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9 Best “Twin Size” Bed Frames (Space Saving Comfort)

Are you looking for advice on bed frames and wondering if a twin bed frame is the right choice for you? Twin bed frames are an excellent option to save space. Twin beds are best suited for smaller rooms, such as an apartment, dorm room, or a child’s bedroom.

Twin beds also come in different styles to match your decor. In this article, discover all about twin bed frames, including size, types, and price, to help you choose the right bed frame for space, sleep needs, and budget.


What Size Is a Twin Bed Frame?

The standard size of a twin bed frame is 38 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Be careful when selecting mattresses that are sized twin xl. Twin xl mattresses are 5 inches longer than twin mattresses. They will not fit a standard twin size bed frame.

Are Twin Beds Okay for Adults?

Twin size bed frames are an ideal choice for bedrooms designed for two children to share a bedroom with one twin bed each. Twin XL mattresses would be the ideal size for an adult or taller individual who wants a space saving mattress that will match their height.

Twin bed frames are also the transition from a crib to the first big kid bed. Many parents buy bunk beds for their children, where the youngest child sleeps on the bottom bunk.

However, even though twin bed frames are common among children, they can also be used by adults looking for a bed for a small space, such as:

  • A dorm room
  • An apartment-sized bedroom
  • A cottage
  • A smaller-sized spare room
  • Couples who move around a lot in bed looking for two twin beds

Twin vs. Full-Size Beds

Finding the perfect solution in bed frames for your room space and sleeping needs is always crucial.

If you are considering a twin bed versus a full-sized bed? It is critical to understand the differences. 

Besides a crib mattress, the twin mattress is the smallest mattress available. 

Although twin and full mattresses are 75 inches long, they vary in width. A full-size mattress is approximately 15 inches bigger in width than a standard twin-sized mattress. 

Here is a size comparison chart to help compare the different mattress sizes available between twin and full mattresses.

Size Comparison Chart

Twin XL80”38”
Full XL80”53”

Besides a crib mattress, the twin mattress is the smallest mattress available and is ideal for small sleeping quarters because of its compact size. 

Aside from its compact size, the twin-size mattress also offers several other benefits compared to a full one.

  • Lower price than full mattresses
  • Can accommodate more room sizes 
  • Offers more accessories, such as bedding and blankets
  • Have more uses than full, such as for children, teens, and adults
  • Twin bed frames are easier to move
  • Twin bed frames are an economical choice

9 Best Twin Size Bed Frames

1. The Sturdy Steel Foundation “Squeak Free” by Bedtek


What our testers are saying:

This Sturdy platform foundation comes from the trusted Bedtek brand. The foundation has metal slats and does NOT require a box spring, meaning you can put your mattress directly on it. Not only does it hold over 1,000lbs, it also has 15″ of storage room underneath and comes with headboard brackets to attach any standard headboard. Assembly is a breeze, not tools are required and it can be setup in only a minute or two.BUY HERE

What Customers love: Affordably priced. Ultra sturdy. No squeaking or movement. Storage room underneath. No tools required.

2. The Platform Bed by Helix (white or natural)


What our testers are saying:

The platform bed by Helix is a great minimalist, low profile platform bed frame that will provide heavy duty support at a great price point. The frame easily snaps together without the need for any tools and it utilizes heavy duty bed slats, which means you do not need to purchase a box spring (you can put your mattress directly on the frame). This bed is available in a white or natural wood finish and sits low to the ground for a minimalist, modern appearance.BUY HERE

What Customers love: Solid wood construction. Modern minimalist design. Low to the ground. Easy, zero tool assembly.

3. The Platform Bed by Dreamcloud


Bed Height: 10″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

This Platform Bed is simple yet sophisticated and can work in any home décor style. Its unique 10-inch legs are slightly angled to give that modern retro vibe while the classic wood slats and platform bed is solid enough to support your mattress without the need for a box spring. No tools are required for assembly, making setup a quick and pain-free process. The bed is also offered in 3 different colors to match a variety of styles.BUY HERE

What Customers love: Simple, minimalist modern look. Affordably priced.

4. The Platform Bed by Floyd


Bed Height: 6″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

The Floyd platform bed is one of the most popular bed frames on the market. It sits only 6″ off the ground and gives the appearance of floating . This bed is available in 2 finishes and is one of our favorite low bed frames available. It also is a platform style bed which means you do not need to purchase a box spring, saving you 8″ of height that a box spring adds.

