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15 Best Bed Frames for a “Purple” Mattress


Purple mattresses are taking the bedding industry by storm. Their popularity is increasing as customers continue rapidly purchasing their premium products. They are notably popular on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

However, these mattresses are quite different regarding material and structure from traditional options and, therefore, may need an alternative bed frame to your old one. This article considers the best bed frames for Purple mattresses and how to pick the one for you.

Quick Summary: Requirements for purchasing a Bed Frame for your Purple Mattress.

The bed frame must have bed slats that are no further than 4 inches apart

A queen or king size frame must have a center bar support for proper support

A purple mattress can be used with a platform bed or a standard bed frame with a box spring

YES! A Purple can be used with an adjustable bed

As with any frame, make sure the one you choose is well made and supportive. A low quality frame can ruin the support of your mattress and cause it to wear quicker.

Top 15 – Best Bed Frames for a Purple Mattress

  1. The Puffy Bed
    by Puffy

    Puffy has won a variety of awards for their sleep products. Their bed frame is a solidly constructed platform bed that cradles your mattress a few inches down to prevents any movement, rocking or noise. The bed also has built in bed slats, meaning you do not need to purchase a box spring. If you are looking for a great all around luxurious and sturdy platform bed at a competitive price this is a perfect pick.

    What we love:
    • Strong, durable construction
    • Built in bed slats, no box spring needed
    • Quiet "squeak-free" construction
    • Easy to clean fabric
    • Luxurious modern design
    Buy Now
  2. The Solid Wood Platform Bed
    by Birchbaords

    This Birchboards platform bed is one of the best value bed frames on the market. The frame is extremely well built and has a solid and sturdy support structure. The exterior comes in a variety of different stains and finishes to match any style bedroom. This frame is very popular and can often be out of stock. If you see a color you like in stock we recommend buying it before it goes out of stock again. 

    What we love:
    • Solid sturdy wood construction
    • Built in bed slats (no box spring needed)
    • Variety of finishes available
    • Great value
    Buy Now
  3. The Sturdy Foundation
    by Puffy

    This classic platform foundation comes from the trusted Puffy brand. The foundation has metal slats and does not require a box spring, meaning you can put your mattress directly on it. Not only does it hold over 1,000lbs, it also has 15″ of storage room underneath and comes with optional headboard brackets to attach any standard headboard. Assembly is a breeze, not tools are required and it can be setup in only a minute or 2. 

    What we love:
    • Affordably priced
    • Ultra sturdy
    • No squeaking or movement
    • Storage room underneath
    • Easy assembly, no tools required.
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  4. The Natural Wood Bed Frame by Birch

    Designed to be durable, yet only with materials found in nature, the Birch Wood Frame features 100% Appalachian hardwood bed rails, 100% solid Southern Yellow Pine natural wood slats, and 100% solid Appalachian Maple legs. The all-natural wood finishes are water-based with zero VOCs. All the wood in the Birch Wood Frame comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified locations which are also LEED compliant and CARB compliant, promoting responsible energy and pollution monitoring practices. This low-profile solid wood bed frame features beautifully minimalistic, solid Japanese joinery with naturally noise-reducing joints. Setup is simple, with no need for tools or metal hardware. Easy, simple, safe.

    What we love:
    • Sustainably sourced
    • Non-Toxic
    • No tools required for assembly
    • Sturdy design
    • Made in the USA
    • Minimalist look
    Buy Now
  5. The Amalfi Bed
    by Saatva

    The Amalfi bed has world class construction at an affordable price point. The side rails are built with solid hardwood and are reinforced at the joints for extra stability. The tall headboard braces against the wall and will not move. You will not find this bed swaying or banging like you do with a typical bed/headboard set. Saatva prides themselves on providing luxurious products at affordable price points and the Amalfi is proof of that. You will not find a luxury bed set at a better price. Available in 3 different fabric finishes. 

