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15 "Triple Bunk Beds" In a Variety of Styles (Slides, Corner, Trundle, etc..)

Tim Sumerfield

Tim Sumerfield


Triple bunk beds are one of the best ways to sleep a lot of kids or people in a small space. There are quite a few variations of triple bunks on the market and each is configured differently in order to fit any style of room or space. In this post we have compiled our favorite triple bunk beds on the market into an easy to read guide. From entry level to higher end and l-shaped to stacked, we have something for everyone and every budget. 

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What is a triple bunk bed?

A triple bunk bed is exactly as the name suggests, a bunk bed with three beds for sleeping. A triple bunk bed comes in a variety of configurations to match any type of room. Some of the bunks on this list are stacked 3 beds high while others utilize a trundle bed for a third sleeper or an l shaped layout. 

Are triple bunk beds safe?

Yes, triple bunk beds are safe when used correctly. Bunk beds today are built better than ever and have strict safety guidelines that manufacturers must adhere to. Each bunk has a guardrail to protect against falls as well as sturdy ladders for getting in and out of bed. It is important to get a proper mattress for your bunk bed. Most bunk beds require a thinner mattress that is 6″ or 8″ thick in order to keep the sleeper below the guardrail. If kids will be sleeping in the bunk it is always important to talk to them and show them the safest way to use a bunk bed. 

The different types of triple bunk beds

Triple bunk beds can come in a variety of different configurations in order to fit into all types of bedrooms and living spaces. Here are some of the different options:

Triple stacked: The most basic version of a triple bunk is the triple stacked option. This is when 3 beds are stacked on top of each other. This is a great option if you have high ceilings and for rooms that have a smaller square footage as it does not take up a lot of space. 

L-Shaped: An L-shaped bunk bed utilizes a standard double bunk layout with an attached loft as its third sleeper. This bed will fit perfectly in the corner of a room and is great for lower ceiling heights. You can also utilize the space underneath the loft portion for a desk, play area or storage. 

Trundle: The trundle version of the triple bunk is simply a standard double bunk with a trundle bed that can roll in or out from underneath the bottom bunk. This version is great for lower ceiling rooms or to accommodate an occasional third sleeper. The trundle can easily be put away when not in use. 

Queen/Full Size: A queen or full size triple bunk is great if adults or taller kids plan to be sleeping in the bunk bed. Most of the Queen or full size bunks utilize the triple stack layout.  

Other: As you will see in this post there are a variety of other triple bunk layout available to meet all types of sleepers, needs and layouts. Many of the products are versatile and allow you to take pieces apart and customize your layout. 

15 Beautiful Triple Bunk Beds


What Customers love: Durable design with a high end finish. Highly rated by customers.

This triple bunkbed maximizes sleeping space. Included are 3 twin beds finished in a dark cappuccino. The mattress ready slat system is already incorporated, eliminating the need for box springs.  This bunk bed set can hold up to 160lbs on each bed and is great for the vast majority of kids. The luxurious dark cappuccino finish gives it a high end look that goes great in any room. 


What Customers love: Highly rated. Accommodates smaller or lower ceiling bedrooms.

This bunk bed is a great space saving sleeping solution. Built with a solid wood construction it is sure to hold up to day to day wear and tear. The increased sleeping capacity is the perfect solution for cottages, extended family, out-of-town guests or hosting your child’s friends for a sleepover. This bed features two twin stacked bunks and one attached twin loft bed with built-in ladders to ensure safe access to upper bunks. The clearance space under the loft bed can be used as a play or study area. Each bed is designed to accommodate a standard twin/single mattress


What Customers love: Sits lower to the ground. Easy to stow away third sleeper.

This bunk bed can be configured into two separate twin beds, having the option to allow your bed to grow with your children. Utilize the trundle bed as an underside storage bin for an easy clutter combating solution. Designed with safety in mind, this bed is constructed from selected solid pinewood and iron alloy bolts keeps the whole bed sturdy and wobble free. The upper bunk has high rails to ensure secure. You can rest easy knowing your kids are safe and comfortable. No box spring is required, and 10 support slats make it strong and durable. The under trundle of this bunk bed set bed glides seamlessly on castor wheels. 


What Customers love: Full size bunk on top. Easy to undo and customize.

A perfect space-saving solution for multi-child families. A full bed combined with two twin beds, this triple bunk bed provides a convenient and flexible arrangement option for large families and sleepovers by taking advantage of vertical space. A gray or white finish enhances the smooth lines and adds a contemporary feel to any room set aside for multiples to sleep. Crafted with pine wood and plywood, this triple bunk bed is sturdy and durable to withstand the test of time. The angled ladder allows kids to easily access the upper bed. Sturdy guardrails protect children as they sleep through the night. Ample storage space is provided by the two large drawers under lower beds. This set works perfectly as a stacked full over twin & twin unit, or divided into three separate beds. You can customize and choose the combination method based on your needs.


What Customers love: Available in a variety of colors. 3 full size beds to accommodate growing kids.

This triple bunk by MERITLINE comes with three full size sleeping surfaces. A standard full size bunk and then a full size trundle that pulls out from underneath. This bunk is perfect for growing kids who need more space than a twin mattress offers. MERITLINE is one of the leaders in the bunk bed industry and makes a quality product that will last for years to come. The top bunk can also be taken off if you prefer to have two full size bed sets with a trundle instead. 


