Bed Frame Disposal Process

What types of bed frames we accept and how we dispose of them.

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Bed Frames We Accept

We take bed frames and sets of all sizes and types. Please be sure you fully disassemble your bed set before your pick up day so that our team can easily load and transport it. If you have a bunk bed or unique bed set please contact us before booking to ensure we can accept it. 


Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bases or hospital beds are bed frames that utilize electric motors in order to adjust the sleepers head and feet.


Bed Slats

Bed slats go on top of or are utilized with your bed frame instead of a box spring.


Complete Headboard/Footboard Bed Sets

We pick up full bed sets with headboards and footboards as long as they are disassembled and ready for pick up.


Standard Metal Bed Frames

We pick up standard metal bed frames as long as they are disassembled.


Cot Mattresses & Fold Ups Beds

We pick up fold up beds, also known as a cot mattress.Please be sure it is taken apart before pick up. 


Loft & Bunk Beds

If you are getting rid of a loft bed or bunk bed please call us before booking. Also know that it must be fully disassembled before pick up.

What Are Bed Frames Made of?

Bed frames come in a variety of types and materials. The majority are comprised of metal, wood and occasionally some fabric. 

01: WOOD

Used to make wood Chips

Many mattress recycling centers will extract the wood from a bed frame and utilize it to make wood chips. The hard part about recycling the wood is that it must be completely free of all metals and fabrics. 


Melted down and Recycled

Most frames are made mostly of metal. This metal is separated from the wood and fabric and is recycled as scrap metal. The metal is then melted down and reused in other finished goods. 


Shredded and thrown out.

The fabric covering makes up less than 10% of most frames and is the only piece that can not be recycled. The fabric is shredded up, bailed and thrown out. 


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