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(Top 8) Best "Split King" Mattresses & Accessories to Buy Online

What is a split king mattress and where can I buy one?



Two Twin XL mattresses pushed together make a king sized mattress. If you are looking to purchase a split king mattress you will need to buy two twin XL mattresses in order to make up a king. A split king mattress is great for utilizing with an adjustable base or for couples who want to have different comfort levels for each sleeper. In this post we will explain what a split king mattress is along with sizing and where you can purchase one online. Some retailers will specifically sell a split king mattress and others will require you to purchase 2 of their twin XL size mattresses in order to make a split king set. 

Split king mattress size

A split king mattress is ultimately the same size as a standard king (76″x80″) but is made up of two 38″x80″ halves called Twin XLs. Two twin XL mattresses equal one king size mattress. A twin xl is not the same size as a standard twin mattress

Split king vs standard king mattress?

A split king is the same size as a standard king mattress, it simply utilizes two mattresses that are half the size rather than one large mattress. This allows for each sleeper to choose different comfort levels and also will work with an adjustable base. A split king is much more versatile for couples than a standard king and has become quite popular in recent years. 

Choosing a split king mattress: Things to consider

There is no such thing as a perfect mattress for everyone. Each customer has different needs and preferences that shape their decision. That is why so many different mattress companies can successfully exist. With the rise in the online mattress industry the variety of available mattress companies has skyrocketed, providing hundreds of available options for you to choose from. This is great if you know what to look for but can be overwhelming. 

Here are the top things to consider when purchasing a single size mattress:

Frequency and length of use:

How often will the mattress be used? How many years do you hope to get out of it? Some mattresses are utilized as guest beds or for vacation homes and can be lower quality due to the lower amount of use. If the frequency of use is only a few times a year you can probably get away with an entry level budget friendly mattress. On the other hand, if the mattress is an every night sleeper you will want to consider something that will last so you don’t end up purchasing another mattress in a year or two. 

Material preference:

There are a variety of mattresses on the market today and many are made with varying materials that provide different comfort levels and a different feel for the sleeper. Decide what you prefer. Do you like the feel of memory foam? Are you looking for a more natural latex option? Do you like the traditional bounce of a spring mattress? If you are unsure of what you like we recommend looking at a hybrid mattress option that utilizes foam and springs for a combined comfort. 


Does the sleeper require a specific firmness? Hard? Soft? If there are a variety of sleepers on the mattress you will want an all-around option that is somewhere around a medium-firm level. The overwhelming majority of sleepers (around 90+%) prefer a medium-firm mattress.

Advantages and Disadvantes of a Split King Mattress


  • Accommodates multiple comfort preferences: A split king is great for couples with differing comfort preferences. It allows for each sleeper to choose a mattress that meets their needs. These mattresses are then pushed together to create one king size mattress. 
  • Compatible with adjustable base: A split king is meant to work with a king size adjustable base. A king adjustable base has two separate sides that move independently and requires a split king mattress set in order to properly function. An adjustable base allows each sleeper to raise or lower their legs and feet to meet their ideal position. 
  • Easier to move: If you move a lot, a split king mattress is much easier to move than a standard king. The two pieces smaller pieces can easily be carried by one person. 


  • Center gap: When pushing two split king mattresses together you may notice the small gap between them. You can purchase a mattress bridge to help with this but it won’t be quite as seamless as a standard mattress. If you are looking to snuggle in the middle of your split king mattress you may find it less than ideal. 

Best Split King Mattresses



What Customers love: Great value. Fits majority of sleep preferences. Over 6000 5-star reviews.

Order 2: Twin XL Mattresses @ $599 each

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is a great all around hybrid mattress at an affordable price. All of the mattresses from Brooklyn bedding are made in own factory in Arizona, which allows them to cut out the middleman and pass along the savings to you. The Brooklyn Signature mattress utilizes a pocketed coil innerspring unit as well as foam comfort layers to provide sleepers with a hybrid comfort system. The pocketed coils give the support and bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress, while the foam layers provide comfort and pressure relief. The Brooklyn Signature is available in 3 comfort levels from soft to firm to meet all kinds of sleep preferences. This also allows couples to choose different comfort levels for each half of their split king mattress. 



What Customers love: Natural latex mattress at an affordable price.

