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7 Beautiful “Princess Beds” To Transform Any Bedroom into a Fairytale


Princesses, castles, fairy tales, they are all classic parts of a child’s bedroom. Sometimes, that theme also includes a novelty-style princess bed with a crown, castle, or jewel motif. So if you find yourself in the market for a princess bed, follow our guide below to see where to look and some tips for picking this particular bed frame style.

7 Princess Beds We LOVE

1. The Princess Bed by Maxtrix Kids


What customers love: Completely customizable. Available in a variety of different wood stains, fabric colors and configurations.

What our testers are saying:

This Princess bed comes in a variety of options and sizes. Maxtrix kids has made this bed completely customizable from the color of wood to the color of the fabric, the size of the bed, stairs or ladder, configuration, etc… This turns your standard old bed into a princess castle playground. Maxtrix is known in the industry for their high quality bunk beds and loft beds and makes a quality product that is safe and will last for years to come.

2. The Disney Canopy Princess Bed by Delta Children Store


What customers love: Affordably priced. Variety of princesses to choose from.

What our testers are saying

This bed is a simple platform bed that is perfect for young kids who love the world of Disney and princesses. The bed is available with a canopy or without and lets you choose from a variety of princesses and themes. The bed comes with an optional mattress and also includes built in guardrails to keep your little one from falling out. If you are looking to get an affordably priced princess bed that your little one will love then this is a great option.

3. Princess Carriage Bed by Coaster Home Furnishings


What customers love: Simple, Elegant and fun.

What our testers are saying

This princess bed lets your child sleep in their own princess carriage every night, just like Cinderella. The bed is a twin size and fits a standard twin size mattress. It is well made and sturdy with a metal base that can hold up to 400 lbs. This bed often sells out so if you see it in stock we recommend jumping on it before is disappears.

4. The Castle Loft Bed by Pottery Barn Kids


What our testers are saying

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this princess castle bed set. Pottery barn has made this bed with a classy yet fun design that you can decorate however you like. While the price point is certainly higher than any of the other beds on this list it will also last for years to come.

5. Princess Canopy Curtain by Lotus Karen Store


What customers love: Attaches to any bed set. Affordably priced.

What our testers are saying

If you want to give your child a princess bed without having to purchase a new bed set you can simply add this princess crown themed drapery above the bed. This accessory will make your child bed feel like their own special princess haven without having to buy a new bed set. It is also easy to take down if/when your child decides they have outgrown their princess phase.

6. The Princess Castle Bunk Bed by Merax


What customers love: Bunk bed that sleeps two people. Bed and play structure.

What our testers are saying

This princess bunk bed set is highly reviewed on Amazon and is sure to bring out the fairytale dreamer in your child. The bed comes with a built in ladder for easy and safe access to the top bunk and comes with silhouettes of a real castle.

7. The Pretty Princess Bedding Set by Disney


What customers love: Affordable way to turn any bed into a princess theme. Variety of different princesses to choose from.

What our testers are saying

A set of bedding is a great way to turn any bed into a princess themed slumber party. This bed set from Disney comes with 4 pieces including sheets, pillow case, comforter and a blanket. Disney offers over a dozen different themes to choose from, including a variety of the most popular princesses.

Are There Princess-Themed Beds?

There are plenty of princess-themed beds to choose from online and in your local furniture stores.

These beds come in basic types, such as a classic white headboard and footboard or a decked-out themed bed with princess characters. You might find princess beds themed like a Cinderella pumpkin coach or a castle with bunk beds inside. Plus, you can find skilled artisans who will work with you to create a custom princess bed frame. 

In short, whatever part of the princess theme your child likes most, you can find a bed centered around it.

How Much Does a Princess Bed Cost?

The size of your princess bed is typically what determines the cost. For example, a toddler princess bed will cost slightly less than a princess bed for a smaller child.

A princess bed for a toddler usually costs only a few hundred dollars, while a larger bed will cost at least a thousand. However, at certain stores, you can purchase a larger princess bed for just a couple hundred dollars.

