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Do Two Twin Beds Together Make a King? [Answered with Pictures]

A common question for people looking to upgrade to a king size mattress is “do two twin beds together make a king size bed?” Can you simply push two twin beds side by side and make a king?

The answer depends on the type of twin beds you and your partner buy. Read on to learn how you can use two twin beds instead of a king and when it’s a suitable option.


Do Two Twin Beds Together Make a King Bed?

Two regular twin beds don’t make a king bed when you put them together. A twin bed is only 75 inches long, while a king bed measures 80 inches long.


Now, two twin beds will be the same width as one king bed. The width of a twin mattress is 38 inches, and the width of a king is 76 inches, twice that of a twin.

If you want to combine two smaller beds to make a king, you’ll want to use two twin XL beds. They’re the same width as regular twin mattresses, but they’re five inches longer. That means one is about half the size of a standard king bed.


Split King Beds

If you want to put two twin beds together for a king, you may want to consider a split king bed. The split king is a unique type of bed that comes in two pieces. You can buy the bed if you and your partner prefer different firmness levels when sleeping.

Split king beds will guarantee that both sides are the same height. Then, you and your partner won’t have to worry about filling an awkward gap in the middle. You can each roll around from side to side like it’s a standard king bed.

A split king bed combines two twin XL mattresses. Unfortunately, buying a ready-made split king can be expensive, and it might not be the ideal choice for all couples.

How to Combine Two Twin Mattresses

Use a bed bridge

You can connect your two twin XL mattresses to make a king by using a bed bridge. This unique contraption goes in-between your mattresses and eliminates the gap, holding the two beds together.


If you and your partner can’t find a split king bed you both like, you can connect two twin XL mattresses to form your own split king bed. Make sure you buy two twin XL mattresses rather than regular twin beds so that you get the correct length.

Follow these steps when shopping for a new bed.

Coordinate Mattresses

First, you and your partner can each look for a twin XL mattress that you like. If possible, measure the height of the mattresses to make sure they line up. Then, you can roll around without sliding off the taller one.

You may also want to agree on a mattress type, such as memory foam. Certain mattress types wear out faster than others. If you want to replace the entire bed at once, you’ll want to choose the same type, whether that’s foam, innerspring, or a hybrid option.

However, you can choose different mattress brands. Also, one of the most common reasons couples choose to combine twin XL beds is that they don’t have to choose the same firmness. If you like a firmer mattress, your partner can pick something softer.

Get a Bed Frame or Box Spring

If you don’t have one, you’ll need to purchase a king bed frame or box spring. Make sure the bed frame is where you want it to be in your room.

Then, you can place each of the mattresses on top of the box spring. Verify that you put each bed on the right side based on where you and your partner sleep.

As long as you both get a twin XL mattress, they should fit perfectly in the bed frame or on top of your box spring. If something’s wrong, most mattress companies allow you to return your bed so that you can correct any issues.

Try a Mattress Topper

You can go ahead and lie on your respective sides of the bed. However, you and your partner may want to add a thin mattress topper. The mattress topper can help “connect” the two sides of the bed so that it looks and feels like one.

If you and your partner need more support, you can get a thicker mattress pad. In many cases, though, you might only need a thin cover. Go shopping together to find a mattress topper that you both like.

Then, you can add it on top of your mattresses, and you can add sheets and blankets over the topper.

If you can’t find a mattress topper, you can connect the beds with a nice set of sheets. Add the fitted sheet to the two outer corners of each twin XL mattress. You can use a set of king sheets like you would on a normal bed.

Now, you and your partner can finally nap or sleep on the bed overnight to test it out.

Why Put Two Twin Beds Together to Make a King

You may wonder why you’d want to combine two twin or twin XL beds to make a king. A lot of mattress stores have a wide selection of standard king mattresses. However, buying one big bed might not work for all couples.

Consider the following reasons why you may want to combine two twin beds.

Save Money

If you and your partner can’t agree on a standard king bed, you could purchase a split king. However, some split kings cost hundreds of dollars more than regular king mattresses. You and your partner may be on a budget.

Luckily, two twin XL mattresses can cost less than a split king bed. You may be able to find some mattresses for significantly cheaper than a split king.

Be sure to shop around both in stores and online. Then, you and your partner can each find an affordable twin XL bed that you like and can afford.

More Choices

When you buy a standard king bed, you and your partner will have to compromise. You have to agree on the firmness, brand, and type of mattress. Even if you look for a split king, you still have to agree on the brand and type.

However, buying and combining two twin XL mattresses gives both of you more options. You can shop around for the perfect bed for you. With as much time as you spend sleeping, it’s vital to have a bed you like.

If possible, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the mattress. Consider what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. Then, you and your partner can enjoy the time you spend sleeping or falling asleep.

Now, if you choose different mattress types, consider that one may wear out faster. That’s not the end of the world, but one of you may need to shop for a new mattress sooner than the other.

Better Sleep

When you get to choose the perfect mattress for you, you’ll have a much better chance of getting better sleep. You won’t have to worry about compromising on the material, type, or other factors related to the mattress.

Plus, you also don’t have to compromise on the sheets. You could each get a set of twin XL sheets, and you can top the bed with a bigger blanket to make it look like one unit.

Not getting good sleep can lead to a lot of problems, from high blood pressure to diabetes. Also, getting enough sleep can keep you from feeling irritable and lashing out at your partner. That can help save your relationship.


Before you and your partner rush to buy two twin beds, consider the following.

Can you use two regular twin mattresses?

You can use two regular twin mattresses to form a bed. However, the bed will be about five inches shorter than a standard king bed. If you and your partner are short, that’s fine, but it may be uncomfortable.

Do you need special sheets when combining twin mattresses?

You don’t need special sheets for your combined bed. If you combine two twin XL mattresses, you can use standard king sheets. However, if you combine two regular twin beds, you’ll need to use separate twin sheets on each mattress.

Can you put two twin mattresses on a king bed frame?

You can put two twin XL mattresses on a king bed frame, and they should fit perfectly. If you get two regular twin mattresses, they’ll come up a few inches short. You may want to buy a non-stick mat to put underneath so that the beds don’t slide up and down.

Are two twin beds better than a king?

For some couples, two twin beds are a better option than one king bed. You can each choose the right mattress for you so that you can both get better sleep.

Put Two Twin Beds Together to Make a King

If you and your partner are about to move in, you may wonder, “do two twin beds together make a king?” Moving in together is exciting, but you have to figure out your sleeping situation.

Not all couples have the same mattress preference. Luckily, you can combine two twin XL mattresses to form a king bed. Go shopping for mattresses now so that you can each choose one you like.

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