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Full vs Queen: Can a Queen Mattress Fit on a Full Bed Frame?

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes many of which are similar and only differ by a few inches here and there. The most similar in size are probably a full and a queen size mattress. So, if you have a queen size mattress and full size frame you may be wondering, “can a queen mattress fit on a full bed frame?”. Keep reading to learn if a queen mattress is compatible with a full bed frame.


A high-quality, comfortable bed set up is essential for proper spinal alignment, pressure relief and a restful night’s sleep. A quality mattress as well as a sturdy bed frame are equally crucial. If these two aren’t compatible, you’re likely to experience less than ideal comfort, not to mention acute back and neck pain.

Can a Queen Mattress Fit on a Full Bed Frame?

TECHNICALLY, you could put a queen size mattress on regular full size bed frame, but we don’t recommend it. Unless you use a full to queen conversion kit (see below), the queen size mattress will hang over the sides of the full frame both in terms of width and length, by quite a few inches.

There is an affordable conversion kit available that you can use to convert your full frame into a queen size frame (below).

Best Full to Queen Conversion Kit

Unless you’re planning to rebuild or modify/convert the bed frame, you should avoid putting a queen mattress on a full bed frame. Queen mattresses measure 60″ wide by 80 inches long and require a bed frame that matches.

Contrastingly, a full bed frame is 54″ wide by 75″ long. As such, a queen mattress won’t fit into a full bed frame because it’s too small. The portion that hangs over the edge of the frame will not have enough support to hold a sleeper and will likely cause the mattress to bend or sag in certain areas.

Thus, choosing the correct size frame for your mattress is always a good idea. The good news is that mattress sizes are uniform across brands, making it simple to locate a suitable bed frame for a queen mattress, no matter your budget.

Read more below for options on how to convert your existing full bed frame into a queen as well as gain more info on the differences between full and queen size mattresses.

How To Convert a Full-Size Bed Frame Into a Queen Bed

With the necessary tools and materials, it’s possible to alter a full bed’s structure to support a queen mattress. It could work as a short-term fix, although you’ll be better off getting a new bed frame in the correct size. Here are the steps to follow if you want to convert your full-size bed into a queen-size one.

Step 1: Check the Frame’s Connection

Examine the bed to find the frame’s connection points to the headboard and footboard. A large percentage of frames require bolts, some connect to the bed’s headboard and footboard.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Plate You Want To Use

To accommodate the larger bolts that your replacement converter frame might have, you’ll have to choose whether to use a wooden or metal plate. If that’s so, you should hold off until you receive the replacement frame and verify that the plate is large enough to fit the new bolts.

Step 3: Buy Converter Rails

You’ll need to buy full to queen-size bed converter rails. You can get them from the following places:

  • Online stores
  • Local furnishing outlets

They will most likely come packaged with hooks and bolts, giving you the freedom of choosing how to mount them. However, the floor-hugging converter frame usually requires hooks for attachment.

Step 4: Install Your Plates

When installing the converter rails, refer to the maker’s specifications. To make room for your queen-size box spring, consider sliding the L brackets out of their position.

Step 5: Adjust the Central Support Leg

The final step entails adjusting your bed’s central support leg’s position. Before setting up your queen-sized mattress and box spring on the frame, you must adjust the legs accordingly.

Once everything is in order, give your newly converted queen bed a test run and enjoy. If you feel any depressions or unevenness, you might consider adjusting the bed’s frame or adding extra support.

Why You Can’t Use an Oversized Mattress on a Smaller Bed Frame

If you insist on making this misaligned arrangement work, you risk damaging your pricey mattress. The last thing you want to do is to shorten the life of your expensive mattress because you tried to make a bad situation work.

Manufacturers design mattresses to distribute your body weight properly. A mattress that protrudes beyond the perimeter of the bed frame will not provide adequate support. Consequently, you’ll likely have a less than ideal night’s sleep.

In addition, weight increases pressure on your neck and back muscles when a mattress can’t adequately support your body. You risk developing back and neck pain or making them worse if you have preexisting musculoskeletal conditions.

Your bed’s base and box spring or slats hold the mattress’s weight and whoever is sleeping on it. These support the side rails and assist in distributing the load. An overhanging mattress might place undue stress on the bed’s support structures.

Most manufacturers will also invalidate your warranty if you fail to adhere to their frame size specifications. So, if you place a premium on having a warranty upheld, you’ll want to ensure you don’t use a full-size bed frame with your queen mattress.

It would help if you always used a queen-size mattress on a queen-size frame and a full-size mattress on a full-size frame. If you need to upgrade your bed to accommodate a larger mattress, purchase a bed frame specifically designed for a larger mattress and provide sufficient support.

Difference Between a Full and Queen-Size Mattress


When deciding between a full or queen-size mattress, there are important differences. Queen-size mattresses are wider by 6 inches and longer by 5 feet than their full-size counterparts.

A full-size mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a queen-size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The difference in size means that the queen-size mattress offers more sleeping space.

A full-size mattress is generally large enough for one person whereas a queen mattress is ideal for a taller person or two people because of its larger width and length.

No matter the brand, a full-size mattress will almost always be less expensive than a queen mattress due to the fact that it is smaller and uses less materials. A mattress’s cost increases in line with its size.

There is a full xl option that uses the same width as a full but adds 5″ inches so that it is the same length as a queen, adding 5″ more inches of leg room.

Furthermore, queen-sized bed accessories are a bit pricier than full-size bed accessories so you will spend slightly more overall.

The minimum room size for a queen bed is 10 by 14 feet, while the minimum for a full bed is 10 by 12 feet. A queen bed will feel too crowded if smaller than that. Thus, settle for a full-size bed if your bedroom is small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are full and queen-size bed frames the same thing?

No, there is a difference between a full-size bed frame and a queen-size bed frame. Full bed frames typically measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, while queen bed frames measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Should mattresses and bed frames be the same size?

Preferably, your bed’s frame and mattress should be a perfect fit. But if your bed is a platform model, the frame can be larger than the mattress. That will permit the small mattress to sit on top of the platform portion of the frame.

What is the proper size bed frame for a queen mattress?

A queen mattress measuring 60 by 80 inches requires a bed frame with a platform or box spring that is at least 60×80. .

Can a queen mattress fit on a full bed frame?

No, a queen mattress is too large to fit on a full-size bed frame. However, depending on the design of your bed frame, it’s possible to purchase a conversion kit and make a few adjustments to make them compatible.

Can a mattress be too heavy for a bed frame?

A bed frame’s maximum weight capacity doesn’t account for the mattress’s weight. That implies that you must consider your mattress’s weight when calculating whether a frame is sturdy enough. Confirm with the seller if the bed frame what their total weight capacity is. Most bed frames will hold close to 1000 lbs and shouldn’t be an issue.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to bed frames and mattresses, size matters. While it may be tempting to try and squeeze a queen mattress onto a full bed frame, it is not advisable. Doing that can damage the mattress and strain the bed frame, leading to premature wear and tear. To get the most out of your investment, ensure that you choose the right mattress for the frame.

With proper measurements and quality materials, you can ensure that your bedding setup provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience for years to come. We hope the article answered the question, can a queen mattress fit on a full bed frame?

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