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How to Get Rid of a Mattress in Seattle, WA (4 Local Options)


Trying to get rid of a mattress in Seattle, WA? Below you can find 4 local options with pros and cons to each. Seattle isn’t the easiest city to get rid of mattresses, but they certainly aren’t the most difficult. We have tested out the options below for residents and they have passed as great ways to get rid of your mattress in the Seattle area. We have given options for everyone from the DIYers to people like myself who don’t want to deal with the hassle of lifting a bulky and heavy mattress.

1. A Bedder World Mattress Recycling (Curbside Removal Service)


– Serving a 50+ mile radius around the Seattle area as well as Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, SeaTac and Tacoma.
​-Curbside Mattress Removal Service.
-20%-30% Less than major junk companies.
– Over 1 million mattresses recycled to date nationwide

A Bedder World began as a small mattress recycling operation and has now been picking up mattresses for over 10 years. They recently expanded into the Seattle area and have been a great option for residents looking to dispose of mattresses properly and affordably. You can simply book a curbside mattress removal online (6 days a week), put your items outside on the day of pick up and A Bedder World will come by and grab it.

A Bedder World makes it very easy for anyone in Seattle to get rid of a mattress. Whether you are in an apartment complex in the city or have a strict HOA they can will try to work around your location and schedule.


2. Seattle Bulky Item Collection

In order to get a mattress and/or boxspring picked up in Seattle you need to call SPU Customer Service at (206) 684-3000 to request bulky item collection. The $30 per item charge will go directly on your monthly utility bill. Once your pickup is scheduled, put the mattress in a place that is easily accessible from the street by 7am the next day. Your mattress will be picked up within 5 business days (Monday-Friday). If you don’t want your mattress potentially sitting on your curb for up to a week, then this may not be the best mattress disposal option for you.


3. Drop Off at Seattle Dump/Transfer Station 

In Seattle there are two landfill locations to drop mattresses/boxsprings:
– North – 1350 North 34th Street, Seattle 98103
– South – 130 South Kenyon Street, Seattle 98108
The transfer stations are open 8am-5:30pm Monday-Sunday.This disposal option works well if you have a truck or another large vehicle to transport your unwanted mattress and/or boxsprings. The downside being that mattresses dropped off at either of the above locations are obviously put into the Seattle landfill system. If possible, recycling your mattress is always a better and more environmentally friendly option than dumping at a landfill, as mattresses are tough to break down and take up a great deal of space.

4. DIY Mattress Recycling

Feeling ambitious? With only a few mattress disposal options available, DIY mattress recycling might be the right option for you. Aside from getting a great workout, you will feel good about your impact on environment preservation and conservation. Budget Dumpster has a great step-by-step blog ​post on how to break down and recycle your own mattress. To do this all you need is an exacto knife and some space (things may get messy). Simply cut around the edges of the mattress until you can take off the cover. Inside you will find foam and metal springs. Separate the foam and metal. You can actually bring the metal springs to the scrap yard and they will pay you for them. As for the foam you can shred it up and use it in dog beds, to fill pillows, or you can find a local carpet manufacturer who may pay you for the foam.
Click here for the step-by-step-guide.


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