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How to Get Rid of a Mattress in Orlando FL (5 Local Options)


If you are looking to get rid of a mattress in Orlando then you have come to the right place. Mattresses are becoming harder and harder to dispose of and many landfills and donation centers no longer accpet them.

But not to worry. In this article we have included 5 local options that Orlando residents can use to get rid of an old mattress. From a statewide curbside mattress recycling service to donation and drop off options, there is something for every budget and every mattress condition.

5 Ways to Dispose of a Mattress in Orlando

Option #1: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling (Orlando) – Curbside Pickup


A Bedder World offers curbside mattress removal and recycling services throughout the entire Orlando area as well as throughout the entire state of Florida.

You can easily book and pay for a pick up online 7 days a week (Book a pick up here). Then put your mattress items outside by 8am on the day of pick up and the Bedder World team will come by and grab them and responsibly dispose of them.

To date A Bedder World has recycled over 1 million mattresses and has saved over 26 million sq.ft. of landfill space.

  • Serving the entire Orlando area (Also serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and the entire state of Florida)
  • Over 1 million mattresses recycled
  • Easy curbside pick up
  • Book and Pay online with 100% upfront pricing.
  • Residential and Commercial Services

Option #2: Drop off at Mustard Seed Mattress Recycling


If you have a means for transporting you mattress you can take it to the Mustard seed furniture bank where they operate a mattress recycling program. Here your mattress will get torn apart and recycled. The foam will go to making things like carpet padding and the metal will be melted down and recycled.

Option #3: Donate it to St. Vincent De Paul Orlando


If your mattress is in good condition and could be used by someone else you may want to consider donating it so someone can get more use out of it. St. Vincent De Paul is a great option for mattress donations and is one of the only donation centers in the Orlando area that accepts mattresses.

They also accept bedding and bed frames as well. We recommend contacting them before dropping off to ensure they will accept your mattress.

Option #4: Sell or Giveaway on Orlando’s Craigslist or Facebook


If your mattress is in decent shape there is a very good chance someone will take it off your hands for free or even pay you for it. There is a large market of people looking to save money on a lightly used mattress rather than spend hundreds to thousands on a new one.

If you do list your mattress online make sure to take nice clean photos and ensure potential buyers that it does not have any stains or bed bugs. And always be smart and safe when selling online and meet in a public setting or have someone else around during the sale.

Happy selling!

Option #5: DIY Mattress Recycling


Looking to take on a small project? Why not recycle your mattress yourself. This is a great way to save some money and do good for the environment. We have a guide on how to do it here.

To start you will want to tear off the cover and separate the foam and metal materials inside.

The metal can be dropped at a local scrap metal yard where they will likely even give you a smalla mount of cash for it. Here it will be melted down and recycled. Local scrap metal yard:

The foam can be brought to a local carpet manufacturer or other business (search craigslist for anyone who needs foam). Carpet manufacturers will use it to make carpet padding. Call around before heading anywhere to make sure they will accept used foam form the public. There are lots of businesses from dog bed manufacturers to bean bag chair makers, pillows, etc…. that happily accept foam scraps.

There you have it, 5 options for mattress disposal in Orlando. We hope this article was helpful and that you found an option that works well for you and your specific needs.

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