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How To Get Rid Of A Mattress In Aurora, IL (6 Local Options)

How To Get Rid Of A Mattress In Aurora, IL (6 Local Options)

Mattresses are large and bulky items, which can make them difficult to get rid of. Luckily, if you live in Aurora, Illinois, you have multiple options for disposing of your old mattress. From a mattress recycling pick up service to drop off and DIY options.


In this guide, we’ve taken a look at the options available if you’re looking to get rid of a mattress or box spring in Aurora, Illinois.

6 Ways to Get Rid of a Mattress in Aurora, IL

Option #1: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling – Curbside Pick Up Service


A Bedder World offers convenient mattress recycling for residents of Aurora and the surrounding suburbs. Simply book a day for pick up online, pay, and leave your mattress outside in the morning. The A Bedder World team will take it from there! 

A Bedder World makes mattress recycling easy. Aurora is a major route for the team, so they’re used to navigating the streets and apartment complexes and offer pick ups there 7 days a week.

Not sure where to put the mattress? The team can work with you and the HOA or building management, to find the right destination for easy pickup.

  • Pickups 7 days a week, and from 8am to 8pm.
  • Services Aurora and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Accepts mattresses, box springs, bed frames, futons, and toppers/accessories.
  • Easily online booking
  • Residential and Commercial services

Option #2: Drop off for Recycle at Chicago Furniture Bank


The Chicago furniture bank has an in house mattress recycling program. If you have a truck and are up for the drive you can take your mattress items to them and drop them off for recycle. As of now they do not have a fee for dropping off.


Dropped off at our warehouse at 4801 S Whipple St, Chicago, IL, 60632.

We’ll have someone at our warehouse to unload your items Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.

Please call ahead (312-752-0211) to let us know you are on the way so we can get you unloaded fast.

Option #3: Donate Your Mattress


Most of the donation centers we contacted are VERY selective on the types of mattresses they accept. Call before dropping off.

If your mattress is newer and in good condition, you can look for thrift stores and donation centers that will accept its. However, be aware that many donation centers don’t accept mattresses, due to safety concerns. 

For mattresses in good condition, a donation center can be a way of ensuring the longevity of the mattress, and providing someone in need with a comfortable place to sleep.

Before donating your mattress, give it a close inspection for any rips, stains, or damage. Then call the donation center to ensure they will accept it. Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army of Aurora are some of the most popular options locally.

While some donation centers do offer pickups, many services will only accept drop-offs. Keep this in mind if you choose a donation center.

Option #4: Giveaway Or Sell On Facebook Marketplace Or Craigslist


New mattresses can be very expensive, so there is a healthy resale market. If your mattress is in good condition, with no stains or damage, then you might be able to make money selling your mattress online.

And even if you don’t make money, you can potentially get rid of your old mattress with very little effort.

Good places to sell include Facebook Marketplace, and the Chicago Craigslist page. To increase the likelihood of a sale, take nice photos of the mattress, so that it looks more appealing.

It also helps if you can list the type of mattress, and how old it is and ensure that it has no stains or rips.

Offering the mattress for free with pickup can expand your potential customer range, and help you get rid of a big and bulky household item with minimal effort.

Option #5: DIY Mattress Recycling


If you have the time, and the space, then it is possible to recycle your old mattress! It isn’t an easy task, but it does mean you can ensure an old mattress that can’t be sold isn’t taking up space in a landfill.

You can find instructions on how to take apart an old mattress here. The mattress is essentially divided into three separate components: the fabric cover, the foam interior, and the metal bed springs. 

The next step is to find a recycling center for each individual item.

For the cover, look for a fabric recycling center or it may need to go in the trash.

After that, it’s time to recycle the mattress springs. These are made of metal, so you should be able to sell them at a scrap metal facility. They’ll weigh the springs, and pay you depending on the weight.

It isn’t a lot of money, but it’s a nice bonus, and worth the effort of finding a scrap metal center. Try S & S Metal Recyclers II, or Aurora Metal Recycling.

Finally, the foam. You can call around to local carpet manufacturers and find one that can use it to make carpet padding. They may even pay you a little money for it.

Option #6: Dropoff Your Mattress At A Local Landfill


If you really can’t find anything else to do with your mattress, you may need to drop it off at a landfill. However, as mattresses are big items that don’t decompress, not all landfills will accept old mattresses.

Before throwing your old mattress into a landfill, contact the landfill first to check that it is accepted. They can also tell you any form of ID required to gain access to the center, and if there are any fees. 

Landfill Dropoff Near Aurora

Laraway Landfill

  • 21233 W. Laraway Road
  • Joliet, IL 60436
  • Open Monday to Friday, from 6am to 4pm.

DeKalb County RDF

  • 18370 Somonauk Rd.
  • DeKalb, IL 60115
  • Open Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 3:30pm.

Prairie View Recycling And Disposal Facility

  • 29755 S. Prairie View Dr.
  • Wilmington, IL 60481
  • 815-423-5120
  • Open Monday to Friday, from 6am to 3pm.

Final Thoughts

No one wants an old mattress taking up space in storage, but as it’s far too big to go in the trash, you might be wondering what you can do! Aurora, Illinois, offers several options for mattress disposal.

From the convenient recycling of A Bedder World, to the potential profit of online sales.

We hope this guide has helped you decide what to do with your mattress in Aurora, Illinois. Got any other suggestions? Let us know!

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