This triple bunk bed takes advantage of vertical space, while also providing some fun. The three twin beds are perfect for multi-child families or spontaneous sleepover guests. The bed is crafted with a pine wood frame and is very sturdy. It utilizes 10 plywood slats on the upper and middle bunks and 8 slats for the lower bunk, which means no box springs are needed. The full-length guardrails of the upper and middle bunks are equipped to protect your little ones from accidental falls. Perhaps the most. unique thing about this bunk is that it features slide for kids to play.  The slide and the ladder are convertible and can both be adjusted to be placed on the left or right side of the bed.


What Customers love: Sturdy metal frame and 3 different size beds.

The Caius II bunk bed is the perfect addition to any child’s room. This unique contemporary twin over full over queen metal bunkbed features an open design with built-in ladders and easy access guardrails in a modern silver finish. The bunkbed’s clean line design will go with various styles and finishes and will become the focal point in any bedroom. This fashionable bunkbed will accent your other bedroom furniture, transforming a room from ordinary into something playful and unique. 


What Customers love: Easy stairs for access to top bunk with side shelving

This bunk bed is similar to the other triple trundle bunk beds on this list, however, is comes with one unique feature. Instead of a ladder, you can easily walk up the side stairs to get to the top bunk. This makes access easier for young kids and reduces the rink of falling off the ladder. The side stairs also comes with built in shelving for additional storage. The trundle can easily be pulled in or out in order to accommodate a third sleeper. 


What Customers love: Modern clean design and sturdy build.

Sleep three in style with the highly customizable, space-saving design of the Dorel Living Sierra triple bunk bed. The increased sleeping capacity is a common sense solution for cottages, extended family, out-of-town visitors or hosting your child’s rambunctious friends for a sleepover. The Sierra features a white finish, clean lines, and horizontal slats with two built-in ladders to access the upper bunks. Each bed boasts its own personal space with easy, dependable access in and out. The ultimate space-saver, Sierra’s multiple configurations also allow it to be set-up as a triple bunk bed, a bunk bed, and a daybed, or simply three twin beds. The unique floor bunk bed design will allow you to maximize your space while the sturdy, solid construction adds both durability and functionality. Fun, safe and stylish, the Dorel Living Sierra triple bunk bed is the perfect antidote for sleeping several people in smaller spaces.


What Customers love: Affordable and simple design

This frame is the ultimate space saver and a perfect addition to your home. Made with a sturdy and strong frame, the Triple Twin Bunk Bed is the perfect solution for siblings sharing a room as it fits three standard twin size mattresses (sold separately). This frame was built with safety in mind and therefore it includes 11.5-inch full-length guardrails on the top bunk, secured metal slats and a built-in ladder to climb up and down without any worries. The frame also includes a trundle, perfect for pajama parties or overnight guests – just pull it out and lock it in place with the easy-glide casters. The Triple Twin Bunk Bed has a sleek and simple silhouette making it perfect for any kind of décor. You can now let your children get creative with the extra space they have! Maximum mattress height for top bunk and trundle is 6 inches.


What Customers love: Sleeps 4 people with a small footprint. Multiple colors available.

MERITLINE is known for their versatile bunk bed set ups. This version utilizes 4 beds to accommodate 4 separate sleeping platforms.


What Customers love: King size bed for larger sleepers

This bunk bed features a king bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top. It also has a twin trundle that can pull out to accommodate an additional sleeper. All in all this bed can sleep 4 people if needed and is great for adults and kids


What Customers love: Unique rustic and sturdy design

Rustic and industrial styles meet to create this bunk bed. This strikingly unique triple twin bunk bed provides a smart sleeping solution and space saver for children or adults. Crafted with metal tubes and wood panels, this casual update to a classic look will be the focal point of your room and is extremely sturdy. The bed’s ladder and guardrail offer safety and comfort and includes a slatted foundation support system. With a style all its own, this unique bunk bed is as beautiful as it is functional.


What Customers love: 3x queen size beds for larger sleepers

Give an industrial touch to your bedroom with this Queen size triple decker bunk bed. Constructed sturdily from metal in a black finish, it comes with 2 attached ladders and slat kits. Incorporating guard rails to ensure safety, this bed is a perfect inclusion for hosting sleepovers with ultimate comfort.


What Customers love: Unique layout provides more headroom if desired

Welcome a simple and charming style with the sand black and silver finish Crossman Twin Bunk Bed by Furniture of America. Constructed with Metal, solid wood and veneer. Defined by an elegant camelback design and plank construction, the bunk bed offers ample sleeping space while its slatted guard rails ensure safety. Wide upper bed clearance prevents accidents and the included slat kit allows you to use the bed without the need for a box spring.

Getting rid of your old bunk bed set?

If you are purchasing a new bunk bed frame, chances are you will need to get rid of your old one. Most online companies will now take away your old items when your bed set is delivered. Luckily, we provide mattress and bes set removal and recycling services. A Bedder World has recycled over 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside by 8am and POOF we will come by and take them away. 

Overall, there are a variety of triple bunks available on the market today. You will want to look at the price range and how long you need your bed to last. As with anything you get what you pay for. Many of the more expensive bed sets are going to last for years and years while some of the cheaper sets are probably best for a few years. All the recommendations on this page are through companies we personally trust and that have a long standing reputatyion in the industry.