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15 “Quad Bunk Beds” To Sleep Four People (All Sizes & Configurations)


Trying to sleep four people into one bedroom can seem impossible, but luckily there are a variety of “quad” style bunk beds that make it easy!

Whether you need to sleep 4 adults or 4 kids we have included a list of bunk beds that comfortably fit 4 sleepers of all sizes, from twin to queen size options.

15 Awesome Quad Bunk Beds To Check Out

If you need a quad bunk bed to maximize your bedroom space, then here are 15 varying designs for you to check out! 

Need a Bunk Bed Mattress?

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15 Quad Bunk Beds We Love

1. Twin Quad Bunk With Stairs In Middle by Maxtrix Kids


Let’s start out with a very basic design quad bunk bed. If you just want the bare necessities with your quad bunk bed, then this design is your ideal choice. 

It has everything you need – four twin beds, an easy to climb stairs, sturdy materials, and customizable options for the headboard design and 3 colors of finish.

This means you can adjust the design to match the room’s decor. You can also adjust the height so it is safer for children or more comfortable for adults! 

This makes this quad bunk ideal for shared bedrooms and vacation homes, for adults and children alike. Plus, there’s extra storage beneath the stairs’ steps.

2. Twin XL Over Queen Quad Bunk With Stairs


This quad bunk bed shares a lot of similarities with the previous entry as they share similar materials and designs (right down to the additional under-step storage). However, the main difference is that the bottom bunks are queen size while the above twin bunks are XL. 

This means that this quad bunk bed provides the occupants with a lot more room on the bottom bunk as well as 5″ longer leg room on the top bunks. This bunk set up could easily sleep 6 adults (2 adults in each queen bed and 1 adult in each twin xl bed).

You can choose from white, natural wood or walnut finishes as well as choose a lot of the finishes to match your decor.

3. Quad Bunk Beds With Slide And Ladder

Quad beds are often bought to use in shared kids’ bedrooms, so why not choose a quad bunk bed that offers an element of fun? 

This design includes a slide so top bunk occupants can slide their way down back to the ground safely. It’s an adorable addition that can double as a playground as well as a bed.

This bed fits 4 twin size mattresses and is perfect for accommodating younger kids of all sizes and ages.

4. Twin Corner Bunk With Angled Ladder And Stairs


A lot of quad beds are designed to stand in a straight line up against one wall, but this kind of style is not always the best fit for some rooms. As a result, a great alternative is this L-shaped quad-corner bunk. 

It still fits four occupants but the corner design makes it easier to fit in small rooms. Similarly to some of the other options on the list you can choose from a variety of different stains and features.

This bunk fits 4 twin mattresses that are perfect for kids of all ages but may not be best for adults.

5. Queen Size Quad Bunk With Stairs In Middle by Maxtrix


For a quad bunk bed that offers each of its occupants a fair amount of space, check out this design for a queen-sized quad bunk. Each bed is queen-sized, providing each occupant with plenty of space to allow for an easy and roomy night’s sleep.

Not only that but the sturdy middle stairs are easy to climb so there won’t be any issues getting into the top bunks. 

It’s a strong and safe quad bunk capable of holding over 2,000 lbs of weight, plus there are plenty of customizable options regarding color and style! 

6. Quad Bunk Bed With Duo Angled Ladder

Another great option for a basic quad bunk bed is this design that features two angled ladders. Ladders can be tricky for some people to climb but with this angled design, it’s much easier to get up and down from the top bunks.

Not only that but this quad bunk bed features two ladders while most other designs only feature one.

7. Twin XL Quad Bunk With Stairs In Middle


For adults or taller kids, twin beds can be slightly short and uncomfortable to sleep in. If you want a little extra leg room then a twin XL is a good option. A twin xl is the same length as a queen or king mattress while still being the same width as a twin.

This twin XL quad bunk bed offers all four beds in a twin XL size.

Maxtrix makes this bunk and offers a variety of customizations, free shipping, extra storage options, and well made materials for extra stability! 

