Box Spring Disposal Process

 A comprehensive guide on the type of box springs we take and how to get rid of your old box spring. 

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What is Considered a box spring?

A box spring is the firm box or platform that sits underneath your mattress and on top of your bed frame. A box spring acts as a support system for your mattress to minimize any sagging and to distribute the weight evenly throughout your mattress. Most companies will offer their own box spring as an option when purchasing your mattress. Box springs can come in multiple sizes and thicknesses from a 9″ thick box spring to a “1” bunkie board” or bed slats. If you have a platform bed or a fold up bed system you may not have a box spring. Platform beds utilize bed slats integrated into the frame in order to support the mattress. 


Box Springs We will pick up

We accept box springs of all sizes, materials conditions and thicknesses. 

What is A Box Spring Made of?

A box spring is comprised of primarily 2 components, Wood and steel). Some box springs utilize both of the these materials while some are made entirely of either steel or entirely of wood. 

01: WOOD

Used to make wood Chips

Many mattress recycling centers will extract the wood from a box spring and utilize it to make wood chips. The hard part about recycling the wood is that it must be free of all nails which can be a painstaking process. 


Melted down and Recycled

Most box springs will utilize a mix of steel and wood. The steel is separated from the wood and is recycled as scrap metal. The metal is then melted down and reused in other finished goods. 


Shredded and thrown out.

The fabric covering makes up less than 10% of the box springs materials and is the only piece that can not be recycled. The fabric is shredded up and thrown out. 

If you are feeling ambitious and would like to take on a fun project you can try recycling your box spring yourself. We have put together a step by step guide on how to go about tearing it apart and how to get rid of the materials inside. 


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