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6 Best Semi-Truck Mattresses (42x80) plus other popular sizes

Where to buy a 42×80 truck mattress and which are the best options?


In this post we have listed the best places to purchase a semi-truck mattress online. The most common semi-truck mattresses measures 42×80 inches. This is 42 inches wide by 80 inches long. There are a variety of other sized mattresses found in semi trucks as well and many of the companies listed below will offer mattresses in those sizes. The mattresses listed in this post vary in price and material in order to provide something for every budget and every kind of sleeper. If you are looking to get a better night sleep while in the truck and on the road then you have come. to the right post. All of the companies listed below have been in the mattress industry for years and make quality products that customers throughout the. country choose the sleep on in their homes as well as in the RVs, trucks, boat and more. 

6 Best Semi Truck Mattresses Online



Uses innersprings and foam. Raving reviews online.
Over 2,000 5-star reviews. Choose a soft, medium or firm feel.

PRICE: $679


The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid style mattress that utilizes foam as well as pocketed coils in order to give the sleeper a well rounded and supportive nights sleep. This mattress is going to feel most similar to a tradtional style mattress that you would sleep on. at home and is Brooklyn Beddings most popular mattress. This mattress has been reviewed by thousands of happy customers and is a great quality product at an affordable price. The Brooklyn Singature is sold by, which is owned by Brooklyn bedding. This site offers Brooklyn’s standard mattresses in a variety of unique sizes. If you are looking for an amazing nights sleep while on thew road in your truck then this mattress is a great pick. 



Adjustable comfort for all firmnesses. Available in ANY size imaginable.
Great reviews (over 200 5-star reviews). Organic cotton cover.

From $469


The Luxury Gel foam mattress by mattress Insider is a great all around memory foam mattress and comes standards with an organic cotton cover. This mattress features an easily removable zippered cover and adjustable comfort layers. This means customers can adjust the firmness of the mattress in the comfort of their home. Mattress Insider has been making custom size mattresses since 2008 and is a trusted name in the custom mattress market. If you like the feel of sleeping on memory foam then this is a great option for you. The unlimited options for sizing means it will fit in any semi truck cab.


A quality memory foam mattress at a great entry level price

From $249

use code "bedderworld20" for 20% off


The Wanderlust is Brooklyn Bedding’s most affordable mattress in their lineup and is sold on their RVMattress website in a variety of truck mattress or rv mattress sizes. This mattress is a great entry level mattress and is available in a variety of thicknesses so that you can upgrade to accommodate heavier individuals. If you like the feel of memory foam and are looking for an affordable sleeping option then this is the best mattress you will find. Brooklyn Bedding makes all of their mattresses in their own factories and is able to cut out the middle man and offer customers factory direct prices. We recommend at least opting for the 8″ option to get the support and comfort needed for a great nights sleep. 


A great mattress for back pain and for those who dislike the feel of an all foam mattress.

PRICE: $717


The park meadow mattress is a great mattress for customers suffering from back pain or who require extra support. It is also perfect for individuals who prefer a traditional spring mattress feel over that of an all foam mattress. Mattress Insider offers all of their mattresses in custom sizes that fit any semi truck cab,  as well as an array of different custom sizes. They are a trusted name in the mattress industry and have been making mattresses since 2008. The park meadow is made with individually pocketed innerspring coils which helps to provide support and proper spinal alignment while on the road. 


A high-end luxurious hybrid mattress. Ultimate in comfort and support.

From $1,239


The Brooklyn Aurora is one of Brooklyn Bedding’s most luxurious mattresses and is the ultimate option for comfort while on the road. This mattress utilizes pocketed coils as well as foam to give support and cushioning to even the heaviest of sleepers. The mattress is available in a variety of firmnesses to meet all sleeping needs and sleeps very cool so you won’t overheat on hot summer nights. This mattress is thicker than the rest of the mattresses on the list so be sure to measure your truck bed opening and make sure this mattress won’t put you up too high off the ground. For anyone who needs relief for back pain after a long day of trucking, this is the mattress for you. 


Natural latex mattress and organic cotton cover.

From $447


The Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider is one of the only latex mattresses you will find for your semi truck cab. This mattress is great for sleepers who have allergies or who prefer a natural sleeping. option. Latex is also perfect for pressure relief and for providing lasting support. At a price point starting at $449 this mattress is a great deal. It is also available in a variety of custom sizes to fit any size truck cab that you have. At 8.5″ thick it is also a perfect height (not too thin and not too thick). 

What size is a Semi Truck mattress?

Semi Truck mattresses come in a variety of sizes depending on the model and style of the cab. 42″x80″ is the most common size with some of the other popular sizes listed below… Any mattress ordered by can be made in any custom size and shape needed. 

