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7 Best “Bed Rails” for Seniors + Buyer Guide for The Different Types

If you are looking to make your home senior safe and fall proof a bed rail is a must. In this article we cover the different types of bed rails and our top picks for each style.

Protecting seniors and helping them avoid injuries is important, especially since a simple fall can cause injury and even hospitalization. You’ll want to minimize this risk as much as possible by adjusting the home to keep seniors safe.


Consider getting a bed rail if you have a senior in your home. Bed rails for seniors help in various ways, depending on the type you choose and can bring peace to your mind.

In order to choose the right model you should understand why bed rails matter, consider the different features, and review the best options available.

Why You Should Consider Bed Rails for Seniors

Bed rails come in a variety of different types with various features. You should consider your specific need and circumstances to understand which one is right to buy.

  • In and out of bed – Getting up and down safely at night
  • Fall-proofing – Keeping them on the bed without rolling off
  • Providing support while sitting up

If your senior needs to use the bathroom, drink water, or do anything else at night, they’ll want an easy way to get up. They can simply place their hand on the rail or their feet on a step stool and use it to lift themselves. They can also grip the rail again to help them safely return to bed once they finish.

The bed rail also works as a barrier to prevent them from rolling off the bed and falling on the floor.

Your senior may also want to sit in bed, so they can hold onto the bed rail instead of trying to remain balanced. Doing so helps them stay up and avoid any unnecessary back pain or strain while watching a show, reading a book, or anything else.

Generally speaking, if you have a senior who you want to keep safe, you can’t go wrong with a bed rail. They offer a variety of features for all aspects of bedroom use. Bed rails also works great for people who must recover from a recent injury or even as a general safety measure, so think about your family’s situation and get one when necessary.

The 7 Best Bed Rails for Seniors

Now that you understand what to consider as you look through bed rails for seniors, you’ll want to know the best options and features available. So ensure you go through them, consider what style you need for your senior, and make choose accordingly.

These 7 options don’t have a particular order since they each have differences that make them all good at what they do.

1. Elderly Bed Rails With Step by Step2Bed

Best 2in1 Rail & Step Option
Bed Rail For Elderly with Adjustable Height by Step2Bed
$199.00 ($199.00 / Count)
What we love:
  • Secures to side of bed
  • Universal fit w/ adjustable height
  • Includes step for easy in-out bed access
Buy Now
02/18/2024 02:23 pm GMT

What our reviewers are saying:

Your senior may not have safety issues related to rolling off the bed. So maybe something other than a rail that goes under the mattress is best, making Step2Bed a solid choice for your bed rail needs. This bed rail comes with a step to help your senior reach the bed without needing to lift themselves up or down.

They can hold either side of the bed rail since one’s lower and the other one’s higher. That means they can use the higher one for support in bed or to get up, while the lower one can help them while they get off the bed.

This bed rail also comes with a motion-activated light, so your senior can easily see the step and bed rail when they need to get out of bed at night. The steel offers a solid design, while the rubber feet and Velcro straps will keep it in place.


The setup is also 32 inches wide, so your senior has plenty of space to use it. The larger design supports up to 400 pounds of weight, so it works for almost anyone and remains a convenient bed rail option if your senior wants an additional step.


This option works best for those who struggle to get in and out of the bed due to height and maneuvering onto it.

2. Bed Rail Senior Grab Bar With Storage Pocket by Sangohe

Best Grab Bar/Bed Rail
Bed Assist Grab Bar Handle for Senior Adults by Sangohe
What we love:
  • Universal fit w/ adjustable height
  • Easy assembly
  • 2in1 grab bar & bedside fall rail
Buy Now
02/18/2024 06:33 pm GMT

What our reviewers are saying:

The Sangohe bed rail might work well if you like having a bar to grab onto when rolling out of bed and could benefit from a storage pocket. The pocket storage makes it easy to leave essential items in it with the option to remove them if your senior doesn’t want them there.

The bed rail has a wider middle section, allowing it to remain more stable while your senior uses it. The legs also have multiple levels to choose from, making it easy to choose the optimal height for your senior, while the feet also have rubber anti-slip feet.

If you don’t like the legs, you can purchase a version without them, offering you versatility regarding your options. You can also extend the handrail, meaning you’ll have more places to grip the bed rail while it provides additional support.

The bed rails support up to 300 pounds, which will work for most situations. You also get a safety strap with the bed rail to keep it in place, so it won’t slip around or pose any issues as your senior uses it regularly.

The bed rail remains a solid option for seniors who want storage space or more flexibility with their storage options.

3. The Collapsible Bed Rails by Neaude

Best Collapsible Bed Rail
Collapsible Bed Side Grab Rail
What we love:
  • Universal fit for any bed
  • Easily collapses for access into bed
  • Prevents falling
  • Sturdy design
Buy Now
02/18/2024 07:43 am GMT

What our reviewers are saying:

Sometimes, your senior doesn’t want the rail in the way, so you could get them the Neaude bed rail. The bed rails allow you to pull them up when you want to use them, but you can push them down to keep them out of the way when necessary.

