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Responsible Mattress Disposal in Aurora for over 6 years.

Aurora is one of the largest mattress pick up areas for us here at A Bedder World. It has also been one of our longest standing pick up stops on our route. With so much growth it is it no wonder that the citizens have a plentiful amount of mattresses to get rid of. We are always pleasantly surprised by how many responsible individuals in town decide to properly dispose of their mattresses and box springs. Over 20,000 mattresses and box springs have been responsibly disposed of by the Aurora population. We also have worked with many local hotels and municipalities to keep mattresses out of the landfills and off the streets. Our team drives through town once a week to pick up your old mattresses. We make mattress disposal easy! Book a pick up today and let us grab that bed for you. 

How it Works

Getting rid of a mattress for residents has never been easier.  Simply book online, put your mattress outside and POOF! our mattress disposal genies will come by and get it off your hands. Aurora is one of our main pick up areas, so we do pick ups in town almost daily. Our experienced pick up teams are experts at navigating the old town streets, alleys and apartment complexes. As long as your mattress is outside and accessible we will get it. 

See our how it works page for more details on our pick up process.

Mattress Removal Services in Aurora

Mattress & Box Spring Recycling

We recycle 100% of the mattresses and box springs we pick up. Each mattress will begin by getting torn apart. The foam will go to making carpet underlay and the metal will be melted down and recycled.

Curbside Residential Pick Ups

Our team will come to your home and pick up your old mattress and box spring. Feel free to put the mattress near your garage, on the front porch or wherever is convenient for you.

Apartment Removals

We will work with your apartment complex to figure out the best place to remove your mattress from. The majority of apartment communities have been extremely accommodating to mattress removals.

Regular Scheduled Commercial Removal

If you own a business we can set up regular mattress removals from your place of business. Under the commercial page you can see a list of other businesses we work with

Customer reviews

What the people of Aurora are saying...

Aurora businesses we work with

We work with businesses of all kinds to help responsibly dispose of their mattresses. From the StornN-Lock storage facility to the double-tree hotel and the City of Aurora, if you own a business in town and need to get rid of a mattress, we can help. Book a commercial mattress pick up here. Our commercial services include pick up and removal of mattresses and box springs from your facility as well as proper disposal at our mattress recycling facility.

These local companies understand the benefits of recycling their mattresses and choose to be a part of making the community a greener and more eco-friendly home for its residents.  

Hiring Local

Our mattress disposal team includes drivers, mattress tear down operators, secretaries and managers. Our team members love the Aurora community and all it has to offer. We hire local residents and each one of our employees is proud to be a part of making the town a cleaner place to live. 

Mattress Recycling Members


Tim Sumerfield

Tim has been recycling mattresses for over 6 years. He loves the community in Aurora and the businesses and owners in town that he gets to work with. When he isn’t recycling old mattresses Tim can be found enjoying one of the many restaurants in town. 

Pick Up Manager

Richard Allen

Richard will likely be the one you see on your pick up day hauling your mattresses away. Richard loves to see the eclectic mix of old and new as Aurora continues to grow. 

Mattress Recycling Manager

Francisco Juarez

Francisco oversees all of the mattress recycling operations. He spends most of his time at our facility in Denver. Francisco lives in Aurora and has enjoyed seeing it grow over the years. 

Aurora Mattress Disposal By The Numbers

We have been keeping old mattresses off the streets for years and are proud to offer residents an easy and eco-friendly way to get rid of their mattresses, box springs and sleep accessories. Below are some of the stats on our mattress recycling efforts in the community. 

Aurora Team Members
Sq.Ft. of landfill saved
1 K
Aurora Mattresses Recycled
1 K

Current State of Mattress Disposal

Aurora is one of the most progressive cities in Colorado when it comes to mattress recycling. Over the past 2 years we have seen over a 100% increase in the number of mattresses that residents have chosen to get rid of through our recycling service. The mattress disposal options for residents currently are very limited. The local thrift stores and donation centers do not take mattresses, therefore, residents are left to choose between taking their mattresses to one of the local landfills (which now charge upwards of $30/piece) or recycling them with a company such as ourselves. 

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