  • 42 inches by 80 inches
  • 38 inches by 80 inches 
  • 35 inches by 79 inches 
  • 36 inches by 76 inches
  • 32 inches by 79 inches 

What are the different types of Semi Truck mattresses available?

Custom and odd sized mattresses have come a long way over the years and have made it easier for sleepers in trucks and RVs to choose from a variety of different sleeping options to meet their needs. Below we have listed the different types of mattresses available and how each style can benefit a sleeper in a semi-truck. :

  • Innerspring Truck Mattress: An innerspring mattress is a traditional style mattress that utilizes coils for its support system. This is the most common type of mattress when you look at mattresses in the home and is the type that most sleepers are used to. An innerspring mattress will give great support and spinal alignment for sleepers. 
  • Hybrid Truck Mattress: A hybrid mattress is a fancy way of specifying that the mattress utilizes innersprings as well as foam. This gives the sleeper the traditional bounce and support of a spring mattress while also providing pressure relief and comfort properties of a foam mattress. We recommend hybrid mattresses to the large majority of sleepers who don’t have any specific sleep needs.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: Memory foam has recently become very popular in the bedding market. The material was originally made for use by NASA and was ultimately used in mattresses due to its unique pressure relief and cradling properties. Memory foam has a very unique feel that some people love and others hate. If you have never tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress before it is important to note that the feeling it very different from a traditional spring mattress.
  • Custom cut corners and sizes: Many truck and RV mattresses may have a rounded corner or custom cut our edges. If this is the case we have provided a retailer below in our suggestions that will be able to accommodate and custom cuts for you.

How much does a Semi Truck Mattress cost

Due to the smaller (average 42″ by 80″) size and thinner profile of a semi truck mattress, the pricing is much more affordable than other full size mattresses on the market. Our cheapest memory foam option listed starts at $199 while the most expensive option can run upwards of $1000. 

Things to consider before choosing a mattress for your semi truck.

These are important factors to take into consideration when deciding which replacement truck mattress to purchase. 

  • Usage: How often will you be sleeping on this mattress? How long will it need to last? If you plan to sleep on this mattress for multiple nights in a row or want it to last for many years we recommend staying away from the entry level affordable mattresses. 
  • Does your mattress have custom cut corners? If your mattress has custom cut corners your options will be more limited to one or 2 retailers.
  • Material: Do you prefer a specific type of feel. The comfort level of Memory foam to innerspring mattresses or latex mattresses is all very different. It is important to understand what it is you like to sleep on before choosing a mattress that is right for you.
  • Firmness: What firmness do you prefer? Many of the mattresses we provide on this list will allow you to choose a firmness or are built to accommodate the large 80% of sleepers who prefer to sleep on a medium-firm mattress.
  • Sizing: Be sure to measure the exact size of your bed platform to be sure the mattress you choose will fit exactly. Many custom mattresses come with a zero return policy. 
  • Support: Are you heavier? Do you have back pain? These quesitons factor in to deciding how supportive your mattress needs to be. If you need more suport we recommend opting for a thicker memory foam mattress or a hybrid or innerspring option. 

How a quality mattress can help your trucking career

While a new mattress may not seem that important to your trucking career, it is actually one of the best things you can spend money on. A quality mattress will ensure you are getting the proper support and spinal alignment which helps to relieve pressure off of your back, hips and shoulder and helps your body recover from sitting in a chair all day. The healthier you can keep your body the longer you can drive without injury. 

Where to buy custom size and 42x80 mattress sheets:

Our favorite retailer for custom size bed sheets is They have the best selection and provide great customer service. They also sell custom mattresses so they understand exactly the sizes you will need.

Where to buy a semi truck 42x80 mattress topper:

If you need a custom size mattress topper then is the place to go and is honestly one of the only places that provides mattress toppers for RVs. You can choose to purchase a memory foam topper and can even add an organic cotton cover to it.

How can I make my semi truck mattress more comfortable?

To make your semi truck mattress more comfortable you can either purchase a new mattress entirely or you can opt to purchase a mattress topper. Keep in mind a mattress topper with not take the place of a poor support system is will only add additional comfort layers. 

Alternative options for purchasing semi truck mattress or 42x80 size mattress

If you prefer not to purchase your mattress online you can look for custom mattress factories in your area to build you a mattress you can test out before buying. A couple custom mattress manufacturers you can check out in person are:

What to do with your old custom mattress?

When you purchase a mattress online you are left to find a way to get rid of your old one. Luckily “A Bedder World” has mattress disposal services throughout the country. We work with mattress recycling centers to make sure your old mattress gets disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible. To date we have recycled over 500K mattresses. Book a pick up here. Or try recycling it yourself!


Semi truck replacement mattresses are becoming more and more common in the marketplace and there are quite a few quality options on the market. Just be sure to choose a mattress that fits your sleeping preferences and you will notice a world of difference on the road.