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(Top 5) Best “Bed Coolers” To Keep Your Bed Cool All Year – Tested

Getting into bed and finding it uncomfortable can drastically impact your ability to get quality sleep. Sleeping in a bed that it too hot can impact the duration and quality of sleep that our bodies get. Luckily, there are some great options on the market to keep your bed nice and cool all year around. In this article we will cover our favorite bed cooling options.


Many people will purchase a bed cooler to avoid getting into a warm bed or feeling too hot during the evening. But there are a variety of different styles and options of bed coolers on the market today. As you look into bed coolers, you should understand what they are, how they work with your bed set up, and decide on the best option for your specific needs.

What Are Bed Coolers?

Bed coolers are devices and products you add to your bed to keep it cool. Whether they use separate devices to keep your body cold or automatically stay cool, they serve the same purpose of preventing your bed from storing heat and becoming uncomfortable.

These devices sometimes include controls to make adjustments based on your needs. Usually, the sizes vary based on the mattress’s size, so people can look through bed coolers and find the best options based on what they like.

Bed Cooler Buying Guide

Now that you understand what a bed cooler offers, you’ll want to review a buying guide. Doing so will show you the differences between cooling bed systems, what you should consider, and the best coolers on the market.

Ensure you get a feel for their differences to help you see the drawbacks and benefits. Otherwise, you could make a regretful purchase and have to choose another option.

Cooling Systems vs. No System

As you look into bed coolers for your home, you’ll come across cooling systems and ones without systems. Cooling systems let you set the temperature, while those without systems stay cool without you doing anything.

A cooling system offers excellent benefits, making it a solid option for cooling your bed.

  • More flexibility with your cooling
  • The option to turn it off
  • Keeping the temperature the same

However, the options without systems have solid pros that make people buy them.

  • Costs significantly less money
  • Easier to maintain and wash
  • It cools on its own

In short, you’ll want a cooling system if you plan to have more control over your bed’s temperature. On the other hand, a non-cooling system option can cover your needs while reducing maintenance since you won’t need to use an external machine.

Air or Water Cooling for Systems

If you choose a cooling system, you’ll have two types: air and water. Air cooling systems take the air in your room, use a fan to cool it off, and utilize it to make your blanket or cooling system colder than the room. That way, it feels good and can maintain the colder temperature.

Water cooling is similar, except the system uses water to cool off your blanket or pad. Air doesn’t require much attention, but you must refill your water cooling system to keep it working, which some people may not appreciate if they don’t want to put in that effort.

However, the water cooling option may work better since the water travels through the pad, ensuring it stays cooled off. Some people may not mind adding water to the device if they can make their beds colder and more comfortable.

Blankets or Pads

Speaking of blankets and systems, you’ll sometimes come across blanket versions while others have pads. Blankets go over you while you sleep, while pads go under your sheets, so you lay on top of them while having a sheet between you and the surface.

Blankets work great if you want to wrap yourself in them and make your whole body cold. On the other hand, you may want a blanket that keeps you warm, so a pad works better since your body won’t store heat and make you uncomfortable while you sleep.

While some may assume that blankets always have a system attached while pads have cooling systems, you’ll come across both types. That means your blankets may remain cold on their own, but they can also have a cooling system, and vice versa for the pads.

Straps or Pockets

If you choose a pad, you’ll need a way to keep them in place. Some options come with straps, while others utilize pockets, meaning straps wrap around the bed and connect, while pockets tuck into the corners and use elastic to hold them in place.

Straps have a more secure design, meaning you won’t have to worry about the pads moving around during the evening. They also won’t slip to other sides of the bed, meaning if your significant other doesn’t want it on their side, it’ll stay on your side.

Since pockets have elastic on them, they quickly go into the corners of your bed while remaining in place. They’re also easier to take off the bed and move since you won’t have to maneuver the mattress or use any straps to keep them in place.

That means you must choose between convenience and security while going through these options. If you plan to keep it there, the straps may work better, but pockets can work if you change your bed often.

Automatic or Remote Control

Regarding the differences between cooling systems and blankets, you also have automatic and remote control options. The automatic will remain cool without you needing to do anything while a remote control comes with a device to adjust the temperature.

Even though automatic saves you time and effort, it can heat up in the middle of the night. The remote control does a great job of keeping your bed at the same temperature throughout the night, ensuring you don’t overheat.