The design makes it easy to adjust the bed rail since you just have to hold the red button on top, meaning it’ll lock in place otherwise. The bed rails include bars between them, helping your senior stay on the bed if they have issues rolling off during the evening. 


The bed rail has a fixed size, meaning you can’t adjust it, but it works perfectly for any mattress between two and eight inches in height. The rail also only takes 20 minutes to assemble, meaning you’ll easily get it ready for your senior to use.

The bed rail works best with a wood base underneath since you can screw the bed rails into the wood to ensure it never moves. It also has no feet, so they won’t get in the way when your senior wants to move around the room and won’t stub their toes.


This one works best as a permanent bed rail you plan to keep since it’ll remain secure with the versatility to lower the bed rail as needed.

4. Portable Medical Support Bar/Bed Rails With Storage by KingPavonini

Best Portable Bed Rail
Portable Medical Bed Support Bar
What we love:
  • Easy portability
  • Universal fit
  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • Anti-slip handle
Buy Now
02/18/2024 07:48 am GMT

What our reviewers are saying:

If you want a straightforward design that takes up minimal space and is easily portable, you should check out the KingPavonini bed rail. The size is adjustable and the rail on top has anti-slip foam and a waterproof design.


You can attach the storage bag to it and remove it if your senior doesn’t like it. The bed rails also come with an adjustable strap, allowing you to safely keep it in place even though it doesn’t have legs for additional support.

The top and bottom sections include extendable ones so that you can set them to the ideal height for your senior. The longer bottom also keeps it more stable, so you’ll minimize issues with the bed rail slipping around and moving out of place, so you’ll keep your senior safe.

You can purchase a larger version if it works better for your senior, so review the options available. The bed rail also supports up to 300 pounds, ensuring it works for most seniors, so you’ll rely on the strength, and it works for any bed size.


Overall, if you want a design that’ll hold up while also ensuring it stays in place, you can’t go wrong with this bed rail.

5. Adjustable Height Bed Assist Rail by Medical King

Best Universal Adjustability
Bed Assist Rail with Adjustable Heights by Medical king
What we love:
  • Wide range of height and size adjustments
  • Fits any bed and any mattress thickness
  • Holds 350+lbs
  • Storage bag included
Buy Now

What our reviewers are saying:

If you prefer an option with legs, you may want to try the Medical King bed rail with a wide range of adjustable heights. You can set it up to 33 inches tall or up to 42 inches, so it works great for most bed setups with the option to use it with other beds when needed.


The bed rail has a rounded handle, making it easy to grip, whether standing or sitting. The legs also have an anti-slip design, while the bed rail comes with a strap, so the rail won’t slip around or have problems while your senior uses it.

The bed rail holds up to 350 pounds of weight, so it has a solid capacity to work for most seniors. The back allows you to attach a bag with netting on it, so your senior can see what they store in the bed rail while easily grabbing the items as needed.


It also has an easy-to-assemble design, so you won’t have to use tools to set it up and can quickly get it ready for your senior. The bed rail works with any bed size and height, so you won’t have to worry if you must move your senior to a new bed.

Considering the bed rail’s flexibility and adaptability, it works great for most seniors and can cover their needs, so think about using this option.

6. Folding Medical Bed Safety Assist Rail by Boeaster

Most Solid & Permanent Bed Rail
Folding Medical Bed Safety Assist Rail by BOEASTER
What we love:
  • Screws into bed frame for sturdy & permanent use
  • Easily folds up and down with touch of a button
  • Prevents falling out of bed
Buy Now
02/18/2024 08:08 am GMT

What our reviewers are saying:

Having a guard rail remains a helpful device for seniors, so you may want to choose the Boeaster to keep your senior safe. This one lets you pull it up and down as needed thanks to the red button on the side, making it lock in place so it doesn’t slide around.


This one has bars along the sides to prevent your senior from falling out of bed, so you’ll keep them safe. The bed rails also come with aluminum and L brackets for additional support, so you’ll want to use plywood to secure the rail in place with minimal movement.


You have two sizes to choose from, so you’ll have one at 27 inches and another at 37 inches, ensuring you get the proper size. The bed rail also has a simple design to easily wipe down with a damp cloth, making cleaning easier.

The bars also have sponge on them, so your senior won’t risk an injury if they bump into it during the night. 

Overall, the design makes it a safe choice for any senior who wants to remain safe since it has sponge materials and a rail you can lower. You should buy this one if you want one that offers convenience to your senior while making safety the biggest priority.

7. Adjustable Bed Step Stool by ELENKER

Best Bed Step Stool
Adjustable Height Bed Step Stool by ELENKER
What we love:
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy duty step (holds 350lbs+)
  • Includes storage bag
Buy Now

What our reviewers are saying:

You have the Elenker available if you want another reasonable step option to make it easier to use the bed. The step lights up when it detects motion, so your senior won’t have to turn on the lights whenever they need to get out of bed.


The bed rail includes grabbable handles on both sides, each with foam on them to make them easier to grip. The non-slip feet also keep them in place while used, so the steps won’t shift unexpectedly and potentially harm the user.


