Most frequent questions and answers

We work with a lot of customers at apartment complexes. You dan put your mattress anywhere it is accessible (there is a notes section at checkout that allows you to explain where it is). Many customers will put their mattress outside their door, by the dumpster area, loading docks, etc…

We start pick ups at 8am and go along the most efficient route. All mattresses will be picked up by the end of the day. 

We have never had a problem with an HOA fining a customer for leaving a mattress out for one day. If you are worried you can put a note on the mattress or feel free to place your mattress somewhere more convenient and out of the way (i.e. by the garage, side of house, etc..). There is a notes section at checkout where you can describe where you left the mattress. 

If your mattress is recyclable an in one of our areas where we have a recycling partner, then the mattress will be manually torn down. We then separate the foam, metal and fabric. The foam goes to making carpet underlay and the metal is recycled as scrap metal. Over 90% of the materials inside your mattress will be recycled and reused.  

The price you see is the price you pay. No additional fees or hidden charges! 

Yes we pick up from senior living facilities quite often. If you have any special accommodations that are required simply put them in the notes section at checkout

Yes, we work with Casper, Purple, nectar and all the bed-in-a-box brands to pick up their 100-day returns. We also provide you with the appropriate needed return receipt. 

We work with a lot of charities, churches and homeless shelters and always try to find a home for a mattress in good condition before tearing it apart.