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14 “Dorm Headboards” to Buy Online: (Wedge, Wall Mount & Pillow Style)


While it may not always be the first part of a bed that you think of, a headboard has loads of benefits to bring to your sleeping space, especially if you’re living in a dorm. 

For one, a dorm headboard will help to make your room feel more homey, with loads of different designs and styles that will make your bed a cozy, cool place to relax and work that reflects your personality.

On top of that, headboards help to keep you warm, keeping a poorly insulated dorm wall away from direct contact and leaving you sleeping snugly.

Thirdly, dorm headboards help protect the wall behind them from getting damaged. Since most dorms will charge you for damage, that could save you much-needed cash at the end of the year.

The different styles of dorm headboards

Just about all of the options on this list are universal headboards that can be used without having to attach them to your dorm wall and without needing any specific style of bed frame. But with that being said there are still a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing a headboard to ensure you make the right decision for your needs and your specific style dorm set up.



Does your dorm bed sit flush against the wall? Then a wedge style headboard would be a great option. A wedge headboard simply wedges between the wall and the bed and can easily be installed and moved when needed.



Does your bed frame have attachment points for a standard headboard? If so, then your options for headboards open up dramatically to any standard headboard. We have included a few attachment style headboards in this list.



The wall mounted headboards come in a variety of different styles. We have included peel and stick headboards as well as one that attaches to the wall with screws. It is important to check with your specific dorm to see if you are able to drill into the walls or not before buying a headboard that uses screws.



A pillow style headboard is very universal and comes in a variety of different styles. Many of these still provide the same function and size as a headboard. The only downside to a pillow style headboard is that it can move sometimes and may not be as sturdy as some of the other headboards.

14 Universal Fitting Dorm Headboards

1. Modway Emily Tufted Button Headboard

We’re starting our list with this classic dorm headboard that’s sure to make your dorm room look instantly more inviting, thanks to its stylish and refined design. 

The headboard has a tufted design, which makes it look classic and elegant, adding a sense of chicness to your dorm without breaking the bank.

Even better, it’s all made of faux leather, so everybody can use it without worrying about animals being harmed.

The headboard is very universal with a variety of different attachment points. And if it doesn’t attach to your specific dorm bed you can wedge the long legs against the bed and wall to hold it in place.

2. Cushioned Plush Dorm Headboard

Our next choice is something a little simpler. This cushioned dorm headboard is as easy to use as you can imagine, because you can simply secure it by tying it onto your bed frame’s head, hanging it from the wall with hooks or wedging it between the bed and wall.

It’s also got a minimalist design to it, without any fancy decorations, just a sleek and simple blank plush headboard. It comes in a classic neutral light grey that can incorporated into any kind of decor or theme.

The headboard even has a small pocket on either side of it, allowing you to easily store a phone or remote.

3. Wowmax Tufted Button Upholstered Headboard

Just one look at this next dorm headboard and you’ll know exactly how soft and luxurious it is, offering perfect comfort for the head of your bed. 

One of the key things that makes this one stand out is the fact that it’s in the shape of a triangular wedge, which is the ideal shape for fitting the curve of your back and the posture of your neck when sitting up in bed.

It had a tufted design with buttons, making it very design friendly. You can also get it in a range of vibrant colors that will brighten up your room and add some much needed POP. On top of that, it’s easy to take on and take off, and use in a variety of different ways. 

4. Modway Sovereign Tufted Button Headboard

This dorm headboard will add a unique sense of style and elegance to your room.

The look is like something from a palace, not a dorm room. Even better, the design is made fancier still thanks to the tufted button design. 

You’ll also notice that it’s a particularly sturdy headboard, packed with dense foam that will keep your wall protected and your head comfortable.

The headboard is adjustable to 5 different heights and is sure to either attach to your dorm bed or can be wedged against the wall if there are no attachment points available.

5. Plush Rectangular Tufted Dorm Headboard

This is another one of the simpler dorm headboards, which have their appeal in their sleek designs and the fact that you can apply or remove them with little difficulty and use them in a variety of different ways. 

The design here looks like an oversized large pillow, and gives you extra comfort and support. Better still, despite the simple installation process, the design has some touches that make it look refined and elegant.

It uses the classic button tufted design, with three embedded buttons across the middle adding firmer support and a high end look.

6. Plush Square Tufted Dorm Headboard

From the same company as the previous option, this option offers all the simplicity and style of that dorm headboard, but gives it a square shape this time! The square is the same width but taller, offering more support and padding when sitting up in bed.

On top of that, it’s got a tufted design again to give it a design friendly appearance. Even better, it’s very affordable, being one of the cheaper dorm headboards on the market!

7. Tbfit Upholstered Peel and Stick Dorm Headboard (Any Size)

Speaking of affordable, this is another one of the cheapest dorm headboards we’ve seen, with an astonishingly low cost for what you’re getting.

For a start, this is very easy to install, simply peel the back off and stick it to the wall rather than drilling. This will help to keep your dorm room damage-free!

