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5 “Race Car Beds” Your Kid Will Love to Sleep in

Few things are as cool or impressive as a race car bed. If your child has been begging you for a race car bed or your inner child always wanted one, this is your chance to make that dream come true!


Consider this your complete guide to buying a speedy race car bed you can drive around in your dreams.

Keep reading to learn about the types of race car beds, prices, and buying considerations.

What Is a Race Car Bed?

A race car bed is a bed frame shaped to mimic a race car. The mattress goes in the middle of the bed. The foot of the bed is where the grill, headlights, and front of the car design go, while the head of the bed often has a spoiler and sometimes passenger seats.

Race car beds come in an array of designs and sizes. Most feature four wheels on the sides and other accessories to make them look like a car.

Our 5 Favorite Race Car Beds to Buy Online

Who Are Race Car Beds For?

Many people think stylish race car beds are only for children, but that is false. You can find race car beds made for adults too!

You’d be surprised by the plethora of options available, from silly toddler race car beds to sleek Mercedes car beds. So race car beds are not restricted to a certain age group or demographic; anyone can enjoy the thrill of going to sleep in a flashy race car!

The only stipulation is that children under 18 months should not sleep in a race car bed for safety reasons. But whether you are four or forty, a race car bed is an enjoyable addition to your bedroom.

Types of Race Car Beds

When shopping for race car beds, you’ll see a wide range of styles, designs, and shapes. Some look like actual cars, while others have a more cartoonish and exaggerated appearance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features offered by the different types of race car beds. 


Most race car beds you’ll see online and in stores have a generic race car appearance. They may have stripes, a number on the side, wheels, fake headlights, a spoiler, or a grill. They typically do not depict a specific car brand or race car associated with a professional racer.

As mentioned, these are the most common race car beds and are easy to find. They come in all colors, and you can select from different car designs and fun features.


While the standard car beds may be slightly cartoonish, a whole range of race car beds is inspired by specific cartoons. You can buy Batmobile beds, Barbie Princess car beds, Lighting McQueen from the movie Cars, or similar concepts.

So if you have a child with a favorite cartoon, you can try to find a race car bed themed with that show, movie, or character! These race car beds are not difficult to find, but not nearly as popular since kids’ favorite things change fast, and many don’t want to commit to a specific theme.


Slowly, realistic car beds are taking over the market, pushing generic race car beds aside. The realistic car beds look more authentic, with better proportions and higher-quality materials. They also often reflect a specific brand, like Jeep, Mercedes, or Ferrari.

This style is more common among adult race car beds, but child and toddler car beds can also be more realistic. The realistic options are more sophisticated and stylish, unlike generic car beds, which may look childish.

Wooden or Metal

The wooden options are a more charming and rustic approach to race car beds. These race car beds still look like cars but have a Scandinavian, boxcar-ish aesthetic. For many parents, this bed is a compromise, as they look more sophisticated than plastic.

You can also purchase a metal frame design, which may look more like a dune buggy or go-cart than a race car. These race car beds are not as popular or prominent, but an option worth considering.

Pros and Cons of Race Car Beds

Below are the pros and cons of buying a race car bed at a glance.


  • Material is easy to clean
  • The bed is amusing and exciting for children
  • The style and design options are endless
  • It can make bedtime more fun for kids


  • Assembly can be tricky and complicated
  • Race car beds are usually less durable than standard frames
  • Many kids grow out of their beds quickly

Things To Consider

Many aspects go into finding the best race car bed. While shopping, keep the following factors in mind so you can hone your search criteria.


As mentioned, race car beds are for people of all ages. However, you should not buy a race car bed for a child under 18 months old. Another reason to consider age is that a two-year-old may not even remember or appreciate a race car bed, and they’ll grow out of it quickly.

Consider waiting until your child is a bit older to get them a race car bed so they can fully enjoy it. Also, older adults may not find a race car bed conducive to comfortably getting in and out of bed.

Mattress Size

When shopping for your dream race car bed, you must know what mattress size you need. Race car beds come in several sizes, but if you have a rare mattress size, finding a suitable race car bed may be difficult.

For example, buying a race car bed for an extra-long twin or California king mattress will be a challenge. The easiest sizes to find race car beds in are:

  • Small single (toddler mattress)
  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

If you have an irregular mattress size, you may need to have your race car bed frame custom-made.