Split King: From $1948

Plushbeds is known throughout the industry for their high quality affordable, natural and hypoallergenic latex mattress options. The Natural Bliss is their most budget friendly latex mattress and provides all the healthy benefits of a latex at a great price. The Natural bliss is available in multiple firmness options so suit all comfort levels and preferences. This mattress also has an organic cotton cover and is perfect for any individuals with allergies or who are sensitive to non-organic fabrics. While there are other latex mattress options on the market that may spend more money on branding, this mattress is by the the best bang-for-your-buck.


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • No glues or chemicals used
  • 100 night free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • Variety of firmness levels available
  • Great value for the money



What Customers love: Built specifically to support heavier weight loads without breaking down.


Order 2: Twin XL Mattresses @ $639 each

The Titan Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is one of the only mattresses designed specifically for heavier individuals. The structure and build are made to still provide support under heavier weight loads. While many mattresses will begin to break down or feel differently under higher weights, the Titan mattress will still feel as intended. The Titan is made by Brooklyn Bedding in their Arizona factory. Their factory direct business structure allows them to cut out the middleman and pass savings along to you. 



What Customers love: Affordable memory foam mattress

Buy 2: Twin XL $124

Zinus is probably the most well known entry-level mattress brand on Amazon. They provide basic memory foam mattresses at very low prices. The reviews of this mattress are mostly positive. Some people do state that their mattress did not expand all the way but this is probably due to some mattresses sitting in the warehouse too long. If you are looking for an affordable single mattress that will last a few years or for occasional guests to sleep on, then this is likely the best choice for you. 


  • Very affordable compared to other mattresses
  • Comfortable memory foam top layer
  • Ships with Amazon or Amazon Prime
  • Highly reviewed on Amazon



What Customers love: Amazing pressure relief and support. 2-sided soft and firm options.

Buy 2: Twin XL @ $1199 each

The Layla hybrid mattress utilizes a pocketed coil support system combined with 2 sides of copper infused memory foam. This design provides support while also cradling the body and relieving pressure points. The Layla hybrid is 2-sided so you can choose to sleep on the firm or soft side. 


  • Hybrid mix of pocketed coils and copper infused memory foam for ultimate body support and recovery
  • 2-sided for firm and soft sleeping options
  • Sleeps cool with copper infused memory foam
  • 120 night free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • Made in the USA



What Customers love: Luxury pillow-top comfort. Great for all sleeping types

Buy 2: Twin XL @ 999 each

The Brooklyn Aurora is one of the most universally liked and recommended high end mattresses. It has a mix of pocketed coils and a memory foam pillow top, to give support and pressure relief. It also has a soft, delicate and breathable sleeping surface. This mattress won “best mattress of the year” in 2019 and is a great all around luxury choice for a split king mattress. 


  • Memory foam Pillow top
  • Pocketed coil support system
  • Soft, Medium or Firm comfort levels
  • Perfect for majority of sleep preferences



What Customers love: Awarded "best mattress for side sleepers" by multiple reviewers

Buy 2: Twin XL @ $599 each

The Nolah Original Mattress is Nolah’s most popular and best selling mattress. It is loved by side and back sleepers and top-rated by experts for its superior pressure relief and excellent back support. It feels like sleeping on a firm supportive foundation with a soft cushioning top that gently hugs your body’s shapes and curves.



What Customers love: Built specifically for sleepers who prefer an extra-firm mattress

Buy 2: Twin XL @ $719 each

Inspired by the minimalist approach to sleep in the Far East, the firmer, flatter, flippable surface of the Plank mattress creates a neutral spine position that’s better for your back and posture overall. The dual comfort design offers two variations: the top side of the mattress features an ultra-firm sleep experience; the bottom side of the mattress feels like a traditional firm, allowing for a highly customizable sleep.

Getting rid of your old mattress

After purchasing a new mattress you may be wondering how to get rid of your old one. The online companies do not offer mattress disposal services so you are on your own finding a way to get rid of it. Luckily, A Bedder World offers mattress disposal and recycling throughout the country. We have recycle dover 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside and POOF let us come take them off your hands. A single mattress costs around $80 to dispose of. 

Overall, choosing a split king mattress boils down to your preferences and personal needs. All of the companies in this list are trusted in the industry and provide a great product that you will be happy with.