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(Top 6) Best 'Pack N Play' Mattress Options: 2023 Buyer Guide

Our favorite pack n play mattresses on the market


The mattress that comes with the Graco pack n play you receive from the store is hardly a mattress at all. It feels more like a cardboard sheet with a thin layer of cheap foam on top. Luckily, there are replacement options on the market that still provide the same support while also giving the comfort and pressure relief that a standard crib mattress would provide. In this article we pick our favorite Graco pack n play mattresses on the market.

How firm should a pack n play mattress be?

The firmness of the mattress depends on the age of your child. Infants are recommended to sleep on a firm hard surface, so for them the pack n play mattress that comes with the pack n play may work great. As your child gets older they will probably prefer something softer and you can feel comfortable putting down a more plush softer mattress or pad. 

What size mattress fits in a Pack N Play?

The standard pack n play mattress size is approximately 37.5” long by 26” wide give or take a half inch in some models. It is always suggested to measure your specific pack n play before ordering a mattress

Can a standard crib mattress fit in a Pack N Play?

No. A standard size crib mattress does not fit in a pack n play. A standard crib mattress measures about 52” long by 28” wide which is much larger than the 37.5” by 26” pack n play mattress. 

What to look for when purchasing a mattress for your pack n play?

Size: First measure your pack n play and make sure the mattress you are looking to buy fits your specific pack n play. While most pack n plays require a 37.5” by 26” mattress there are some that come in different sizes or are round rather than rectangular. 

Firmness: Be sure to check the firmness of the mattress you are buying and make sure it is appropriate for your babies age. Infants and young babies need a firmer surface to sleep on while toddlers and older babies can sleep on something a little softer and more comfortable. 

Waterproof: Most mattresses for pack n plays come with a waterproof barrier, but some do not. Decide if you require a waterproof seal or if you will purchase a mattress protector separately. 

CertiPUR-US certified: Many baby items are made in China and shipped to the US without the proper guidelines. Check to make sure the mattress you choose is CertiPUR-US certified. This ensures it meets chemical guidelines and is safe for your child. 


6 Best Pack n Play Mattresses


What customer love: Snug fit. Organic cotton cover. 2-sided for infants and toddlers.

The Organic Dream pack n play mattress is a great all-around pack n play mattress. It incorporates a lot of features that parents are looking for, at a reasonable price point. From the organic cotton cover, to the snug fitting corners and 2-sided infant and toddler options, there is not much down side when choosing this mattress for your little one. After reviewing it, it is now the pack n play mattress our youngest daughter sleeps on. 


What customer love: Affordable, quality pack n play mattress. Dual sided for infants and toddlers

Thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide parents a safest and durable and pack ‘n play mattress pad. Quality-built using premium CertiPUR-US memory foam for maximum toddler sleep/play comfort and a firmer side for the support newborns require. The removable ultra-plush Jacquard cover is water and stain resistant and can be machine washed and dried. Each mattress pad is sized and sculpted to ensure a snug and secure fit within all major standard-sized playards, And, each mattress pad is backed by hiccapop for life.



What customers love: Comfortable and easy to fold up and carry on the go for travel.

The NapYou foldable pack n play mattress is a basic 1.5″ thick foam mattress that fits perfectly in your pack n play. It comes with a carrying case and easily folds up for travel. This mattress is a step up from the pad that comes with the original mattress and will certainly be more comfortable for your little one. 

What customers love: Soft side for toddlers and firm side for infants

Milliard is known for their affordable quality sleep products. Their pack n play mattress is one of the highest rated on Amazon. The mattress is 3″ thick and comes with a waterproof cover that you can easily unzip and throw in the wash. The mattress is also 2 sided with one side being firm for infants and the other side softer for toddlers. If you have multiple kids or want a mattress that will grow with your child this is a great option that many customers love and stand behind. 


What customers love: Great reviews and a comfortable mattress

The Dream on Me playard mattress has over 5,000 reviews and is one of the most trusted and well known pack n play replacement mattresses on the market. The mattress itself is very standard. It includes 3″ of basic polyurethane foam and a waterproof cover that is easy to wipe of should there be any accidents. If you are looking for a basic mattress that has withstood the test of time and has a well known company behind them then the Dream on Me is a great pick. 



What customers love: Adds comfort and easy to transport

The Milliard mattress pad is simply made to be put on top of the existing pack n play mattress. The 2″ of comfort foam provides added cushioning to any pack n play. This pad comes with a washable cover that can easily zip on and off. It is also made with CertiPUR foam that is free of any chemicals. 

Overall, which pack n play mattress or pad you choose really depends on your specific needs. Each option above provides different benefits and downsides that you can analyze and use to choose the right bed for yourself. The variety of options on the market today allows us to find a solution that is perfect for all needs.