Room Space

Some race car beds are slim and compact, while others are bulky and dramatic. A race car bed frame will take up substantially more space than a classic, simple bed frame. When choosing a race car bed, ensure you have enough space for it in the bedroom.

Generally, interior designers recommend having a bed that takes up no more than 40-50% of your bedroom’s floor space. Try to have at least 30 inches of walking space on both sides and the end of the bed so you can maneuver around the room comfortably. Shopping with precise bedroom measurements is wise.


The material will substantially impact the overall quality of the bed. While most bed frames are plastic, some use higher-quality plastic than others. When shopping in person, look for hard, thick plastic instead of thin and flimsy.

When looking online, look for BPA-free, nontoxic plastic, preferably ABS plastic. Metal and wood are sturdy materials that often indicate quality construction, but they are far less common than plastic materials.

Car Design

The design options can be overwhelming, so you may want to settle on a car design before shopping. Do you want a realistic race car bed? Does your child want a Batmobile? Would you prefer a pink car or a red car?

Thinking about the car design and aesthetic you want can help you refine your search and find the best race car bed for you or your child!


The list of possible features on a race car bed is practically endless. You may find some features unnecessary or even annoying, while others are entertaining and irresistible. Below is a brief overview of the most common and popular features you can find on some race car beds.

Steering Wheel: Some cars have a moveable steering wheel at the foot of the bed where you can pretend to win the Grand Prix and zoom around the track.

Brake and Gas Pedal: That’s right, some race car beds have pedals at the foot of the bed where you can further pretend to drive the car.

Headlights: You can find cars with headlight stickers, but the fancier options have working headlights that can be turned on or off. They can double as a convenient nightlight too!

Spinning Wheels: Wheels are another aspect that can be a cheap sticker or plastic part. But they can also be authentic rubber wheels with metal rims that spin when you move them. Some wheels even move when you push on the gas pedal!

Horn: For parents, this feature may be one to avoid. The horn on the steering wheel can be functional, allowing the user to honk away. This feature can be annoying but also fun for the kiddos. Some horns play music instead of honking!

Stickers and Stripes: Almost every race car bed you buy, especially the ones for children, will come with stickers and decals. The stickers can be numbers or stripes, but some cars come with the stripes or numbers already painted on. The stickers are one of the most amusing aspects and allow you to personalize your bed.

Engine Sounds: Some cars have built-in sounds, like the engine revving or the car accelerating, which you can activate with the pedals or buttons.

Custom License Plate: When ordering a race car bed, some manufacturers give you the option to add a custom license plate, which can say whatever you want!

Consider what features are must-haves and what you can do without, as this will help you focus your search.


When shopping for an indulgent item like a race car bed, having a defined budget can help narrow your search. Race car beds can cost hundreds or thousands. While you shouldn’t pay too much, you also don’t want to wind up with a cheaply-made bed frame.

Adult race car beds will cost more, while toddler designs will be cheaper. The price of race car beds can range wildly; some cost as little as $150, while the fancier ones can cost as much as $3,000.

While you don’t need to spend $3,000 to get a quality race car bed, you often get what you pay for. For adults, $750 to $1,000 is a reasonable budget, and for children, $200 to $750 is common.


The following are some frequently asked questions people often ask when shopping for race car beds.

Are race car beds still popular?

Yes! Plenty of people still enjoy race car beds, especially children. Even though the race car bed design has been around since the 70s, it’s still a joyful addition to any bedroom. If anything, the designs have become more detailed and thoughtful.

Are race car beds safe?

Yes, most race car beds are safe for children over a certain age. Both the design and materials contribute to safety. Most companies use ABS plastic which is non-toxic, BPA-free, and lead-free. Car beds for younger children can come with guard rails to keep them in bed if they move around.

Are race car beds sturdy?

It varies based on the material and construction quality. Most decent race car beds are sturdy enough to hold a few hundred pounds. But compared to other bed frames, race car beds can use cheaper materials that will not last a lifetime. However, it mostly depends on the quality of the specific bed and brand.

Where can I buy a race car bed?

You can buy race bed cars from many places, including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and most children’s furniture stores. Most major furniture companies will carry at least one race car bed product, but a simple search can show you places near you that sell them.

So, Should You Buy a Race Car Bed?

These funky beds are cool and funny no matter your age. Adults deserve a whimsical and magical bedroom too!

Luckily, the race car bed market is abundant, so you can find any color, style, design, shape, or size you can dream of.

Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out what race bed is right for you so you can vroom off to sleep!

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