    What we love:
    • Great value
    • Luxurious design
    • Soft tufted headboard
    • Sturdy construction
    • Available in 3 different colors/fabrics
    Buy Now
  6. The Malibu Low Profile Platform Bed (optional headboard)
    by Avocado

    The Malibu platform bed by Avocado is one of the lowest sitting bed frames on the market. Sitting less than 6″ above the ground, this bed is sleek and space saving for any style of room. The natural wood has built in wood slats which avoids the need for a box spring. The Malibu bed also comes with an optional headboard in 2 different sizes. This bed is the ultimate low profile bed frame and is sure to provide a minimalist look to any room.

    What we love:
    • Solid sturdy wood construction
    • 100% non-toxic materials
    • Built in bed slats - no box spring needed
    • Low profile, minimalist design
    • Handmade in Los Angeles
    • Easy assembly
    Buy Now
  7. The Minimo Steel Bed Frame
    by Keetsa

    The Minimo bed frame offers superior strength of steel for maximum stability, while the transparent coated finish harmonizes with any décor. The minimo is available in a variety of colors and adds a simplistic and minimalist modern appeal to any room. This frame is made with built in bed slats and does not require a box spring.

    What we love:
    • Solid, sturdy steel construction
    • Variety of colors available
    • No box spring required
    • Great value
    Buy Now
  8. The Adjustable Base by Puffy
    by Puffy

    The Puffy Adjustable Base comes with a variety of features that take your sleeping experience to the next level. Puffy products are all made in the USA and come at a great value.

    What we love:
    • Adjustable height options
    • UBS ports
    • LED lighting
    • "Zero Gravity" position for back pain relief
    • Vibrating massage feature
    • Much More
    Buy Here
  9. The Classic Foundation by DreamCloud
    by DreamCloud

    Made out of solid pine and natural spruce, our platform bed frame provides premium support under any mattress and can be assembled in minutes with optional legs for custom height—no tools required. This platform bed cannot be attached to a headboard or footboard.

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  10. The Upholstered Bed by Amerisleep
    by Amerisleep

    For many sleepers, their bedroom’s ideal look is “modern, yet classic.” This upholstered beige frame and headboard can slip into just about any room, with simple platform support for an updated feel. The bed frame is quick to put together, with everything you require included in the box. Everything arrives in one small, easy-to-carry package, making it a breeze to transport the box to your bedroom and set it up.

    Buy Now
  11. The Platform Bed
    by DreamCloud

    The Bevel Wood Platform Bed is simple yet sophisticated and can work in any home décor style. Its unique 10-inch legs are slightly angled to give that modern retro vibe while the classic wood slats and platform bed is solid enough to support your mattress without the need for a box spring.

    What we love:
    • Affordably priced
    • Multiple color options
    • No box spring needed
    • Low profile minimalist design
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  12. The City Bed (headboard optional)
    by Avocado

    An affordable, real wood bed frame that’s high-quality, simple to set up, and eco-friendly. Industry leading sturdy construction that includes a patented interlocking corner design for quality, strength, and durability. No nasty, VOC-emitting glues or finishes. Best of all, it’s a breeze to assemble and take apart, with virtually no hardware.

    What we love:
    • Sturdy solid wood construction
    • Easy assembly
    • 100% Non-toxic & Eco-friendly materials
    • Optional headboard
    • Made in the USA
    Buy Now
  13. The Bed Frame With Headboard
    by DreamCloud

    This stylish bed frame features an upholstered, button-tufted headboard and metal frame with real wood slats in a timeless design. A chic foundation for your mattress—no box spring or additional frame needed.

    What we love:
    • Modern Design
    • Luxuriously soft upholstery
    • Sturdy support system with real wood
    • No box spring required
    • Headboard, frame, wood slats and tools included
    • Easy assembly
    Buy Now
  14. The Eco-Wood Platform Bed

    Made from 100% reclaimed wood, the Eco Wood Bed Frame is handcrafted in Avocado's Los Angeles woodshop, finished in "rustic raw" with a zero-VOC sealant and super rugged solid Pine slats. It assembles quickly without any need for tools.