Generally speaking, remote-controlled options work best in most situations, but automatic can be great if you prefer low-maintenance or lower-cost options.

Supported Mattress Sizes

Before you purchase any bed coolers, you must see what sizes the systems support. For example, you may come across some that only support twin beds, twin XLs, queens, kings, and several other sizes.

Keep in mind you may have some brands that offer multiple sizes based on the situation. Some may even fit on multiple beds, depending on the design. For example, if you purchase a larger one, you may not need to worry if it hangs off the edges slightly.

Generally speaking, you’ll want it to match your bed size when possible, so you won’t run into unexpected issues with its fitting. You could also use a smaller size for your side of the bed if your significant other doesn’t want to use a bed cooler.

Split Coolers for Large Beds

Speaking of a significant other, you also have split coolers for larger beds. These coolers have controls for both sides rather than one, meaning you can find your ideal setting while allowing your partner to choose what works best for them.

Split coolers offer multiple benefits to couples.

  • Both have their ideal settings
  • Turning it off when needed
  • No fighting over the settings

Ultimately, it benefits you if you use a split cooler that operates the sides separately. You can pick your setting while your spouse picks what they like, so you don’t argue over settings or face discomfort that could impact your sleep.

However, a split cooler might not be necessary if you don’t share a bed, so keep that in mind.

Dual Side Bed Coolers

While you may come across bed coolers that only cool, others may have dual functions. These allow you to heat or cool off your bed, letting you find the ideal temperature for your situation.

These work great if you live in an area with varying temperatures, meaning you face warm summers and cold winters. That means you can consider the temperature and determine if you should heat or cool off your bed, covering all your sleeping needs.

You can even leave it alone if you have an average season, so you don’t make your bed too warm or cold. In short, a bed cooler with dual functions offers more flexibility, but it may not be necessary for those who don’t live in areas that get cold.

You should also note that bed cooling blankets may utilize double-sided cooling. That means if one side gets warm from you using it throughout the night, you can flip it to the other side, and it’ll be cooled off to let you go to bed without feeling that heat.


You’ll come across two main types of materials: soft and plastic. Soft materials feel good against your skin and work great for bed cooling blankets. Plastic materials, like PVC, might not feel the most comfortable against your skin, so they usually go under your sheets.

While soft materials may seem best overall, you must recognize the benefits of plastic. It has a water-resistant design so that it won’t absorb water. They also won’t get dirty as easily, making them a lower-maintenance option compared to soft material.

Remember that both material types work great for bed coolers, so it comes down to the intended function. If you want to use a blanket-type bed cooler, go with the soft material, but the plastic material works best if you plan to lay on top of it.

The 5 Best Bed Coolers

Now that you see the various features of a bed cooler, you’ll want to know the best options on the market. Doing so will help you compare them and identify your ideal choice.

Each has fantastic features that make them beautiful options, though the best choice depends on your preferences. While you should consider the first on the list, ensure you go through them and see what you like the most.

1. The BedJet 3 by BedJet

Editor's Pick - Best Overall
The BedJet 3
What we love:
  • Works with any size bed
  • Easy set up
  • Dual temperature control
  • Heating & Cooling Function
Buy Now
02/18/2024 07:13 am GMT

If you want to meticulously regulate the temperature based on your specific needs and the climate, you should try the BedJet Climate Comfort bed cooler. This bed cooler offers cooling and heating while also having sweat drying, so you won’t become uncomfortable in bed.

The system offers tremendous flexibility since you can purchase a version for any bed size while also having dual zones for queen and king-sized beds. You can even set it up to have different temperatures for each hour, ensuring you don’t have to adjust it in the middle of the night.

The device easily fits under your bed, so you won’t bump into it during the evening as you find an ideal position. You also get a two-year protection on this device, and it has a proven history.

2. The ChiliPad Cube 2.0 By ChiliSleep

Best Cooling Mattress Pad
ChiliPad Cube 2.0 by ChiliSleep
What we love:
  • Mattress Pad - fits on any mattress
  • Dual Zones
  • Heating & Cooling functions
Buy Now
02/18/2024 07:08 am GMT

You can try another cooling system if you purchase the ChiliSleep Cube sleep system. The system includes a mattress pad with dual sides, meaning you can set each half to different temperatures to make you and your partner comfortable at night.

