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6 Best Beds with Storage Space (Lift Beds, Drawers, Loft Beds, Etc..)

In most households, the space above and below a bed is largely unused. If you’re trying to maximize your storage space, getting a bed with storage is one of the most effective ways to significantly increase your storage room without affecting aesthetics or layout. 


Types of Storage Beds

If you want a bed with storage, the good news is that there are many options available. Each has different characteristics, and not all beds are suitable for all rooms, so keep that in mind when deciding between them.

Drawer Bed

Drawer beds have one or more drawers in a solid frame that goes beneath the mattress. A popular design is three drawers on one or both sides or two drawers along the bottom. These have several advantages, including hiding the storage.

Drawer depth can vary, but most are between 6-12 inches high. Most drawers extend about forty percent of the distance under the mattress, although this can vary by design. Drawer beds aren’t suitable for bulky items, but they are a great way to hold toys, extra sheets, and shoes.

External Storage Bed

An external storage bed has open shelves, like bookcases, lining the outside of the bed. Some mix this with drawers to provide more flexible storage options. The primary value of an external storage bed is easy access to whatever you’re putting underneath. They’re an excellent place to put books, food, tools, or other things you want to access frequently.

However, external storage compartments are also exposed. You may end up kicking things that are inside of them or spilling liquids over them. They don’t offer as much protection as most other storage options, so they’re a poor choice for young children.

Headboard Bed

A headboard bed has an extra-thick headboard at the top, usually around 12 inches deep. It can have open or hidden storage here but essentially pushes the bed out from the wall to add a shelf where you can store things.

Although they don’t have a lot of room for storing things, headboard beds have an advantage in that they allow the fastest access to items while you’re in bed. People may use the headboards for holding books, electronic devices, food, or even pet sleeping areas.

Some modern headboards have electrical connections, allowing users to plug in electronic devices such as a white noise machine. Headboard beds are often part of a drawer bed system to maximize space.

Loft Bed

Loft beds have the highest storage potential of all beds. Resembling bunk beds without the lower bed, loft beds are essentially platforms, elevated high enough to allow the use of the space underneath. Some people put desks below them, but with the right design, you can have a space ideal for storage or other furniture.

Loft beds are also available in different heights, so you can customize them to the room you’re using. Unlike other options, loft beds often require a twin or full mattresses instead of queen-size, which can be an issue for some buyers.

The main drawback of a loft bed is that you need a high ceiling to use it effectively. These may not be suitable for rooms with slanted ceilings, low overheads, or ceiling fans. Anything you gain below has to come from above, so these are most effective in rooms with unusually high ceilings.

Bed frames that lift the bed a few inches off the ground do not qualify as loft frames. A bed must lift high enough to provide real access to the space beneath to qualify as a loft bed.

Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds, also known as hydraulic beds, can lift the entire mattress to show a storage area underneath the bed. Ottomans have more storage space than drawers and headboards because they can use the whole area under the bed but not as much space as a larger loft bed.

Ottoman beds are not suitable for everyday storage because their hydraulics will eventually wear out. However, they’re excellent for seasonal or long-term storage. They’re also reasonably user-friendly because the hydraulic systems mean you need almost no strength to lift the bed and access things beneath it.

Style-wise, Ottoman beds are the best option for hiding if you have a storage compartment because they don’t have any obvious drawer edges or pulls. The frames themselves are comfortably sturdy.

Some dual-Ottoman styles are also available, offering two separate compartments. The main downside to these beds is that there’s a risk of the hydraulics breaking. If so, it could be difficult to access the storage underneath.

These beds are a popular option in tiny and mobile homes since they conserve space.

Top 6 – Best Storage Beds

1. The Three-Drawer Bed by Allewie


What our testers are saying:

Allewie’s three-drawer bed has one drawer on each side, easily openable by anyone lying down normally, and a third extra-wide drawer at the base of the bed. This setup has more storage space than a typical four-drawer setup and can handle larger items.

The primary frame is iron, giving it a weight capacity of about 800 lbs. That’s satisfactorily high for any bed and a strong point in its favor. It doesn’t come with a headboard, but you can buy a headboard with storage to match if you want to. In addition, this Allewie bed is squeak resistant and has a sleek design, making it the perfect addition to any modern home.

2. The Lift Bed by Bellemave


What our testers are saying:

Bellemave’s queen-size lift bed is an Ottoman-style storage system with a comfortably large compartment beneath the bed. Its platform supports about 500 pounds of weight, which is enough for most couples even with the mattress’ weight, while the gray coloring suits many modern decorating styles.

We’d prefer a somewhat sturdier frame, perhaps up to 600 pounds, but the overall system is relatively reasonable. 