    What we love:
    • Sturdy solid wood construction
    • 100% Non-toxic
    • Handmade in Los Angeles
    • Platform bed - no box spring required
    Buy Now
  15. The Heavy Duty Frame
    by Bedtek

    The Bedtek heavy duty bed frame takes the standard metal bed frame to the next level, supporting over 2,500 lbs. Constructed with non-toxic, advanced polymer resin, this steel bed frame uniquely absorbs sound between the mattress and frame. The wide feet and tongue and groove assembly create an extremely quiet and solid sleeping platform for even the heaviest and most active sleepers. This frame does not require any tools or hardware for assembly and simply snaps together. This means you don’t have to worry about loosening screws or parts that squeak or sway over time. Easily attach any standard headboard as well. 

    What we love:
    • Holds over 2,500 lbs
    • Non-Toxic
    • Sturdy wide feet
    • Quiet "squeak free" construction
    • Easy "snap together" assembly, no tools required
    • Made in the USA
    Buy Now

What Kind of Mattress Is a Purple Mattress?

Purple mattresses differ from other mattress brands due to the materials and technology used. The core technology of the Purple mattress is the Purple GelFlex Grid

This technology is in the comfort layer. It’s a hyper-elastic polymer that instantly adapts to body movement and rebounds when not in use.

Due to the use of the Purple GelFlex Grid, Purple mattresses are both firm and soft. They’re also effective at not retaining heat so that your sleep experience stays cool all night long. While memory foam mattresses have been the most popular option in recent years, Purple is taking down its competition with its iconic technology and marketing expertise.

What Mattresses Does Purple Offer?

All Purple mattresses incorporate the same technology, but Purple offers different variations to suit individual desires.

Here’s an overview of the current Purple mattress selection, which highlights the main selling points of each.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is the brand’s iconic base model. It claims to have a medium-firm feel and comes in seven sizes. Prices range from $799 to $1,998, depending on the size.

Purple Plus Mattress

The Purple Plus Mattress has an additional foam layer, causing it to have a softer feel than the base model, Purple Mattress. This option comes in seven sizes. Prices range from $1,199 to $2,898.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is the firmest mattress that Purple offers. Instead of only using their GelFlex Grid technology, they use it alongside a Responsive Coil Core. This option comes in six sizes. Prices range from $1,899 to $3,798. As with the other mattresses, the Purple Hybrid Mattress uses non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.

Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

The Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress includes the Responsive Coil Core while not being as firm as the original Purple Hybrid Mattress. This option is considered medium-firm and has six size options. Prices range from $2,499 to $4,998.

Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress

The Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress is the softest mattress Purple currently offers. It includes the Responsive Coil Core, also found in other selections in the hybrid line. The Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress is available in six sizes. Prices range from $3,199 to $6,398.

Kid Purple Mattress

The Kid Purple Mattress is for smaller bodies. It only comes in a twin size and costs $699.

Do Purple Mattresses Require a Special Type of Bed Frame?

Thankfully, Purple mattresses don’t require a specialized type of bed frame. Of course, the bed frame must match the dimensions of the mattress to ensure a perfect fit. However, this is the case when purchasing any bed frame and, therefore, won’t cause additional stress due to the brand name of your mattress.

Purple does highly recommend their bed frame named the Purple Bed Frame. This bed frame is easy to assemble. Additionally, its simple design makes it easy to match it to the decor you already love. It’s available in six different sizes and two colors: stone grey and charcoal grey. 

The various sizes include the following:

  • Twin
  • Extra large twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king

Remember that a bed frame and a bed foundation are two separate things. While any bed frame should work with your Purple mattress, the same doesn’t apply to any bed foundation. 

The primary example of this is a box spring foundation. While some beds require box springs, a Purple mattress and most other modern mattress options, such as memory foam, shouldn’t be used with a box spring.

Can a Purple Mattress Go On a Regular Bed Frame?

Short answer – yes! A regular bed frame is adequate for a purple mattress, especially if you’re going after a particular aesthetic. 

However, regular bed frames vary based on different features and benefits. So picking the right one requires some thought.

Can a Purple Mattress Go On Bed Slats?

