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5 Hotel Quality “Feather Pillows” Worth Buying (Tested & Reviewed)

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining our overall health and well-being.  In order to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, you need to invest in good quality bedding that allows you to sleep comfortably and undisturbed. 

One of the most important pieces of bedding that you need to invest in for a great night’s sleep, besides a quality mattress, is a high-quality pillow. 


The market is saturated with multiple different types of pillows that all offer different benefits during your sleep. 

Finding the right pillow for you can take some trial and error, but feather or down pillows can be a great all-rounder that offers support and comfort throughout the night. 

In this article, we will look at 5 of the most high-quality feather pillows that are worth every cent of their price tag. 

Top 5 Best Hotel Quality Feather Pillows

1. Down & Feather Pillow by Helix | Helix Sleep

Editor’s Pick – Best Overall



  • Cover: 100% Cotton Cambric, 230 TC
  • Inner Core: 5/95 Down & Feather Blend
  • Outer Cores: White Down (550 Fill Power)


  • Standard Size – 20” x 28”
  • King Size – 20” x 36”

What our testers are saying:

This down and feather pillow from Helix Sleep is one of the best feather pillows on the market.  Helix Sleep is a well-known brand in the world of sleep and bedding, so they know what they are doing when it comes to making comfortable and supportive pillows. 

The down and feather pillow has some features that are specific to Helix products.  One of the main features of the pillow is the unique 3-chamber design

This specific design purportedly provides the user with an incredible level of comfort.  The innermost chamber of the pillow is filled with a feather and down blend that creates the core of a soft but supportive pillow. 

There are then two outer chambers that are filled with white down which provides extra comfort and softness to the pillow. 

The unique chamber design of the pillow is contained inside a 100% ultra-soft, cotton cambric fabric.  This is a closely woven, lightweight fabric that facilitates airflow and increases the breathability of the pillow.  This can help you keep cool during the night. 

Finally, the pillow features a double-stitched edge that has been reinforced to ensure the durability of the pillow. The seams are reinforced with german piping which guarantees the strength of the seam and stops the stitching from coming undone no matter how much you toss and turn in the night. 

2. Sateen Goose Down Pillow | PlushBeds



  • Ultra-soft 700 fill power European goose down
  • Premium 330 thread count 100% cotton sateen cover
  • Natural, biodegradable materials only
  • Made in the USA
  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified
  • Meticulous double-stitched edges with German piping
  • Machine washable

What our testers are saying

If you are looking for a luxurious pillow that exudes comfort, this sateen goose down pillow could be just what you need for a more restful night’s sleep.  This pillow is made by PlushBeds which is an industry-leading brand of natural and organic bedding and bed accessories. Therefore, you can be sure that this pillow has been specifically designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and quality materials.  

This pillow uses European white goose down which is the fluffiest and lightest down material that can be used in pillows. 

PlushBeds utilize a high fill power with this particular pillow that creates different pockets or bunches of down. This helps to create an airy and voluptuous pillow that provides ample support for your head and neck. 

The pillow also offers temperature-regulating abilities. This is due to the fact that down is a naturally temperature-regulating material.  The pillow is able to retain the warmth from your body or the room while also facilitating air circulation to prevent overheating and sweating during the night.  

The cover that keeps the high-quality down secure in the pillow is made from sateen with a high thread count.  The seams are also reinforced with additional stitching. 

Not only does this make the pillow extra durable and worth the high price tag, but it also ensures that even the smallest feathers are securely contained within the pillow. 

This helps to keep the pillow plush and avoid painful encounters with feather quills. 

3. Feather Pillow – Hotel Chamber Style | PlushBeds


What we love:

  • Built for hotels – Hotel quality luxury comfort
  • 2 Layers (support and comfort layers)
  • Easy to care for (washer safe)
  • Double stitched reinforced border


  • 550 fill power white duck down outer layer
  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified
  • Inner chamber is made of supportive feather fill
  • 230 thread count 100% cotton cambric cover
  • Medium support, ideal for back and side sleepers
  • Meticulous double-stitched edges with German piping
  • Natural, biodegradable materials only
  • Made in the USA

What our testers are saying:

Another offering from PlushBeds is these hotel chamber-style feather pillow. 

For many people, the thing that they look forward to the most about staying in a hotel is the high-quality bedding that you get to sleep on.  With these hotel chamber-style pillows, you can get that same feeling at home every night. 

This premium pillow offers a firmer core than many other feather and down pillows. This helps to provide more support for your neck and head as well as ensures a longer lifespan for the pillow. 

There are two distinct layers that make up the structure of this pillow. 

