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Organic Dream "Pack N Play" Mattress Review


The Organic Dream pack n play mattress is a great all-around pack n play mattress. It incorporates a lot of features that parents are looking for, at a reasonable price point. From the organic cotton cover, to the snug fitting corners and 2-sided infant and toddler options, there is not much down side when choosing this mattress for your little one. After reviewing it, it is now the mattress our youngest daughter sleeps on.

Notable Features

  • Organic cotton cover
  • 2-sided for infants and toddlers
  • Removable/washable cover
  • Greenguard gold certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits Pack N Play snug with no gaps
  • Waterproof
  • 100% Breathable

Technical details

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Where its Made



Our review of the Organic Dream Pack N Play Mattress


We personally test every mattress we review and give our honest feedback in order to help our customers make an informed decision. We open the mattress, let it fully expand for a day and then have one of our team members (or their kids!) sleep on it for at least 2 nights. We also read through the internet to find reviews, feedback and and gain a general consensus on what customers like and dislike about the product.


How it arrived

The Organic Dream pack n play mattress arrives in a nice box and is compressed and rolled for easy shipping. We easily cut the plastic off and let it exapand. While we waited a day for the mattress to full decompress, it looked to be completely expanded and flat within a few hours. 

First impressions

Upon opening the Organic Dream pack n play mattress it had very minimal off-gasing or smell. We felt great having our daughter sleep on it the next night. When looking at the mattress the first thing you notice is the extremely soft organic cotton cover on the outside. This cover is waterproof and can easily be unzipped and washed when needed. We also felt peace of mind knowing our little one would be resting her head on an organic cover rather than a synthetic or chemical based material. 


How it fit

When we put the mattress in our Graco pack n play it fit perfectly. The corners and sides were snug and pressed tightly up against the wall, leaving zero gaps. This was an improvement over our previous replacement mattress and even an improvement over the standard mattress pad that comes with the pack n play. The mattress laid flay and had no dips, creases or warping. Overall a great fit that we can feel comfortable about our daughter sleeping on. 

What's inside

When we unzipped the mattress there was a fire-sock layer directly inside. This is a great way to pass fire retardant regulations without using any chemical sprays. We cut away the fire-sock (don’t cut your fire-sock, this will void your warranty AND will make is less effective in preventing a fire) to reveal the internal layers of the mattress. Inside is 2 layers: a firm polyurethane foam layer and an organic cotton layer. The way the mattress is built allows you to use both sides. The softer cotton side can be used for toddlers to give them a more comfortable nights sleep, while the firmer polyurethane side is meant for infants who need to sleep on a firm platform. The double layers make this mattress good for many years and stages of life. 



Overall, this mattress has a lot of features that parents can feel good about, from the organic cotton cover to the snug fit and toddler/infant sides. It also comes at a competitive price point. If you are looking for a great all around replacement mattress for your pack n play, then we would certainly recommend the Organic Dream. It is now the mattress our little one sleeps on :). Check out of our top pack-n-play mattress picks for comparisons and our favorite mattresses in each category.