Yes! As with any mattress, you want to ensure the slats are close enough to avoid potential bed sagging. Bed slats are cost-effective and give ample airflow so that your mattress can cool off and not retain unnecessary dust.

How Close Together Do the Bed Slats Need To Be for a Purple Mattress?

When using a Purple mattress, your bed slats should be no more than 2.75 inches apart. This guideline is vital to prevent sagging and will keep your mattress in perfect condition for a long time. 

Make sure to measure the bed slats if purchasing in person or read the product details if purchasing from an online retailer. Contact the online retailer directly through phone or email if they don’t list the measurements between the bed slats.

Can a Purple Mattress Go on an Adjustable Bed?

Yes, a Purple mattress can go on an adjustable bed. You can opt for an adjustable bed frame from your favorite store or choose Purple’s version.

Purple sells an adjustable bed called the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. This product comes in five sizes, with varying prices. Here are the various size options:

  • Extra large twin
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king
  • Split King

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is a quality option. However, this bed frame is manually adjustable and not controlled by a remote. 

If you want to adjust your bed frequently, keep this in mind. It may be difficult for elderly and disabled consumers to do so. These individuals should therefore explore other remote-controlled options or ensure they will have assistance when adjusting their bed.

What To Look for When Selecting a Bed Frame for Your Purple Mattress

If this is your first time purchasing a bed frame or you want to make the best-educated decision possible, here are some things to look for when shopping. Keep in mind this is a product you will use daily for a very long time! So choosing the best bed frame for purple mattresses isn’t a decision to take lightly.


Nothing is as unsatisfying as a wobbly bed frame. When making this purchase, check to ensure the bed is stable and secure and will not wobble under slight movement. You want your bedframe to last as long as your mattress, making this an essential consideration.


It’s a common design strategy to match your bed frame to the rest of the decor within a bedroom. If a bed frame doesn’t consider the rest of the bedroom decor, it may seem out of place and be an eyesore.

There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a particular style, such as mid-century modern. If you’re not design-savvy, a great tip is to choose a mattress that is a similar color to the rest of your bedroom furniture but not an exact match.


Although you may love the look of a particular bed frame, it may not be the right fit for your space. This incompatibility may mean you may have to compromise. A bedroom space and a bed frame must complement each other.

For example, if you’re buying a Purple mattress for a young child, you don’t want to purchase a flimsy bedframe that will break easily.


Often, we need to consider our budgets when making a large purchase like a bed frame. Bed frames vary drastically in price. Luxury, antique, or custom bed frames can retail as high as $10,000 or more. This high cost is probably out of your price range, but it should still be known. 

Come up with a number appropriate for your current financial status before shopping to ensure you know where you stand before you check out. Purple also often has sales and promotions that allow customers to save money on their products.

The Different Styles of Bed Frames That Will Work With a Purple Mattress

Now that you know what to consider when picking the best bed frame for your Purple mattress, let’s consider the different styles available! Due to the ability of the Purple mattress to work with almost any bed frame, most options will be available to purchase.

Platform Beds

Platform beds have always been popular as their construction is simple. The bed is suspended off the floor by four legs and supported by wooden or metal slats. Typically, there are a few inches of space between the bottom of the mattress and the bed to allow some storage space.

Storage Beds

These bed frames are optimal for those short on space in the bedroom. Drawers are often included within the base of this bedframe to store extra belongings that don’t have a place elsewhere. 

Trundle Beds

Do you have a small space that needs the option to have two beds available? Trundle beds can appear as a single bed or turn into two beds by pulling out the bottom bed! This design is a great space saver and is popular when used for small children, typically siblings.

Loft Beds 

Loft bed frames are popular with students because they can save space in their small rooms by having their desks underneath their beds! There are also options available using a couch or sitting area underneath the bed instead of a desk. The bed is lofted closer to the ceiling and often has a ladder for easy access.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh bed frames are what they sound like: a sleigh! They’re iconically designed and have prominent head and foot boards that add thoughtful design implementation to any bedroom.

