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What Mattress Does Marriott Use? (Where to Buy)

Our company has picked up and recycled thousands of mattresses for Marriott hotels across the country. We get asked all the time “What exact mattress does Marriott use?”.

In this article we will explain exactly what mattresses the Marriott uses across their hotel chains and where you can buy one for yourself and your own home.


The Marriott Mattress

The Marriott Bed, developed by Simmons and used in every Marriott hotel, is the ultimate in luxurious sleeping. You can bring that feeling of comfort and luxury home by purchasing this mattress directly through Shop Marriott, along with matching bedding, pillows, and linens. 

Buy the Marriott Mattress & Bedding

Directly on the Marriott Website

Why Are Marriot Beds So Comfortable?

Marriott understands that a mattress isn’t the only factor in gaining an optimal night’s sleep. The hotel chain has crafted its beds to provide guests with maximum comfort by honing in on numerous elements like support and pressure points. Ready for your best-ever rest? Then head over to any of their worldwide locations – you’re guaranteed to experience a great sleeping experience. Here is why Marriot mattresses feel so heavenly:

Effective Pressure Relief

Marriott beds provide the perfect comfort for a restful night’s sleep. With their adaptive mattresses, Marriott offers superior pressure relief that lightens you up and lets your body relax naturally so you can leave feeling refreshed in the morning.

Temperature Regulation

Marriott hotels understand that a great night’s sleep is more than just quality bedding; temperature regulation also plays an important role. Arrays of cooling features are available for each mattress, from hybrid and innerspring models with breathable fabrics to foam mattresses equipped with open-cell designs for enhanced airflow. Every room offers the perfect combination of cozy comfort and cool serenity so you can rest easy.

Can Anyone Buy a Marriot Bed?

The Marriott Bed is an incredibly comfortable mattress that many bedroom owners want to purchase for their homes. The bed is available through Marriott’s online store and can be picked up at any of the hotel’s locations or through its mattress manufacturer, Serta Simmons Bedding. This company creates mattresses for Marriott’s hotels and major names such as Hard Rock Hotels and Hilton locations.

Plus, certain economy and luxury hotels such as Four Seasons Hotels, Hyatt, and even Sheraton Hotels from Marriott International are equipped with Beautyrest Hospitality mattresses from this manufacturer. With such a popular bed now being accessible to everyday households and all its features known within the industry, it comes as no surprise that many are after The Marriott Bed experience.

Brand of Bedding Used in Marriot Hotels

Marriott Hotels is a globally known hotel chain offering luxurious hotel rooms with comfortable beds and soft pillows. For the perfect sleeping experience, Marriott ensures that their beds are equipped with premium bedding from Simmons Beautyrest Hospitality Bedding. 

This established company produces mattresses, pillows, and other bedding for each unique guest experience at Marriott. Simmons offers various features to enhance the Marriott guest’s comfort, relaxation, and convenience.

Simmons’ mattress technology incorporates layers of memory foam for resilience and support. Its pillow top layer features cooling yarns to keep the body temperature balanced throughout sleep hours. 

The comforter and duvet cover provides comforting warmth that creates an enjoyable sleeping atmosphere. With this combination of luxurious materials, sophisticated styling, ultimate comfort, and quality craftsmanship, every Marriott stay is bound to be extraordinarily pleasant.

What Types of Comforters Does Marriott Use?

Marriott’s comforters come in various styles, materials, and sizes to provide comfort and luxury that meets every guest’s needs. From lightweight, hypoallergenic options to luxuriously soft-down comforters, all of Marriott’s signature comforters are carefully crafted for their quality and durability. 

With an extensive selection of sizes available, guests can select the perfect size for maximum comfort and restful sleep. Enjoy the indulgence and comfort of Marriott’s comforters – an ideal accompaniment for a luxurious stay.

Kind of Sheets Used by Marriott

The Marriott collection is world-renowned for its stunningly comfortable sheets – no matter the design. For example, you might come across a property boasting crisp, white cotton sheets or others with intricate details and rich colors, with big puffy clouds between each stitch.

And if you’re seeking something more luxurious yet inviting, check out the properties utilizing rich suede sheets that caress your skin as you lay down to rest. Whether solid colors and patterns or different textures, the Marriott signature style provides an array of precisely crafted linens for a good night’s sleep.