Floyd offers an entire lineup of easy assembly bedroom furniture and is quickly becoming one of the most popular online furniture companies in the industry. This bed is sturdy and solid and is meant to hold up for years to come. While the bed is low to the ground, this does not mean it lacks storage space. Floyd offers under bed drawers that you can add on to your bed frame purchase for storing clothes or misc items.BUY HERE

What Customers love: Simple minimalist design. Easy snap together assembly, zero tools required.

5. The 6″ Suzanne Platform Bed by Zinus


Bed Height: 6″ above ground

What our testers are saying:

The Zinus Suzanne platform bed brings affordability to the low profile bed market. This bed frame allows you to get the low bed style while not having to spend very much. This bed won’t last as long as some of the more expensive options but is a great buy to utilize for a few years. BUY ON AMAZON

What Customers love: Beautiful simple design and affordable

6. The Minimo by Keetsa


What our testers are saying:

The Minimo is exactly as its name suggests. A low sitting minimal bed frame. This bed frame will fit into any space and is elegant looking without being flashy. The Minimo is also one of the most affordable beds on this list. BUY HERE

What Customers love: Elegant minimal design. Low platform setting. Multiple finishes.

7. The 14″ Justina Platform Bed by Zinus


What our testers are saying:

The Zinus Justina offers an all in one classic bed design. The legs coupled with the box spring style platform will give your mattress a minimalist look, almost as if they are floating above the ground. This bed is affordable and ships quickly. It may not hold up as long as the high end beds on this list but it is a great option for an entry level budget friendly bed. BUY ON AMAZON

What Customers love: Great price for the quality

8. The Platforma 6″ Low Profile Platform Bed


What our testers are saying:

The Platforma low bed frame is simple yet makes a statement. The metal coupled with the simple design brings in an industrial feel while also keeping with the minimalist modern trend. This bed frame is extremely affordable compared to competitors. BUY ON AMAZON

What Customers love: Fits my California King mattress perfectly.

9. The City Bed by Avocado


What our testers are saying:

Avocado produces quality mattresses and bed frames and the City Bed is no exception.  This bed frame sits low to the ground and easily snaps together without the need for hardware or tools. The City Bed is Avocado’s most affordable and simple bed that they offer. BUY HERE

What Customers love: Classic natural wood bed frame. Affordable and easy snap together assembly.

The Different Types of Twin Bed Frames

There are several types of twin-sized bed frames on the market. Below, I have listed some of the most popular twin bed choices and their pros and cons.


A platform bed is a traditional-style twin bed frame with four legs and a wooden platform to support the mattress. 

The platform bed is popular among many people looking for simplicity and an affordable solution for beds to fit in small spaces.

An attractive feature of a platform bed is that it does not require a box spring. Most platform beds have slats that the mattress sits on. 

They are an ideal choice for teenagers and adults who will not be jumping on the bed. They might not be the best choice for smaller children because they are not as sturdy as other beds with a box spring.


  • Platform beds do not require a boxspring
  • They are economical
  • Their simple design takes up minimal room space
  • Suitable with a variety of mattresses


  • Beds are firmer without a boxspring
  • Side-sleepers might find platform beds uncomfortable
  • Platform beds are usually built low to the floor


The standard bed frame is one of the most common twin-sized bed frames available. It ranges from 13 to 15” off the floor and is high enough to store bins or boxes under your bed for extra storage.

A standard bed frame is ideal for college students living in a dorm room with limited space. A standard bed is also an ideal choice for anyone who lives in a small space and has limited storage space.


  • This bed frame is ideal for storage underneath
  • Economical
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • It May require a mattress
  • Not recommended for small children because of the height
  • This bed frame is not as sturdy as other bed frames with a box spring


An adjustable bed frame is an ideal option for someone who spends a lot of time in bed and is looking for comfort.

This bed frame is the perfect choice for people with physical ailments, such as back pain sufferers. An adjustable bed frame is also ideal for elderly people who spend several hours a day in bed. 

There are several types of adjustable bed frames to choose from that range in price. So shop around before making your purchase.


  • Come with remote controls to adjust bed positions
  • Provide extra comfort and body support
  • These bed frames are heavy and well-made


  • Are more expensive than other bed frames
  • Because of their weight, they are heavy to move

Trundle Bed Frame

A trundle bed frame has a second twin bed that is stored underneath. 

Trundle beds are ideal for people with small spaces that often have visitors needing a place to sleep. They are also perfect for families with young children who like to have sleep-overs with their friends.

After use, they can be tucked back under the bed. 


  • They can accommodate two people
  • A fantastic option for children who love sleepovers
  • They are space savers


  • Cheap material that can easily break
  • The bottom bed is not as comfortable as the main bed

Sleigh Bed Frame

A twin-sized sleigh bed has a high headboard and footboard that gives it its name.