On top of that, the headboard is a stylish panel design, where you can add as many panels as you want. You can even put them on your wall as a piece of art or for sound-proofing.

Above all, though, comfort is key here. You’ll find that the dorm headboard is very soft and padded. As mentioned above it even has noise isolation properties.

8. Puffy Tufted Dorm Headboard

This is a slight twist on the tufted square headboard we looked at earlier.

It comes in black, which is very stylish that you don’t often see with headboards. There’s something striking and elegant about a black headboard, and this will make your dorm room look especially unique and modern. As a plus, it also hides dirt very well.

9. Furinno Upholstered Tufted Dorm Headboard

Our next dorm headboard has a panel design to it, made up of lots of thin, vertical panels. It helps to give the headboard a soft, rolling quality, and you’ll love the countless gentle bumps that are pushing into your back as you sit against it. 

You can get it in two colors, either glacier or denim. Both are stylish, but it allows you to style the headboard to your own dorm room and its color scheme. 

This headboard is adjustable and can attach to your frame at multiple points or can be wedged between the wall and frame if no attachment points are available.

10. GoFlame Upholstered Tufted Button Headboard (wall-mounted)

IMPORTANT: This headboard is wall-mounted and has to attach to the wall so it is important to check with your dorm to make sure they allow wall-mounting before purchasing.

This headboard is one that will add plenty of elegance to your dorm room, because it’s got that ever-reliable tufted button design to it, with refined rows of embedded buttons in it that form a symmetrical pattern.

On top of that, it’s very comfortable, thanks to the high density sponge that it’s padded with, as well as the top quality linen fabric.

11. Cushion Tufted Dorm Headboard – Velvet Crush

This is one of the most stylish dorm headboards we’ve come across, because of its’ velvet fabric.

It has plush velvet material that’s been used over a thick cushioned fill, giving you something that looks absolutely unique and offers you lots of comfort and support.This will transform your dorm room and draw many compliments.

Even better, it’s very easy to install, with ties or loops on top to help you attach it to the wall and/or the bed frame without damaging it so it won’t slip or move.

12. Activance Large Triangular Dorm Headboard Wedge

Here’s another dorm headboard that’s the shape of a large triangular wedge, which is a design choice that’s both practical and stylish.

The triangular nature of it will suit the curve of your back perfectly – even better than a regular, level headboard.

On top of that, this pillow is made of high quality material, with velvet fabric and a polyester fiberfill inside. This helps to keep it sturdy and durable, and it means you won’t be having to buy a new one anytime soon.

13. Farmhouse Style Wooden Panel Headboard

This next choice is something different! All of the dorm headboards we’ve looked at so far have been made of soft materials, but this one is made of solid wood.

As a result, it’s not going to be something you want to lean back against (unless you put a pillow behind you!), but it does give your dorm room a farmhouse, rustic style.

On top of that, it’s got a great painted finish to it, and it’s very easy for you to attach it to any dorm bed that does have attachment points for a headboard.

14. Tufted Button Dorm Headboard With Border

Our final pick is this very fancy, yet reasonably priced, dorm headboard that uses a tufted button design, but then also has an elegant silver border going around the edge. This really gives it an expensive, elegant look.

The headboard easily wedges between your bed frame and mattress, staying firmly in place. On top of that, it’s very comfortable, with the tufted part providing softness and great cushioning.

Can you attach a headboard to a dorm bed?

While each dorm bed is different you can still get the benefit of a headboard in your dorm that does not have to physically attach to the bed itself. There are a variety of different type of headboards that universally work great with dorm beds.

Wedge Style – A Wedge style headboard is able to wedge between your dorm bed and the wall. This will hold it in place but also offers the headboard to be semi-permanent.

Wall-mounted/“Floating” Headboard – You can also mount a headboard directly to the wall behind your dorm bed. This is a universal option that fits any bed BUT be sure to check with your dorm and make sure you are able to physically secure it to the wall without violating any rules about holes/drilling into the walls.

Pillow Headboard – A Pillow headboard is a great way to add comfort and support to a dorm bed. These simply sit on top of your mattress and wedge up against the wall. There are a variety of different styles available and sizes.

What are the benefits and downsides of using a dorm headboard?


  • Comfort – A headboard will add comfort when sitting up in bed, as many of the dorm walls are made of brick.
  • Protection – A headboard can add padding to the wall so you can have protection from hitting your head as well as protection for the wall so it does not chip or scrape from he movement of your bed.
  • Aesthetic – It looks nice and ads some warmth to an otherwise generally cold dorm room.


  • Cannot attach to bed – You most likely will not be able to attach th headboard directly to the bed frame as they are all very different in design.
  • Only one year of use – You will probably only use the headboard while in the dorms which isn’t usually more than 1 or 2 years.

Final Thoughts 

A dorm headboard is not essential for any dorm room but it certainly adds a nice touch. It also helps in keeping your walls undamaged and giving you extra comfort and warmth.

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