It also includes a storage bag on the taller side, ensuring your senior has easy access to various belongings during the evening with enough space for laptops. The step and handle can support up to 350 pounds, so you won’t run into too many issues with your senior using it frequently.


You can change the step’s height, so you’ll find the ideal position to make it an easy step for your senior. The creators also offer responses in 24 hours, so you’ll get an answer quickly without waiting days to get an answer.


The bed rail works excellent for anyone who wants a durable option while ensuring they can safely get to the bed at any time of the day.

Factors to consider: Your Bed Rails Buying Guide

To purchase bed rails for seniors, you must consider the associated features and make an educated decision. Doing so will guide you through the process and help you see what you should expect and seek from your potential options.

Types: Separate or Attached to The Bed

You’ll come across two main types of bed rails: separate or utilizing the bed. The separate version stands independently, while the others have a section between the mattress and the box spring.

The separate option works well since you can quickly move it when necessary with additional options to secure it. That means you can easily transport it to another room or scoot it out of the way if your senior wants to stand by the bed.

On the other hand, the ones that use the bed have more stability. Since the mattress and box spring keep it in place, you won’t have to worry about slipping or moving around. Both options work well, but your choice comes down to personal preference.

Stability Versus Space

Going off the ones using the bed to remain still, you must consider the versions with legs and ones without them.

The ones with legs have a handle on top, a middle section that goes under the mattress, and legs that reach the ground. The design adds additional stability to prevent the bed rails from moving out of place, so you minimize problems.

The other design has the handle on top while the bottom of the bed rails goes under your bed, adding stability. However, they don’t have legs that reach the ground so that they won’t get in the way, and your senior won’t stub their toes while walking around.

These also come down to your preferences, so you’ll want to choose between a stable option or saving space on the floor.

Handle Shape

You have a few handle shapes you may come across. Some have a half-circle shape, a flat top, ones that bend inward, and other shapes. 

The half-circle design lets you easily grip it from any angle, so your senior won’t have to worry about hand positions. However, the flat top is easier to put weight on, so your senior can get out of bed with the additional leverage.

The ones that bend inward also provide good support, but they take up a bit of space toward the bed, so your senior could bump into it. No matter what option you choose, ensure the handles come with foam on them, so they won’t lead to blistering or any hand pain.

Storage Pocket, Open Space, or Bars

Each bed rail has space between the handle and the base, so they utilize it in various ways. For example, some offer storage pockets, others have bars, and some keep them open.

The storage pocket lets you place items in the bed rail, so your senior can leave them there when they need them. For example, if they sleep with an eye covering, they can keep it in their pocket, store their favorite book, or even place their cellphones in it.

The bars prevent your senior from falling out of bed. Since they have a set distance between them, your senior won’t end up falling through it or getting stuck, so they can remain safe while sleeping in bed.

The open space works well if your senior prefers to leave items on the nightstand. They can then reach through the bed rails and easily grab what they need. They also lower their odds of bumping into the bed rail so that it won’t fall out of place.

Adjustable Legs and Length

Speaking of the options, you’ll want to get bed rails with adjustable legs and length. Most of them include metal notches, so you choose the best height for your senior to let them easily use the bed rails as needed.

A few may have turning knobs on them to adjust the height based on what works. However, the adjustable knobs mean you can adjust them slightly without realizing it, while the notches will keep the legs in place.

The ones that go under the mattress may vary in length as well. You’ll want to extend them fully to make the bed rails as stable as possible since the additional length will put them farther under the bed. You’ll only want to put them at the shorter length when you want to store them.

If you purchase any options with legs, ensure they have anti-skidding feet. Doing so will help them stay in place, so you won’t have it slip unexpectedly and lead to an injury.

The great thing about an adjustable rail is it can also be used in custom size beds like antique 3/4 beds, with rv mattresses and even custom builds.

Material and Weight

You’ll come across multiple materials, but since you’ll use them indoors, you won’t have to worry as much about rusting. If you pick a solid metal or similar material, like aluminum, iron, or stainless steel, you won’t have to worry but check them beforehand.

The weight also matters concerning the carrying capacity. Having a bed rail that only weighs 20 or so pounds won’t be an issue, but you must think about how much it can hold. Ensure you double-check and know the senior’s weight so you don’t face any problems.

If you want a safe bet, you should choose a bed rail that supports over 300 pounds, though you may want to go with a higher capacity based on the situation.


You can also hold the rails in place if the bed rails offer straps. Some of these straps let you attach the bed rails to the side of the bed frame, adding further stability without making it inconvenient to attach. 

Some even use Velcro straps, so they’ll be easy to install and remove as needed. See which options come with straps if you need additional support since they are essential for separate bed rails.

Final Remarks

Bed rails for seniors exist as a way to let seniors easily get in and out of bed. Depending on the type you purchase, you can even prevent a senior from falling out of bed during the evening, so they won’t get hurt by falling over.

As you think about the situation and consider the bed rails available, ensure you review the list and think about the buying guide. Doing so will help you figure out the best choice for your situation, so you’ll protect seniors and provide them additional help when necessary.

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