up is very different so be sure you know the amount of storage space you have available. 
  • Frame Type – From metal frames to no frame at all, these beds all have a different type of frame that they utilize. While you can put your mattress on the floor, a rollaway bed sits off the ground and has a metal base with wheels. Understand your needs and choose a bed frame that is right for you. 
  • Weight – Will you be carrying or traveling with the bed? How easy does it need to be to move? We have listed a variety of beds from light to heavy below so be sure to choose one that fits your needs when it comes to portability. 
  • Price – How much are you wanting to spend? Options below range from $25 to $2000. While you generally do get what you pay for when it comes to quality sometimes you may not need the fanciest sleeping accommodation if it is only used on rare occasions. 

Overall, which cot mattress you choose really depends on your specific sleeping needs. Each option above provides different benefits and downsides that you can analyze and use to choose the right bed for yourself. The variety of manufacturers and options on the market today allows you to find a solution that is perfect for all needs. 

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