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(Top 8) Best "Floor Mattress" Options for Japanese Style Comfort

A thorough review of our favorite floor mattresses on the market


Believe it or not there is a whole subset market of mattresses that are made specifically for the floor. Many of these mattresses do not have the structure to be put onto a bed frame and are built specifically for ease of use and portability. In many Asian cultures they put their sleeping mats directly on the floor. During the day they roll them up and put them away. 

Is it ok to sleep directly on the floor?

Many Asian cultures have been sleeping directly on the floor without a mattress for centuries and they seem to like it just fine. Many of them actually prefer the feel of the floor to sleeping on a mattress. Our bodies are very adaptive and can get used to anything. If you prefer the firmness of sleeping on the floor you can certainly do so. Mattresses do provide many benefits of pressure relief but the floor does have support benefits when it comes to alignment of the spine. 

What size is a floor mattress?

floor mattresses come in a variety of sizes usually ranging between twin and queen. A twin mattress is best for kids or if you plan to transpose the bed from place to place, while a queen would be best for larger individuals or couples. 

When would you use a floor mattress?

A floor mattress that folds up can be advantageous for many reasons, besides just making a small living quarters seem larger. Besides the fact that is takes up much less space when its not in use, a floor bed can also be something that you bring with you on the go or from home to home if you move a lot. The quality of many of these beds also makes them a perfect option to use as a primary sleeping bed. The majority of people choose to use one of these options for housing guests. It is always nice to have an additional comfy place for people to sleep incase you happen to have more guests than beds. 

Floor Mattress Benefits


A floor mattress is not usually as structurally robust as a standard mattress, so it usually has less layers and therefore costs significantly less than a mattress you would put on a bed frame. 

Great for guests

 A floor mattress can easily be put out for additional guests or sleepers without much hassle. 


Most beds that are meant to go on the floor are also meant to be portable and easy to move. Many floor mattresses are easy to fold or roll up when not in use or can be transported to a new location for individuals who move often. 

Sleeps cool

A floor mattress is obviously closer to the ground than a standard mattress and since heat rises you will find yourself sleeping in cooler air than you would when you are raised up on a mattress that sits on a bed frame. 

Supportive foundation

 Nothing is firmer than the ground itself. By placing your mattress directly on the ground you do not have to worry about finding a foundation or structural support. 

Less products to buy

When you buy a floor mattress you only need that mattress to sleep effectively. You do not need to purchase a box spring or a frame which makes the purchase process much less stressful. 

Floor Mattress Downsides


 A floor mattress may not be built from as sturdy or high quality materials as a standard mattress, therefore, it may not last as long.


If you are used to sleeping on a 10-12” thick standard mattress a floor mattress may not feel as comfortable to you. Thick mattresses are built the way they are to conform and cradle the curves of your body whereas a floor mattress may feel less forgiving. 

Things to consider before buying a floor mattress

Portability: Will you be taking this mattress with you as you move from place to place? Does it need to fold up and be easily transportable? This will have an effect on the size and style of mattress you choose. 

Size: How big are the people who will be sleeping on this mattress? Does it need to be able to fit multiple people at once? Choose a mattress size that meets your needs.

Price: How much are you looking to spend? There are a wide range of floor mattresses available so stick with a budget that is right for you but know that with anything a lower priced generally reflects a lower quality product and sleeping experience. 

Material: Do you like the feel of memory foam? Do you prefer all natural latex or organic cotton? There are a variety of floor mattresses to meet all of your sleep needs. 

9 Floor Mattress Options


What customers love: Multiple functions and very comfortable to sleep on.

The folding couch is just as it sounds. A bed that can also function as a couch. Simply flip the side up and POOF you have yourself a couch. This bed comes in twin and queen sizes and is a perfect addition to any loft, basement or tv room. This folding bed is a 8″ thick, which is much thicker than many of the other options on this list. You can be sure that it will provide a comfortable nights sleep or lounge spot for any size individual. 



What customers love: Easy to fold up and take anywhere. Quality memory foam mattress.

This fold up mattress by Milliard is easy to fold up and take on the go or to put in the closet for when a guest comes over. The mattress folds into three layers and comes with a carrying handles for easy portability. The mattress is made to be put directly on the floor and is 6″ thick with memory foam for a comfortable sleep for sleepers of all weights. At 75″ long this mattress will comfortably fir sleepers up to 6′. If you are looking for a longer mattress you can see our suggestion for larger individuals and couples. 



What customers love: Affordable and large enough for all guests.

Giantex has made the ultimate tri-folding queen size mattress. It is made with a removable bamboo cover for easy washability as well as a 4.5″ of support foam with 1.5″ of memory foam for the an extremely comfortable nights sleep for individuals and couples of all sizes. The mattress also comes with a zip up transport bag that keeps the mattress clean during storage and makes it easy to take on the go. 



What customers love: Comfortable memory foam Easy to roll up and transport.

The Better Habitat floor mattress is made from CertiPUR-US memory foam and is a great option for on the go comfort or for the occasional extra guest. This mattress easily rolls and unrolls for quick use and fast storage. It also comes with a carrying bag making it simple to take with you on the go. Many people prefer to take a foam mattress like this camping over an air mattress because they prefer the comfort level of foam. 



What customers love: Made with organic cotton. Comfortable sleep anywhere pad.

The Japanese have been sleeping on the floor for years, so when it comes to floor mattresses they have perfected some great designs. This organic cotton floor futon is perfect for any room and easy to fold up and store. It can also be used as a yoga mat, mattress topper or play mat for kids. This versatile usage coupled with the positive reviews and the all around comfort make this mattress a great choice for anyone. 



This isn’t your ordinary camping mattress. This mattress utilizes 4″ of compress-able foam to shrink when not in use and to give maximum comfort when sleeping. This mattress is also waterproof and comes with a carrying strap, making it easy to take with you anywhere. While this mattress is specifically made for camping it is great to use on the floor in any house when needing to house extra sleepers. Customers on Amazon rave about this mattress and its superiority over most other air pads on the market. 


To be clear, this is just the cover that is for sale. You stuff it with pillows from your house. But for the price this is a great fun way to set up a floor mattress for kids that can be easily stored when not in use. This bed comes in a variety of patterns and can be taken anywhere and simply stuffed with pillows or blankets that you have on hand. 


This air mattress by SoundAlseep is one of the highest reviewed air mattresses on Amazon. It has thousands of 5 star reviews and is well made. It includes and internal pump so is a breeze to self-inflate. It also utilizes a comfortcoil system and a griped bottom layer to provide maximum support and no slipping or sliding on the floor. It also inflates to 19″ thick allowing for a more comfortable sitting surface as well. This mattress comes with a 1 year warranty along with free shipping and free returns. 

Overall, there are a variety of floor mattresses on the market for you to choose between. Each has its own benefits and unique features. Decide what you want most out of your floor mattress and choose one that meets those needs best. All of these companies are trusted in the industry and have great reviews from customers to back them up.