Remember that a princess bed can come with several different features and decorations. The more decorative and elaborate the bed, the higher the cost. The bed’s building materials will also add to the price, so you’ll pay more for a wrought iron bed than a plastic or wooden one. Luxury models from Europe can cost well over ten thousand dollars in some cases.

Shipping and delivery fees can play a part in your princess bed cost. A bed might not cost much, but you can still pay more for shipping. You might purchase a princess bed for $300, but a $1500 shipping fee will quickly bump up your cost.

The Different Kinds of Princess Beds Available

If you’re looking for a princess bed, you don’t just have to pick a bedframe with princess characters painted on them. You can find beds in different shapes and color palettes to suit your child’s princess interests.

Princess Character Beds

This is the most obvious style of princess bed. You’ll typically find beds with princess characters painted or stamped on them.

This is the best choice if your child likes a particular princess character and their associated color palette. They are also usually the easiest to assemble since they come for cheap at most retailers.

Castle Beds

This type of princess bed can be very impressive and expensive. You’ll typically find the bed flanked on either side by two tall towers or even stairs, or the castle could be a flat piece attached to one side of the bed.

If you have two children wanting princess beds, you’ll find castle bunk beds where the posts holding the beds together look like castle towers. Some castle beds have a flat castle piece with windows at the head of each mattress.

Most often, you’ll find castle beds where the mattress is in an alcove between two towers. Sometimes these beds come with shelf space in one of the towers.

Carriage Beds

If you want something more classic or elegant, you can opt for a simple carriage bed. 

Getting a bed frame with metal wheels holding up the bed and a pumpkin-like framework works great if your child likes Cinderella. Plus, you can lay a canopy over the wire dome to create a cozier effect, and weaving fairy lights through the framework creates a magical effect. In short, this simple bed frame works great if you want more decorative and creative freedom.

Other carriage beds look a touch more elaborate. They might come with wooden or metal pieces meant to create a more cartoony effect, or the whole bed frame comes in one piece, like a novelty-style race car frame. Some carriage models come with curtains in the windows to create a more private sleeping space.

How to Choose the Right Princess Bed for Your Child

Choosing the right princess bed for your child depends on how old they are and what best matches their taste in princesses.

How Old Is Your Child?

If your child is still a toddler, it might be best to choose an easy-to-assemble princess bed. These come for an affordable price, and they can often expand to accommodate your child’s growth. Look for any bed frame labeled “toddler to twin,” and you won’t have to get a new bed frame when your child grows.

If your child is a little older and fits into a twin bed, you can go almost anywhere from there. A carriage or castle bed makes the room look more elegant, and you can change decorations as your child needs them.

Do You or Your Child Like Decorating Or Adding to A Room?

Some princess beds allow you to stretch your creativity when decorating them. For example, if you have a metal pumpkin-style carriage bed, you can add a canopy or fairy lights. You might even decide to spray-paint the frame a different color as your child’s tastes change.

A wooden carriage bed can also invite creative decorating. You might glue rhinestones onto some pieces or paint princess-themed stencils to make them truly fit your child’s personality. Some princess bed models allow you to disassemble them so you can individually paint the pieces if your child’s room palette changes.

That’s not counting all the fun bedding combinations you can find for your bed. You can stay in theme and find bedding with your child’s favorite princess characters, cute phrases or princess motifs, or just plain colors that match the room’s color palette. 

How Big Should the Bed Be?

You want your bed to make a statement but not take up too much room. For example, you probably could not fit a large pumpkin carriage bed inside a room without a high ceiling, nor should you try to fit a castle bed in a room without room to play on the floor. 

In most cases, your child will sleep on a twin mattress or full bed, so pick out the princess bed frame that provides the right style without becoming too crowded. Your child should not feel stressed or cramped in a space where they play and relax.

Will You Need to Move the Bed Often?

One big question with any bed size is how often you’ll need to move the bed. This could be for either redecorating the room or moving the bed to another location entirely.