The inner layer makes up the core of the pillow.  This is densely filled with a blend of feather and down.  This provides a great amount of support and comfort.  The outer layer is filled with pure white down.  This is the fluffiest type of down that contours perfectly to your head and neck as you sleep. 

Another great thing about these hotel chamber-style pillows is that they are extremely easy to care for. 

They can be washed in the washer when necessary and popping them in the dryer makes them come out even fluffier than before. 

Because of the natural durability of down and feather, you can wash these pillows as often as necessary without worrying about damaging them. In fact, regular cleaning can help improve the longevity of the pillows. 

The seams are double-stitched and piped to ensure that the pillow retains its shape and that all the feather and down material remains inside the outer cover.  

4. Alternative Down Pillow – Vegan | PlushBeds



  • Vegan friendly alternative to a traditional down pillow
  • Ultra-soft 0.9 denier microfiber polyester fill
  • Premium 330 thread count 100% cotton sateen cover
  • Meticulous double-stitched edges with German piping
  • Made in the USA

What our testers are saying:

This pillow from PlushBeds is a slightly different down pillow from the others on this list, however, the quality is so high that it couldn’t be missed from this article. 

This alternative down pillow from PlushBeds is a vegan-friendly alternative to a regular down and feather pillow. 

This is perfect for ethical vegans who want the support and comfort that is offered by a feather pillow but without the need for animal products to be used. 

One of the best things about this pillow is that it is available in two different firmness ratings and in three different sizes. 

This means that you can customize your pillow to your needs and preferences.  Instead of using goose down, the pillow has been stuffed with a microfiber material that is similar in structure to the finest white down that can be used in pillows. 

Each strand in the pillow is about a third of the weight of a strand of hair.  This makes the pillow incredibly fluffy and comfortable. 

Keeping the soft microfibers together is a high thread count sateen case that is finished with double stitching and piping. 

This helps the pillow to maintain its shape as you sleep.  The microfibers are stuffed into the casing to help them to contour to the shape of your head and neck to provide a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. 

5. Down Pillow – SOL Organics



  • 100% Canadian White Down
  • Cotton – Down Cover
  • Luxuriously stuffed Filling
  • Responsibly grown & harvested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in Canada
  • 30 Nights Free Trial
  • Free Shipping for all U.S. Orders

What our testers are saying:

This down pillow from SOL Organics is another great pillow that offers different options for customers to choose from.  This allows you to purchase the perfect pillow for your sleeping needs. 

This pillow can be bought in standard and king sizes to fit your bed properly. 

You can also choose from three different firmness levels that have been categorized into sleeping positions such as front sleeper and side sleeper to help you select an appropriate firmness level. 

The filling of this pillow is made from 100% Canadian down which provides incredible fluffiness and support for your head and neck. 

The down is encased in a certified organic cotton casing.  The pillow is completely hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for households that struggle with allergies.  

To maintain the quality of this pillow and get the most out of it during its lifespan, SOL Organics suggests regular airing of the pillow to allow the pillow to fluff up again and to increase fresh airflow between the down and feathers inside. 

What is a feather pillow?

Feather pillows are made with the feather taken from the back and sides of a duck or goose. These types of feathers still have the quills attached to them (similar to a feather you may find laying on the ground).

Feather vs down pillows


When it comes to down and feather pillows there are quite a few differences between the 2.


The Source

Down feathers are plucked from the underside or belly of a duck or goose while the feathers are plucked from the tops or sides of the animal. These provide different types of consistency and a different type of feel in a pillow

The Feel

Down and feather pillows both are very soft and “lofty”. Both will provide similar feels of comfort and support. The only downside to a feather pillow is that the quills are still in tact which means you may get one poking through the pillow from time to time.

Taking care of your pillow

Both down and feather pillows can be machined washed and are somewhat easy to care for when compared to other pillows. They are naturally moisture wicking and breathable making them great at staying clean naturally.

The Benefits of a Feather Pillow

  • PRICE – Feather pillows are generally more cost friendly than that of their down competitors. This is a great way to save some money but still get the benefits of having a feather pillow.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR – Feather pillows can easily be thrown in the wash whenever needed, making them easy to care for and long-lasting
  • MOISTURE-WICKING – Feather pillows are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking. This keeps them from developing any sort of mold and also keeps them cleaner for longer. Just make sure you let them fully dry after washing them!
  • SIDE & STOMACH SLEEPERS – The loft and softness of a feather pillow makes them ideal for side or stomach sleepers.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different types of down and feather pillows that are available in a market that is saturated with different products.

However, these are 5 of the best, highest quality feather pillows that are worth the price tags that they come with. 

Although there are plenty of different types of pillows available made from different materials, feather pillows remain some of the most popular on the market. 

This is because they provide support and comfort as well as superior airflow and temperature control when compared to synthetic materials. 

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