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7 Best “Twin to King Daybeds”: The Ultimate Space Saving Sleep Hack


If you’re looking for a stylish, space-saving, and versatile option for more seating or a guest bed, a twin to king daybed may be a great choice for you. These beds are ideal if you live in a smaller area where you need to maximize your space. The daybed only takes up the size of a twin mattress on a day to day basis but has a bed underneath that can roll out and pop up when needed, turning your twin bed into the width of a king size mattress and accommodating larger sleepers or multiple sleepers at once.


Most twin to king trundle style beds require a thinner mattress in order to fit underneath the top bed. If you need to purchase a mattress you can see our top picks for the best trundle bed mattresses here.

How Does a Twin To King Daybed Work?


A twin to king daybed consists of a frame made of either metal, wooden, or upholstery, two mattresses, and bedding of your choice. The two mattresses are stacked on top of each other while the bed functions as a sofa. This is convenient when you need some extra seating space or a place for a single person to have a good sleep.

When you want the full-size bed, the bottom part of the frame rolls out, revealing another platform where you’ll place the top mattress, creating a shortened king-sized bed. This form is ideal when you need sleeping space for two people.

7 Twin to King Daybeds

  1. Twin to King Daybed with Trundle | by Harper & Bright Designs

    This Wooden Daybed sits as a twin size mattress with a drawer style trundle bed underneath. The trundle can easily be pulled out and popped up to create an irregular king size mattress for sleeping additional guests. The bed comes in a variety of different finishes to match any decor and will sturdy and well made. There are also two drawers that can be used to store clothes, blankets, sheets, even pillows. Made with high-quality legs and a strong, durable frame it ensures stability and durability for long-term use. There is a built in slat kit so box springs are not required.

    What we love:
    • Variety of finishes available
    • Sturdy and durable frame
    • No box spring needed
    • Easy assembly
    • Built in drawers for storage
    Buy Now
    02/18/2024 10:23 am GMT
  2. Fafard Metal Daybed with Trundle by Lexicon

    This is a simple twin to king style daybed that makes a unique statement in any room. The orange finish is a playful yet modern design choice. The metal frame is durable and moves smoothly. You can easily pull out the trundle and pop it up next to the daybed for a modified king size sleeping surface when needed. This bed is perfect for accommodating additional guests at night while acting as a daybed during the day.

    What we love:
    • Minimalist design
    • Bold color
    • Sturdy
    • Fits a thicker mattress (up to 8 inches)
    • No box spring needed
    Buy Now
    07/18/2024 10:55 pm GMT
  3. Twin to King Design Sofa Bed | by Bellemave

     This piece of furniture is more than just a bed. The Versatile daybed style makes full use of space. It can be used as a sofa, or a sleeper, which is cozy to sit on, read or play games.

    When the trundle is pulled out, the daybed can be expanded from a twin size sleeping surface to a modified King size. The bed also has two big drawers underneath for Storage of your clothing, toys or bedding. This bed has a compact design with a variety of functionality for every day life.

    What we love:
    • Durable construction
    • Space-saving design
    • Drawers for additional storage
    • Multiple finishes
    • No box spring required
    • Easy assembly
    • Great value
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    07/18/2024 09:19 pm GMT
  4. Twin Size Black Daybed With Pop Up Trundle by King Brand

    This is a very simple daybed style bed with a durable and solid pop up trundle that fits underneath. The clearance of this bed allows for the bed to accommodate thicker mattresses for more comfort and larger adults.

    What we love:
    • Simple
    • Solid steel design
    • Versatile
    • Fits thicker mattresses
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  5. Twin Daybed with Pop Up Trundle by Merax

    This daybed features a twin size adjustable trundle, the trundle is equipped with braces which makes it easily rise to the height of the bed to become the width of a king bed for sleeping. It has 4 casters and is easy pull-out and stowage of the pulley bed. This bed is perfect for kid's sleepovers or accommodating additional guests.

    What we love:
    • Simple and modern
    • Multiple color options
    • Easy twin to king pop up trundle
    • No box spring needed
    • Solid metal frame
    Buy Now
    07/18/2024 11:04 pm GMT
  6. Twin Pop Up Trundle Bed by Coaster

    This pop up trundle bed is adjustable and can easily fit under most twin size beds and then pop up when needed. This option will turn your standard twin bed into a king size sleeping surface. The bed is made of solid steel and will last for years to come.