Some princess beds are easier to dissemble than others. If you don’t see your family moving anytime soon, buying a more elaborate princess bed with many parts should be okay. If you are moving soon, or think you’ll need to move the bed around the room, consider buying a princess bed with fewer parts or an easy-to-dissemble frame.

Some princess beds come with foldable frames that make moving way easier than before.

What is Your Budget?

Beyond all else, it’s essential to have a handle on your budget. Considering everything we discussed with princess bed costs, you can cross-check your child’s preferences with what’s available in your budget.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Novelty Style Bed Frame

Choosing a novelty-style bed frame is not a spur-of-the-moment purchase. When your child likes a particular theme or style, you want to look around before making a choice. So let’s examine the pros and cons of choosing a princess bed.

Pro #1: Princess-Style Bed Frames are Cute and Fun

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Princess beds or any other novelty-style bed frame are a cute and fun way to showcase your child’s interests. 

They can also help your child to get excited about naptime or bedtime. Your child can feel comforted going to sleep under a princess canopy or climbing under a blanket with their favorite princess characters on it. A carriage bed with curtains in the windows can help your child feel safer if they’re afraid of dark open spaces at night.

Depending on the princess bed, it can be a fun place to play. If castle stairs or towers are on your princess bed, you can use them to display toys, or your child can pretend that their dolls live in the castle. If your princess bed is a carriage, your child can make believe they’re going to a ball or traveling on an adventure. 

If it’s safe, you can position a rocking horse in front of a carriage bed to complete the horse-drawn carriage look.

Pro #2: Decorating Around the Bed Makes a Fun Activity

A novelty-style princess bed can be a centerpiece in your child’s bedroom. That means you can gradually add decorations to the bed or around it to make the theme more complete.

A princess bed can be enjoyable to add to. You can put a canopy over top, or you can string fairy lights around the headframe to create a fairytale ambiance. The bed’s color scheme might help determine the colors of the room.

Toys or other accessories can further add to the theme. Your child can place their favorite toys across the pillows or hang their favorite crown from a post or bedknob.

Pro #3: You Don’t Always Lose the Functionality of a Regular Bed

When buying a novelty-style bed frame, you might worry about losing some benefits of a regular bed, like under-bed storage.

For example, even if your child has a carriage bed with wheels, you can still store items underneath the bed to save room. If you don’t want to see the under-bed storage, consider placing a bed skirt around the bed frame.

You could also make some cute princess-themed storage bins with your child. You can decorate plastic bins with rhinestones or princess-themed stencils as a fun activity to store toys and other items beneath the bed. 

Con #1: Your Child Will Eventually Grow Out Of the Bed

It’s only natural for your child’s interests to change as they grow up. They might like princesses when they are toddlers or small children, but they will either grow too big for the bed or simply might want to change their room’s theme at some point.

A novelty-style bed is not as versatile at keeping up with your children’s interests. While some bed frames might move between different themes, a novelty-style bed can only work with one or two themes within a specific category. For example, your child could paint their carriage bed black if their tastes get darker, but it might be a confusing theme.

Con #2: Custom Novelty Style Beds are Expensive

If you have a particular princess bed that you want custom-made, that will cost you way more than buying a bed from a store.

This might be a problem if you’re purchasing a custom-made toddler bed that your child will not use for a long time. Consider waiting for a custom-made bed frame when your child is old enough to sleep in a twin bed. 

Con #3: You Might Throw Out the Bed After Your Child is Done

Unless you have another child who is also interested in princesses, you might wind up giving the bed away after your child outgrows it or doesn’t want the bed anymore.

Of course, if you only use the bed for one child, you can at least consider selling it if it’s still in good condition.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right princess bed for your child can be great fun, given the available options for all budgets and children. Whether your child likes to sleep in a castle or carriage, you can find something to match their princess interests. No matter what princess bed you get, you can guarantee they’ll have fun sleeping on it and playing make-believe with their dolls or friends.

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