8. Twin Over Full Quad Bunk With Stairs In Middle


This quad bunk is ideal for vacation homes where you want to provide occupants with additional extra space but don’t want to waste money and space on beds that may not always be used.

By opting for a twin over a full quad bunk, most people will only use the bottom two – and get a comfortable night’s sleep in a cozy, spacious bed. If they need an extra bed or two, then there are two additional twin beds available! 

9. Quad Bunk Bed With Ladder And Trundle

For shared kids’ bedrooms, you can never say no to extra space – especially if one of your kids wants a friend to stay over for a sleepover. 

As a result, this quad bunk bed comes with a trundle so you can easily pull out an extra bed for one more occupant – or use it as soft padding for any child who has a habit of falling out of their bed! 

10. Full Size Quad Bunk With Stairs In Middle 


Space is key for a comfortable bed and if you want to provide the most space possible for your occupants, then a full quad bunk could be the answer. Each bed is full-sized so each occupant has plenty of space.

Although it may take up a lot of room, it’s ideal for vacation homes so your guests have a great night’s rest! 

11. Floor Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Stairs

One major concern, when you have small kids, is if they fall out of bed while sleeping. A lot of kids wriggle and move around in their sleep, so parents often look for solutions to help keep their kids safe and sound from any bumps while they sleep. 

This quad bed offers a solution by placing the bottom two beds level with the floor. This means that anyone who sleeps in the bottom two bunks will not be able to ‘fall’ out of bed and hurt themselves while they sleep! 

12. Twin Over Full Bunk Beds With Slide And Desk

Most bunk beds offer additional space-saving features like drawers or desks, but a lot of quad bunk beds use up that space for an extra bed. As a result, it’s rare to find a quad-bed that offers extra features like a desk – but luckily, we found one! 

This twin over full bunk bed offers above space for two people, while the lower full bed can also sleep two people in the same bed. As a result, there’s room for a small desk and storage.

This can be super handy to help you save space elsewhere in the room but you need to make sure two of the occupants are happy to share a full bed together! 

13. Full Over Full Bunk Bed With Ladder (x2)

This quad bunk bed can also sleep four people – so long as everyone is happy to double up and share a full bed with a partner. Of course, this isn’t ideal for young children and isn’t recommended for a permanent sleeping solution, but it’s great for B&Bs and vacation homes.

The steel frame is sturdy and can easily take the weight of four fully grown adults so if you want a bed frame that provides a comfortable and safe sleeping place for two couples, this rare type of quad bed is perfect. 

14. Quad Bunk Beds With Slide 

This type of quad bed is designed with a full over full bunk and a twin over twin bunk with a slide. This makes it a great choice if the four future occupants range in age.

For example, a teen would love to take one of the full beds while the twin with a slide is ideal for a younger child. 

15. Twin Over Twin Platform Bed With Trundle Bed

This quad bunk bed is ideal if you don’t expect to constantly house four people in the same room long term or need a last-minute extra bed for a fourth person.

For example, if you need additional space for your guests’ children or any step-children who are not frequent visitors to your home. 

The pull-out trundle bed can provide an extra fourth bed in a second so there’s no need to force your guests to sleep on a couch. It’s an ideal solution for those who don’t always need a fourth bed – but would prefer to have the option prepared and ready.

When the bed is not in use, it can be pushed back underneath one of the twins and kept out of the way! 

What is a Quad Bunk Bed?

A quad bunk bed is simply a bunk bed that has 4 beds in it or that can sleep four people. Quad bunks come in a variety of configurations and styles to meet different bedroom layouts and different size sleepers.

What size mattress comes with a quadruple bunk bed?

There are a large variety of bunk mattress sizes that are available with a quad configuration. From a standard twin size all the way up to four queen size mattresses or any mix in-between.

Quad Bunk Configurations

Quad bunks come in a variety of configurations and with a variety of accessories available. Options vary from a straight line fitting on one wall to corner style quads. They also come with options for stairs, trundles, ladders and slides so you can fit it to your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

So, those were 15 amazing quad bunk beds you can add to your home! This will allow you to sleep four people in a single room. Check out the options above and find the best quad bunk bed that matches your needs! Good luck!  

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