    What we love:
    • Solid, sturdy steel construction
    • Versatile to fit under most standard beds
    • Adjustable
    • Easily pops up
    • Has rollers for easy movement
    Buy Now
    07/18/2024 11:11 pm GMT
  7. Twin Metal Daybed & Popup Trundle (Includes 2 Mattresses) by Dream Solutions

    The daybed includes a platform with metal slats for support and does not require the use of a box spring. It also includes two great quality mattress designed for long life and safety, with a collapsible trundle that fits beneath the daybed. The trundle lifts up easily, Ideal for children, sleepovers and guests. The two beds are the same height when opened making the sleeping surface the width of a standard king size mattress when expanded. This set is great for anyone looking for a simple an all in one option with the mattresses and frame all in one purchase.

    What we love:
    • Solid metal construction
    • Highly reviewed
    • Made in the USA
    • Includes 2 high quality mattresses!
    • Pop up trundle for easy twin to king sleeping surface
    Buy Now
    07/18/2024 11:10 pm GMT

Things To Consider When Buying a Twin To King Daybed

Although beneficial to save space and offers a comfortable place to sleep, a daybed isn’t always a perfect alternative for an actual bed. Because it’s a twin that folds out into a king, there is a gap down the center of the extended bed since there are two separate mattresses.

So while you can stretch out longways on a traditional king bed, you might find it uncomfortable with a twin to king daybed. There’s no way to fix this issue, so you have to sleep on one mattress or the other. Even though the daybed extends to a king-sized bed, it’s only good for two people because of the separation.

Additionally, the pricing for a twin to king daybed frame and mattresses can cost almost as much as buying an actual bed depending on what you get. So if the purpose of the twin to king daybed is as an everyday bed, you may instead consider buying a traditional bed.

If the main purpose is for extra seating and/or a guest bed and you need to save space, the twin to king daybed is an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons

The pros of a twin to king daybed are the following: 

  • Functionality, 
  • Versatility
  • Style 

These are all things you can expect when you add this piece to your space. If you want some extra seating but don’t need the size of a full couch or are looking for a piece that’s a couch by day, or bed by night, a daybed is a great item to look at.

Daybeds are also great for apartments or homes with limited space, as the bed stays folded up into a couch until you’re ready for bed.

Also, since the daybed has the frame built in, you don’t need to purchase box springs like you would for a traditional bed. The mattress rests instead on either metal or wooden slats within the frame.

The cons of the twin to king daybed depend on your reason for purchasing it in the first place. As stated above, if you need the daybed due to limited space or solely as extra seating and a guest bed, it’s a good idea.

But, if you’re looking for a new bed for yourself or a family member as an everyday bed, a twin to king daybed isn’t the way to go. Sure, you can find some comfortable mattresses for the daybed, but since the bed has to be pulled out, you need two separate mattresses.

And since the mattresses are separate, there’s a gap between each that can be uncomfortable to sleep on. The twin to king daybed is meant for one or two people to sleep on either side, not longways across both mattresses.

The Different Styles Available

Luckily, there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from for your twin to king daybed. It’s easy to match it to your current decor with the plethora of options available.


You’ll need to decide what type of frame you want. There are metal, wooden, and upholstered frames. You can easily match metal and wooden frames to your current decor and dress them up with accent colors in the pillows and bedding. These frames also tend to be sturdier than the upholstered ones, but you’ll want to check the weight capacity on each anyway.

Upholstered frames are a good choice if you want something that resembles an actual couch. These are also beneficial if you need furniture on the softer side, like for children or pets.


Once you have a frame in mind, you’ll choose the style of the daybed. Some daybeds have high backs or headboards, some have no backs, and some have no backs but have high arms on either side.

It’s important to think carefully about the daybeds that have no back. If you plan to use it for extra seating, a frame with no back can be an issue unless the daybed is up against a wall. And even then, it may be uncomfortable to sit on unless you cover the wall and daybed with large pillows. There’s also the issue of marking up the wall with scuffs if you go this route.

The daybed frames with high backs make nice additions to spaces where you want some extra seating. Whether you choose metal, wood, or upholstery, these look more like couches than any other type of daybed. Also, unless you want them for extra comfort or style, you don’t need to add extra pillows for support.

A daybed with no back and high arms isn’t a great choice unless you can put it against a wall. However, there aren’t many options available for a twin to king daybed in this style. This design is typically for extra seating in a living or sitting room and isn’t meant to sleep on for long periods.