You can choose from all the standard mattress sizes, from twin to California, ensuring you find the ideal one for your situation. The pad lets you select any temperature between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can use it throughout the year based on the weather.

The system comes with two large devices, meaning you’ll need more space to fit them underneath the bed whenever you use them. The size also makes storage challenging since you’ll need to consider the devices and the pad whenever you put it away.

Luckily, the pad has straps that fit in the bed corners, so they won’t get in the way while you sleep. You also get two remote controls with the devices, meaning you and your partner can leave your corresponding controllers on the nightstands to change the settings for your side.

3. The Chilled Mattress Topper by Mattress Cooler Classic

Best Value
The Chilled Mattress Topper by Mattress Cooler
What we love:
  • Easy to install - functions like a mattress topper
  • Affordably priced
  • Universal fit
  • Cooling only
  • Drain water and replace every 14 days.
Buy Now

If you don’t want a blanket, you could go with the Mattress Cooler Classic to control the temperature of your bed. The device uses a water cooling system, meaning it’ll run water through your pad during the night to keep it cold.

The device comes with a remote that allows you to choose four settings and pick your ideal option to cool off. The device also has a low hum noise, meaning it won’t be loud or keep you up during the evening.

This option doesn’t offer multiple sizes and only works for one side of the bed, which may bother some users. It also takes a while to set up since you must strap it to the bed, so you’ll need to move your mattress around and spend time getting it into place.

Despite those points, the mattress has a low-maintenance approach to water since you only need a quart a day and drain it once every two weeks. You can also easily replace the pads as needed since it comes with a free second pad, and you can buy more online.

4. The Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket by Marchpower

Best Cooling Blanket
The Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket by Marchpower
What we love:
  • No wires or machinery
  • Helps to regulate body temperature
  • Portable
  • Affordably priced
  • Highly Reviewed
Buy Now
02/18/2024 07:28 am GMT

You can try a lower-cost option, like the Marchpower cooling blanket, if you want to save money. This option sticks with a lightweight design and allows you to lay on it when you go to bed, making it a great comforter during the night.

Both sides of the blanket have different materials: arc-chill cooling fabric and the other side has cotton. The cooling fabric works best if you get warm or sweat in your sleep, while the cotton feels comfortable and can help you relax while you go to bed.

However, you can’t regulate the temperature with these options, so if you find it doesn’t cool you off enough, you can’t do much about that. It also only has three sizes up to queen-sized, so it won’t work if you own a king-sized bed or want to share the blanket.

Despite those points, the blanket comes in six colors, meaning you can choose whichever color matches your room, bed, and sheets. The shroud includes a machine-washable design, making it low maintenance and allowing you to clean it if it gets dirty or starts to smell.

5. The Cooling Mattress Pad by Sleep Zone

Best Cooling Mattress Pad
Cooling Mattress Pad by Sleep Zone
What we love:
  • Adds comfort and keeps you cool
  • Machine washable
  • Deep pocket fits thicker mattresses
  • Highly reviewed
Buy Now
02/18/2024 06:48 am GMT

A Sleep Zone Mattress Pad can work great if you don’t want a blanket but don’t want to deal with the attached devices. The design utilizes microfiber, lending it a durable design while remaining comfortable in your sleep.

The bed has three zones for you to utilize, so the feet and head have a wavy design, while the middle has a cloud shape to make it comfortable. You also have all the usual bed sizes to consider, meaning the pad will fit on your bed without hanging off or feeling too small.

The mattress pad doesn’t come with a remote, so you can’t change the temperature on your own. It’s only available as a pad, meaning you can’t use it as a blanket while you sleep, so you could struggle with temperature regulation depending on the scenario.

The pad has elastic edges to keep it secured to the bed without using straps or ropes. It even adds additional cushion to your bed, making it pleasant to sleep on while offering a machine-washable design and low tumble-dry use.

Final Comments

As you look into options to keep your bed at an ideal temperature, you should get a bed cooler. The device will help you maintain your bed, make it comfortable during the evening, and avoid feeling warm when you get ready to sleep.

You’ll want to compare their differences and what makes them work great while you go through the buying guide. As you go through the buying guide, you can get a feel for what works regarding your bed cooling needs.

Then, as you find the best one available and see what you like, you’ll make your bed comfortable and help yourself fall asleep.

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