Sleigh beds have been a popular choice in twin-sized bed frames for several years, with new designs popping up in stores regularly.


  • Come in many beautiful designs
  • They make an ideal choice for girls


  • They are not the best option for boys
  • They can be more expensive than other twin bed frames
  • They can be difficult to move

Wrought Iron Bed Frames

Wrought iron bed frames are the perfect addition to older-style homes. 

However, their sleek look makes them a popular choice in twin bed frames for new generations.


  • They are extremely durable
  • These bed frames last for several years
  • Wrought iron bed frames are low-maintenance
  • They are sturdy


  • These bed frames are expensive
  • Can make squeaking noises when you move in bed

Daybed Frame

A twin-sized day bed is an ideal twin-sized bed frame for a dorm or a small apartment.  

A day bed is perfect for a sofa in the daytime and a bed during the night. Day beds allow you to add flair and individuality to your small living space. 


  • The ultimate space-saver
  • Ideal for small living spaces
  • Offers fashion and style to your decor


  • The frames are usually heavy
  • Daybed frames can be hard to move

Futon Bed Frame

Futon bed frames are another choice for small apartments, dorms, and other rooms that require small bed frame choices.

Futons are commonly used in living rooms to accommodate extra sleeping quarters. They make a sofa during the day and a bed at night.


  • Futons make great space-savers
  • They are effortless to operate
  • They are cost-effective


  • They have little body support
  • Futons are uncomfortable for nightly sleep
  • They are of poor quality material

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Twin Bed Frame

When shopping for a twin bed frame, there are several options to consider before making a purchase. Here is a list of some important features to consider.


The price range you are willing to spend is probably the most crucial feature to consider when shopping for a bed frame. 

There are several different twin bed frames to consider that all range in price from reasonable to highly priced.

When buying a bed frame for a child, you might consider lower-cost alternatives, replaced later as the child changes their mind and wants to redecorate their room a few years down the road. Or when the child goes off to college and no longer needs their bed.

You can also choose a lower-cost bed for a spare room for limited use.

However, if the bed is for someone with physical ailments who spends a lot of time in bed, consider a higher-priced bed.


Material is another feature worth considering when choosing a bed frame. 

Look for something that matches your decor, is within your budget, and suits your needs. 

Four common bed frame materials include:

  • Wood
  • Wrought iron
  • Upholstered
  • Steel

Ease of assembly

Another feature to look for when buying a twin bed frame is how easy it is to assemble. 

Several bed frames on the market today are easy to assemble. For example, steel bed frames are already in pieces. The legs fold open and closed, or they might need screwing into place.

Standard wooden bed frames are also simple to assemble and come with easy-to-read instructions.

Other features to consider when looking to purchase a new bed frame include:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Design
  • Storage space

Can a Twin Bed Fit 2 People?

Ideally, a twin-sized bed frame is for one person to enjoy. 

Although it is possible for two people to sleep on a twin bed, it does not allow much wiggle room during the night. 

Two small children could fit on a twin bed. However, teenagers and adults would probably find it too crowded for a restful sleep.

Sure, a twin-sized bed might be ideal for two people to watch a movie together. But it would not be great for an entire evening of sleep together.

Can a Teenager Fit on a Twin Bed?

A standard twin-sized bed measures roughly 39” by 74” and is a nice size for a teenager with limited bedroom space. 

Most teenagers can fit comfortably on a twin-sized bed frame. 

If your child already has a twin-sized bed and sleeps comfortably, they can keep sleeping on it as a teenager if they have an average body size and fit the bed.

A twin bed fits most teenagers comfortably unless they are taller than 74 inches long and 34 inches wide. If that is the case, they might need a larger bed frame to accommodate their sizes, such as a twin xl or a full-sized bed.

A twin bed offers many benefits for a teenager, including:

  • Providing more space in their bedroom for a desk, vanity, or other items
  • A twin bed takes up less space than a larger sized bed
  • Is more cost-efficient

Final Thoughts

Twin-sized bed frames are an optimal choice for any room in your home. However, we have also learned that they are ideal for children, teenagers, and adults, depending on their sleeping needs and space requirements.

The twin-sized bed frame is a fantastic space-saver for anyone living in a dorm room, small apartment, tiny bedroom, or other small living quarters.

Twin-sized bed frames are also easy to carry into your home and come in several varieties to suit any decor. 

Furthermore, they are an ideal option for saving money when purchasing bed frames that are right for you. 

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