If you’re purchasing the twin to king daybed as an extra seating and guest bed option, the beds with storage drawers are the way to go. You’ll have the charming design of the drawers that provide ample storage for extra sheets, blankets, pillows–you name it.

When your guest is ready for bed, all you need to do is pull everything out of the drawers, close them, and then pull out the platform for the second mattress and you’re good to go.

What Is the Best Type of Mattress for a Daybed and Trundle Bed?

Since daybeds and trundle beds are usually twin-sized, you can get any type of mattress, depending on your style. Additionally, consider the people who are to use the daybed the most. If it’s family, then you’ll want the comfiest one. But if it’s just the occasional guest, then you can get away with a cost-effective option.


If the daybed’s primary use is extra seating, you might want to select mattresses on the medium to firmer side. A medium-firm mattress will provide slight contour and pressure relief while being solid enough that it won’t sink or cave in.

This type of mattress is ideal for medium or small-sized sleepers. Additionally, these mattresses tend to be cheaper since they don’t come with any extra bells and whistles.

Memory Foam and Gel

If the daybed is someone’s everyday bed or primarily for guests, you might want to go with a type of memory foam. Other examples include gel memory foam or a type of hybrid mattress for ultimate comfort. This matters especially if the user has back issues, such as lower back pain.

A memory foam mattress consists of multiple layers with the softest foam on the top. These layers contour around the body over the course of several nights, creating a custom shape for your body type. The material in these mattresses is beneficial for providing pressure relief while still being firm enough for good spinal support.

But, memory foam mattresses are not ideal for 

 because as the foam contours to your body it can trap heat which can lead to overheating and night sweats.

Gel memory foam is very similar to regular memory foam in that it offers conforming support for the body and can relieve back pain. While warm sleepers may still experience overheating or night sweats from standard gel memory foam, there is a type of gel in certain mattresses that provides a cooling effect.

Will Two Twin Mattresses Make a King?

Not exactly. A standard twin mattress comes at 38 inches by 75 inches. A king-size mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches. So, no, two twin mattresses do not make a king.

However, a twin XL mattress is 38 inches by 80 inches, so when you put two of them together you get the size of a king.


If you still have some questions about daybeds, take a look at some of the most commonly asked.

What is the difference between a daybed and a trundle?

A daybed resembles a sofa and typically includes a third panel along the side that can function as a seatback. These come in either twin or twin to king size. A trundle is a bed frame with a drawer underneath that rolls out to expose a second bed.

The main difference between a twin to king bed and a trundle bed is that the trundle forms two separate beds, while the daybed has a drawer that rolls out to create a king-size bed.

What is a daybed made of?

A daybed consists of a metal, wooden, or upholstered frame that holds a mattress. If the daybed is expandable, there will be a rollout portion underneath that may come with extra storage and holds the second mattress. When the daybed is set up as a sofa, the mattresses are stacked on top of each other.

Is it more expensive to purchase an actual bed or a twin to king daybed?

As with many furniture purchases, the price will vary depending on the brand, style, functionality, etc. Typically, though, a twin to king daybed may be a more affordable option as you only need the frame and mattresses, and because the bed uses twin mattresses, it’s significantly cheaper than a king mattress.

With a king bed, you’ll need to purchase a frame, a box spring, and then the mattress on top of that. With everything being king-sized, the cost is double or triple that of the same items as twin sized.

What type of mattress do I need for a twin to king daybed?

The ideal type of mattress will depend on the purpose of the daybed and the user’s preference. If the daybed is primarily for extra seating or the occasional guest, then choose a medium-firm mattress.

But if the daybed is for regular guest accommodations, you’ll want to consider the size and type of person that will be using it, and select either memory foam or gel memory foam mattress.

Can I use a twin to king daybed as my everyday sleeping accommodations?

Short answer: yes. If you find a mattress that you like and are comfortable sleeping on one twin-sized mattress every night, a twin to king daybed is a great affordable and space-saving option; especially if you live in an apartment or an area with limited space.

Final Notes

A twin to king daybed can make a great addition to your home. If you need extra seating in a limited space, or would like a guest bed but don’t need an entire bed, you can’t go wrong with a daybed.

As long as you keep in mind the reason you need the bed, the style you like, and what type of mattress you’d, you’ll be on your way to choosing the perfect daybed.

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