TV Beds

Do you enjoy watching films and television shows in bed? There are bed frames constructed specifically for this purpose! On the footboard are flat-screen TVs installed so you can relax in bed and have your favorite entertainment easily accessible.

Wrought-Iron Bed Frames

This bed frame is classic and will last long. They’re typically slender, making them ideal for spaces with little room or for people who prefer a minimalistic design.

Canopy Beds

Canopy bed frames have tall posts on all corners, or a frame up high, to support a fabric canopy draping from above. This design is an ethereal look popular in feminine-styled bedrooms.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman bed frames are a type of storage bed frame utilizing a built-in ottoman at the end of the bed. This ottoman can store things such as blankets, pillows, and other bedding when not in use.


Daybed frames often resemble couches in how they present in a room during the day. They’re popular in living areas that are communal during the day but privately slept in at night. They keep the energy light and airy when there are guests while maintaining comfort in the evening.


Futon bed frames are transitional frames meaning they can be used as a futon or as a bed with only a simple adjustment. These bed frames are ideal for those using a multipurpose room for lounging and sleeping.

Pull-Out Couch Frames

Similar to the futon bed frame, pull-out couch bed frames can be a seating arrangement or a bed. However, pull-out couches are much more inconspicuous than the futon bed frame, as the bed is completely hidden when not in use. The bed component is kept underneath the couch cushions.

Mid-Century-Modern Beds

Mid-century-modern bed frames are typically made with wooden material and have a minimalistic aesthetic. While they don’t tout a functional purpose aside from being stylistically preferred, they’re a popular option for their simplicity and beauty.

Adjustable Frames

Adjustable bed frames are ideal for those having specific position preferences. They can also be helpful for the elderly that find it difficult or impossible to rise from their bed without some extra assistance. 

Adjustable beds can be manual in their adjustments or may have a remote to adjust with the ease of pushing a button.

Tatami Beds

Tatami bed frames are rising in popularity in North America despite being of Japanese origin. They are low-profile and solid-wood. They are known for their beauty and often incorporate built-in side tables.

What Factors Buyers Should Consider When Purchasing a Bed Frame for Their Purple Mattress

Purchasing a bed frame is a big decision as they’re financially costly. In addition, you’ll most likely own the same one for an extended period. Bed frames come in many variations to suit the needs and preferences of different consumers.

While a bed frame may seem like a relatively easy purchase, it can be a complex decision based on any number of things. Here are a few factors you need to consider when buying a bed frame.


A bulky bed frame may seem out of place and strange compared to the bedroom where it is. In addition, even though a bed frame is the correct size for your mattress, it may not be the right size for your room. Consider both of these when purchasing a new bed frame.


Bed frames can be tall, especially if they come with posts or have a canopy attachment. Ensure the size is appropriate for the room it will be in by measuring beforehand. Ideally, your bed frame will not obstruct the function of any light fixtures, ceiling fans, or air vents.


Bed frames range widely in price. They can start as low as around $100 and go up to more than $10,000. This price is dependent on things such as:

  • Brand
  • Material
  • Vintage or antique status
  • Special features


As discussed above, Purple highly recommends the Purple brand of bed frames. While these are great options, countless brands construct quality bed frames worth exploring. 


Most consumers opt to buy a brand-new bed frame directly from the manufacturer or a retail store. However, this isn’t the only way to find your perfect bed frame. 

Vintage and antique bed frames are beautiful. Additionally, their quality is apparent in their resilience to age. Vintage and antique collectors will love the energy it brings into the space.

New or Used

If you want a modern bed frame but want to save money or go an eco-friendly route, buying a second-hand piece is a great option! Resources to do so include platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, local thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales.

Final Notes

Purple mattresses are an investment and should have the best compatible bed frame possible to make the purchase worthwhile. There are many bed frames available to consumers that are compatible with purple mattresses that vary widely in design, price, and functionality. 

Treat buying a bed frame as you did when purchasing a mattress. Consider personal preferences, comfort, space, design, and price when picking the best bed frame for a purple mattress.

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