3. The Metal Loft Bed by DHP


What our testers are saying:

DHP’s loft bed is a full-size frame with a ladder leading up to the bed area and a comfortable open storage area beneath. The frame is 72.5” high (about 6 feet), and you’ll need a little more headroom past that to get in and out.

The area under the mattress is essentially open, though it’s slightly blocked off by the ladder. It has a relatively low weight limit of 300 pounds, so be careful what you plan to put on it. This frame comes in three color options, and you have the option to purchase a mattress with it.

4. The Queen Bed Frame with Storage Drawers by LIKIMIO


What our testers are saying:

LIKIMIO’s queen-size frame has drawers on each side and a simplified headboard with a charging station for electronic items. The four metal drawers on the inside of the bed are little but feature wire exteriors to keep the weight down and make them easier to open.

The vintage brown wood styling won’t work in every room, but houses with a rustic or industrial aesthetic will benefit from this stunning design. The charging port is also an excellent touch for meeting the desires of modern buyers. 

5. The Bali Storage Platform Bed by Memomad


What our testers are saying:

Memomad Bali’s bed is a combination of external storage and drawers on a raised platform. The drawers come in several styles, while the corners of the bed are open to allow easy access to things. They’re a reasonably good place to put books, sheets, and small assorted items.

The bed itself is pine wood, with rounded edges for safety. The durable, mid-century design is functional and beautiful.

6. The Bed Frame with Headboard Storage by Tiptiper


What our testers are saying:

Tiptiper’s frame is a queen-size headboard storage bed, placed just high enough off the ground that you can slide relatively small items under it without a problem. Its headboard area is multi-level, with a fold-down storage compartment and controllable LED lights in the upper section.

One side of this headboard includes a charging station with two USB ports and two standard plugs, which is more than enough for most beds. The top of the headboard serves as a third level for storing small items.

Although the actual storage is relatively limited here, the dark upholstery and sockets make this a pleasant design for people who only want a bit of space.

Pros and Cons of Beds With Storage

Storage beds have many positive traits. They give you significantly more space for storing things, there are styles to suit almost any room, and they work for everyone, from children to seniors.

The primary downside of storage beds is that you’ll have to pay more to get them. They aren’t prohibitively expensive on most budgets, but a typical storage bed will always cost more than a standard frame.

A secondary downside of storage beds is that they can be a situationally poor choice. Some rooms don’t allow for elevating a bed much, and if storage beds can’t go up, they don’t work.

Things To Consider When Buying a Storage Bed

Here are some things to consider when buying a bed with storage.


How accessible do you want your items? Headboard beds are the most accessible (if you’re in bed), followed by loft beds (for overall access) and external storage beds. Drawers follow behind them, while Ottomans are the least accessible overall.

That said, Ottomans are assisted-opening devices, so you don’t have to be strong to use them. That makes them a viable option for people with strength or mobility challenges who need a long-term storage solution.

Amount of Storage

Loft beds have the highest amount of storage possible. Ottomans follow them, then drawer and headboard options. External storage options may beat drawers depending on their configuration.


Some storage beds are significantly higher than others. Loft beds are unquestionably the tallest option here, but external storage, drawers, and Ottomans can have varying heights. You have to decide how to balance any height increases with your ability to get in and out of the bed.

If the frame is too tall, you may need steps or a ramp to get into your bed. This feature isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but you should consider your mobility needs before selecting a bed frame.

Loft beds have the greatest mobility requirements for getting in and out, as you usually have to climb a ladder. They’re popular with younger people and children in shared rooms but may not be ideal for seniors. Drawer beds are often the shortest option, while Ottomans are just a little taller.

Location of Storage

This consideration is mainly relevant for drawer beds and external storage. Some beds have storage on both sides, others only have storage on a single side. The issue here is where you want to put your bed. Ideally, you’ll place it somewhere you can access all the drawers. There’s no point getting a storage bed unless you can access all the storage.

Pricing: How Much Do Beds With Storage Cost?

Pricing for a bed with storage varies depending on several factors, including the following:

  • How much storage is available
  • The size
  • The materials
  • The brand

Most beds ultimately fall between $100 and $300 for simple storage options, while hydraulic systems and solid wood frames usually cost more.

However, prices change often, so always shop around and compare prices across brands and retailers. You can also wait for sales to get the best price.

Best Uses for Storage Beds

The best uses for a bed with storage depend on your household needs. Many people use them to store linens, winter blankets, and other items. People who enjoy reading or relaxing in bed often prefer headboard storage, while seniors like Ottomans.

Finally, buyers that have more vertical than horizontal space like loft beds. Many people put desks or other workstations under the bed, transforming the room into a functional office space.

Final Thoughts

Getting a bed with storage can be a great way to provide long-term access to additional storage areas in your house. Most storage beds work in most rooms, so the main question is how much storage you want and how much vertical space you can work with.

If you’re thinking about changing bed frames, take a look at a bed with storage today.

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