How Firm Are Marriot Mattresses?

For hotels, having the right mattress firmness can make or break a guest’s experience. The firmness level of hotel Marriot mattresses is typically medium-firm due to their universal feel. Most bodies and sleeping positions enjoy this firmness, making it an easy choice for hotels to provide quality comfort and support.

Yet, should the guest call for a different level of firmness, many hotels are more than willing to oblige and offer specific beds tailored to those needs. Thanks to their sturdy construction and durability levels, medium-firm mattresses can hold up against this daily use for longer periods- providing great rest during every visit.

Can You Experience the Comfort of a Marriot Mattress in Your Home?

While you can purchase mattresses from many manufacturers, why not bring your hotel sleeping experience to the comfort of your bedroom with a hotel mattress? Many well-known hospitality brands, such as Hampton Inn, Hilton, and Holiday Inn, rely on mattresses from two main manufacturers.

Marriot creates the popular Marriot Bed, which homeowners can browse for comparison and authenticity. Whether you purchase directly from a hotel or go with a manufacturer’s similar version, plenty of options are available depending on what works best for your budget.

Find Out How Frequently Marriot Replaces Their Mattresses

Many hotels, from economy to hotel chains such as Marriot, replace their mattresses every three to five years. Additionally, hospitality standards require high-quality construction and the best materials to withstand years of wear and tear. 

Sanitation is also a main concern for hotels; many use antibacterial covers for extra protection and as an additional measure for keeping bedding clean for each guest. Marriot Hotels are dedicated to providing comfortable sleeping experiences in safe environments, and frequently replacing mattresses is one way they work to meet customer expectations continuously.

Do Hotels Dispose of Their Used Mattresses?

Purchasing used mattresses from hotels can be tricky as it can vary widely depending on the particular situation of a hotel. Individuals looking to buy these secondhand mattresses may need to check which furniture liquidators or wholesalers the hotel works with and contact them directly. 

Another option you could go for might be inquiring if the hotel would donate their mattresses to organizations that’d be more than happy to accept them. It is worth looking into both options and then deciding what suits your needs best.

What Are the Typical Sizes of Hotel Beds?

Hotel bed sizes come in two standard sizes. King-size beds, typically 76 x 80, are usually used in single-occupancy hotel rooms. Full-size mattresses, generally measuring 54 x 75, are most commonly found in double-occupancy hotel rooms. 

However, sometimes a slightly smaller king size of 72 x 84 is used to help provide more space in the room. Occasionally hotels also provide queen-sized mattresses which measure 60 x 80. No matter the size, it’s guaranteed that you will get a good rest when staying at a quality hotel.

Can Long Can a Mattress Last?

When it comes to mattresses, many of us are guilty of taking them for granted. We expect that they’ll serve us without fail until a certain point when they’re ready to be replaced. However, did you know that the life expectancy of a mattress can vary greatly? A mattress can last anywhere from seven years up to 20, depending on the wear and tear and its components.

Memory foam and latex mattresses are renowned for lasting much longer than your traditional innerspring model, with 14-20 years being their upper limit. Although the chances are low, purchasing high-quality mattresses may be worthwhile for those wanting more bang for their buck.

How Does Marriott Make Their Mattresses?

All of their beds feature what’s known as a coil-on-coil construction. This design combines two types of coils to provide the mattress with support and comfort. The first layer consists of an extra thick pocketed spring design that helps maintain the bed’s shape while providing pressure relief. 

On top of this is another layer of thinner comfy coils that add more contouring, making sleepers feel more comfortable and offering cooling benefits more than traditional innerspring or foam material used by other mattress makers. A key point to note is Marriott uses high-quality steel in these inner layers rather than low-quality steel found in cheaper brands, ensuring guests have a great night’s rest at one of their hotels.

Wrap Up

Marriott hotels proudly reveal that they use custom-made mattresses crafted in partnership with Simmons Bedding Company. These beds have been designed with multiple layers of cushioning and support, allowing Marriott’s guests to sleep peacefully amidst the comfort of their plush mattresses. The design itself has taken more than two years to perfect. It comprises individually wrapped coils and an ultra-comfort top layer tailored specifically to give an extra level of comfort.

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